Did You Know You Get A 3.40% Return For Just Holding Hive Power?

in Quello3 years ago

3.40% is nothing to scoff about.

If you power up your hive, even if you don't use it, you will get a return of roughly 3.40% a year. You can check your wallet and see it under the hive power section. Also if you refresh the page you can watch your hive slowly grow. This means you can earn with curating and earn while sleeping. Pretty sweet.

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Did not know the rate.
I did, however, find this tool where you can watch your HP grow:

I'll check it out.

The passive earning is definitely great. Curating compounds that interest just by voting on good content too.

I never investigated the actual rate but it is good t know now!

Thanks for presenting this little gem Geek!

I also wondered it myself then came across it in my wallet.

yes, i knew it was around 3 - 3.5%