Have You Added wLeo To The Pool? How Was Your Experience?

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So the pool is up and running. Who has used it so far and how are you finding it? I want to but I don't have any eth at the moment. For now I will keep stacking until I reach my goal and then figure out my plan from there. I want at least 25k but 30-40 would be better.

Who is using the pool?

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I put my leo in there and everything went smoothly, I am up and earning...


Yeah, the experience is not exactly straightforward but the online guides help. Eth gas fees (Sep 2020) are high so you need a reasonable bag. I just invested toy amounts. What I did was wrap some LEO using their wesbite, then exchange half of that WLEO for WETH and then added to the liquidity pool. I used the UniSwap website. I have heard rumours of the existence of a website that does all this in one step; from one ERC20 token, it exchanges half then adds to the liquidity pool. But, I couldn't remember what that website was called.
I wonder if anybody wants a WLEO-WHIVE pair?