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RE: Eclipse HF and Other Improvements

in About PeakD2 months ago

'tis a hard slog trying to use Hive at the minute. Votes seem to go through eventually, and I need to refresh the page to see if Comments have posted. But it looks like we are getting there (credit to the witnesses and developers who are working hard to get various niggles sorted).

I am still new here (I didn't know anything about the whole nonsense regarding Steem) so this is my first experience of a hardfork. According to the more 'experienced' members, this HF24 has gone through reasonably easy compared to previous Forks, so I dread to think what those earlier ones were like.

The only thing that is bothersome at the moment is the difficulty in trying to get Posts uploaded (published). After I have written an article it refuses to post. I have tried changing different nodes, and none of that makes a difference - I still get the same error message

"There was an Error broadcasting this transaction: 30549"


It appears everytime I try to publish a post. Everytime I change nodes I get the same message. This error appears via @keychain but I get the same message appear in a small red box in the bottom corner from @peakd

I have managed to work around this issue by choosing to 'schedule' a post instead of 'publish'. Even by scheduling a post a mere 20 minutes into the future makes it post properly with no error.

Other than that everything else seems to be working as it should

(just a bit slow and clunky at times, which is understandable given the huge changes etc)


Are you using Brave? If yes, your Keychain might be outdated, and you need to go to Manage extensions turn on Developer Mode and click on Update. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. I'm using chrome... I checked the chromes extension manager thing, and it said I had the most up to date version of Keychain. I removed it and then reinstalled it just in case, but that hasn't solved the issue.

It does seem odd that the 'publish' button throws up the error, and yet if I click 'schedule' to post in 20 minutes time, the post appears in 20 minutes without a problem

Who knows.... thank you trying anyway