How to tip content creators BTC, LTC, DOGE - (Free tips on comments)

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Let's test the new PeakD tipping feature by giving out tips to as many people as possible.

image taken by me 8 years ago... tips are kinda like airdrops from pink flying hot air piggy banks


  1. You'll see how to turn on swap.btc , swap.ltc , swap.doge tipping with one click.
  2. You'll see how to tip a user in all 5 currencies.
  3. You'll see how to deposit into hive-engine pegged tokens
  4. You'll even see how to make that deposit transaction using my method of choice... bittrex.

I do all this live in just a few minutes and answer a few more questions. But if you have any more questions let me know.


1 minute to create an account

For anyone new coming from the btc/ltc/doge community I will include a video on how to create an account fast and easy. Literally takes about a minute using this link ... and if you use that referral link I may help you out with a hive power delegation IF I know you or see you making good content or commenting.

p.s. this account will also log you into where you can deposit the btc/ltc/doge so that you can do tips... like discussed in the first video.


Finally lets test it... comment below using PeakD and I'll send you a tip... probably DOGE coin like in the video example.

Some things you can say in the comments:

  • Share your thoughts on tipping
  • Share your thoughts on tipping with Bitcoin/litecoin/doge
  • Share your thoughts on how tipping can help content creators
  • Let me know if you're NEW to hive
  • Heck you can even let me know if this the first time seeing one of my posts and that you followed me or something ... or even added to a peakd private list.
  • Tell me you tipped someone.

Tipping is a personal thing, I'll tip whatever I want.


LOL this is the first time seeing a post from you but I do like the tipping feature puts less stress on people having to hope for a bit of inflation and new on ramps are always great! I hope those communities like Doge who are notorious for tipping find their way here! Perhaps we should try reaching out to them on twitter or reddit

I think another tipping community that’s popular is BAT

I think it’s also a cool unique selling point to tell these communities they can tip each other without doing it on main chain and having to deal with the mining fee every time

I’d be interested to see how this feature takes off can’t wait for the next tipping report.

that is the hope that with some testing of the system and if people seem pretty happy about things that we can proceed to share with those communities.

Sweet, looking good and it "burns" these too that's great, I think you've got a winner on your hands here. Think I'll have to spread the good word in some of my non-hive hangouts

Oh and thanks for the doge tip :) Much appreciated

also sent ~300 doge so if you want to tip as well. haha

Wow! This is cool. So, can we hope for a future where other Hive-Engine tokens may be able to to be tipped in a similar way?

they would need to negotiate with the interface (peakd)

Things that can help

  • A solid market value
  • A good user base
  • A fee that actually compensates the API/Interface (Meaning 1% of a token that is worth .0001 cents is not really cutting it. nor tokens that self inflate their value and manipulate the market)

BUT YES... tipping with other tokens is doable and I think it could be extremely useful to projects. But it will be a high bar because it would honestly be one of the first utilities of most of these tokens.

Cheers! I see it in my Hive Wallet. It works like a charm as far as I can tell.

Hey Jarvie! Hope things are going great. I went to Sagehen Meadow a couple days ago, still a bit early, should be ready soon. Anyway, thought of you and our trip there.

This seems like a pretty cool addition. Hope it works out well for you!

Well hope that tip works out for you. haha

anyway i was thinking about you the other day because i was reading about how tahoe is still in pretty serious lockdown ... that must be a bummer.

When were we out in that meadow last year?
I'm enjoying some pretty awesome spots in Utah recently

Woohoo! My first swap-btc tip, thank you!

Looks like we were there around June 11th -

Yeah, things got pretty serious up here. TONS of SF Bay area people kept coming up as well as other folks from all over the world. Locals were getting pissed off. But things have relaxed now. Fortunately, I was considered essential with the real estate photography I do. Things slowed down but I have been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks. However, I am supposed to wear a mask, gloves, and booties when in a house. Fun fun.

A new puppy has been keeping us insanely busy. Fun but a lot of work.

Glad you're getting to enjoy some awesome spots in Utah. Cheers!

This video will be very useful for many users.
Also, you have a nice voice! 😀

Ahhh thanks for the kind words

I can't understand the meaning of "Tipping" while there is already upvote or like "Heart" in Peakd. Also you can easily send Hive to people. A meaningless additional comfort i think =) Yeah A "Gift" symbol can make people a little more happy.

May be It will be useful for outsiders who are non Hive users. But I can't understand can people send tips from out side of Hive?

In my opinion for content creators, tipping is 50% of their motivation to make something. (25% their own passion, 25% audience interaction) I have written this comment 90% to get a tip from you. =) As I told It looks unneeded for insiders if i didn't missed a point.

Not new to Hive. From St..m.t since 2018 July. Nice to meet you =)

Yes I can say that It is my first time seeing your post and interacting with it. =).

Woow what kind of private list?. Never ignore powerful friends and their supports. =)

I haven't ever tipped someone with that "Gift" button.

Whatever, If I missed something special about tipping please inform me.

Nice to meet you

Is there account creation limit?

Nice to meet you as well

I can't understand the meaning of "Tipping"
Not sure if you don't understand the meaning because of language barriers or because you don't like the concept but just in case because "TIP" does have many meanings in English.

In any case i think most people would not consider voting as tipping in fact that may make some people pretty upset because voters are not giving them money they are simply voting with their stake that some of that days' inflation being put into a rewards pool go to them... and at the end of 7 days based on everyone's votes they calculate an amount. No money is given or even promised to them at the time of the vote and only after ALL votes up and down come in is there a decision made. It really is Just a vote.

I can't understand can people send tips from out side of Hive?
If you clarify the question I can help... are you asking how it's done or why?

Is there account creation limit?
One per phone number as far as i know. You can ask that project more about it but that's what i've been told.

Not sure if you don't understand the meaning because of language barriers or because you don't like the concept but just in case because "TIP" does have many meanings in English.

I didn't talk about Language barrier. Yes I meant Do we need a sending money button shaped "GIFT BOX"?. But you already answered this. Thanks

I can't understand can people send tips from out side of Hive?
If you clarify the question I can help... are you asking how it's done or why?

I meant, If I don't have a Hive account, Can I tip the post with Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc.?

As I told I think that button is not needed if you can't send TIP without a Hive account with other currencies.

Most action buttons will soon be linked to the quick 1 minute account creation eventually. So that non-hive users can just quickly have an account... gonna take some time to polish up all that sort of stuff.

LOL. No TIP for critical comments. HUH =P

I understood why is tipping button useful a few days ago.
I tried to upvote a post I really liked but payout time has been expired. And I tipped it.😊

It's so awesome to watch a social media platform growing (developing) practically every day. Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

Thanks for joining the ride and helping out.

Here I am, dear @JARVIE! 👍

Just landed on HIVE, thanks to the links in your YouTube video.

Getting in was easy, following your onboarding link and your instructions (just a few problems with the verification SMS code).

I was just looking for alternative platforms to YouTube, since the channel of "my father", which was called itestimonidijudy - the most important Italian forensic evidence channel on 9/11 (You can see it on WebMachine 🔚) - was recently CENSURED with the banal and false accusation of "incitement to hatred".

What advice can you give me about where to post videos so that they are easily accessible and less subject to censorship?

I delegated some Hive Power so you can make some more transactions... you were down to 1% and now you're at 50% ... but until you make some Hive Power it will still be a bit low. But each post or comment doesn't take too many. I'll keep an eye on it and you plan on being pretty active maybe I will delegate a bit more until you earn your own.

As for censorship type stuff there's an app called 3speak that is pretty good for videos it also uses your HIVE account. But you can post links to youtube or whever your content is located.

Around here i'd just be careful of making money off of the work of other people or other forms of plagiarism. anyway drop a message if you have more questions

Thank you very much for your kind support, @Jarvie!
Many have advised me to write an effective presentation post: I am thinking how to do it. Do you have any suggestions? In particular, it is not clear to me on how I can make my posts appear in multiple groups: can I get it by putting tags with HIVE-######? Or is it better to use "normal" tags and use the cross-posting feature?

There are topics (tags) and then there are communities. You can only put your post in one community (or don't put it in your community and post it directly to your blog)

Topics are another things you can just use different words in the topic field and they'll show up on pages that go and find posts that use those topics.

Your post can only really exist in one community... but PeakD does allow people to create a Cross-Post it's like a duplicate post sort of thing your original post will still be in that original community but we'll help you show it off in the other community. But only works for those using PeakD presently

Thanks for clarifying me the use of one community, multiple topics and Cross-Post.
I will soon publish my first presentation post: stay tuned! 😋

Tips are great!
The community is already tipping as we saw in one analysis :)

Although it might be further improved by generating some revenue first that will later be distributed trough tipping. Like some businesses that will use this feature as a marketing model .... just trowing out some rough thoughts... for long term development :)

Always appreciate the thoughts

I give 50% of my trading profits back to supporter/uvpoters straight into their accounts. (it's all from them originally, after all)...

This is my first time seeing your posts and you seem interesting. I'm unable to watch this video right now, but I followed you and will watch it later. Looking forward to learning something new.

Thank you so much! I am new here so that’s what I wanted to learn. Greetings mate 🍻

so now i need to check out and buy some doge :D
i am not sure do i even want to try and understand how hive engine does what it does :D

the sound in creating account video is incomparably worse than sound from tipping video

that's interesting... i didn't change anything and they were filmed within minutes of eachother. Hmmm

hope you hear it, and i am not going crazy :D

Wow it's cool that you can tip in other crypto also....
It will encourage new as well as existing users and surely their is a chance people will take interest in other crypto also like Doge coin... I personally like Doge I dont know why...

this is really cool to suupport initiatives like the "432hz Concerts" we're doing at Discord!!

Yeah i hope tips is specially useful for various different projects

Great video it helps the chain a lot, also some free tipping well be great also lol

I think this is a gamechanger!
Another brilliant innovation for Hive.
I love decentralization!
Thank you sir
Is it only available on Peakd?
How about Dash!

Presently the interface for tipping is only been integrated into Peakd.Com however other interfaces can use the same system and same 3rd party API they can even early a bit of money if they want. (though it's not much)

Also we use hive-engine tokens for speed and no cost for transfers. So DASH would need to be there...

... maybe users should inform people over at DASH we'd be happy to help them

Also there are ways (very technical ways) that maybe dash can even support direct wallet transfers for tips. But it's a lot more complicated anything connected with HIVE is very easy thus the pegged tokens

wow, this is really cool. I especially like how it’s integrated with hive-engine. Hopefully this will bring more liquidity for HE.

I hope that those that run hive-engine use the tool to help make awesome things happen... however so far they haven't even acknowledged it's existence when i mentioned we made a cool new tool that helps them. Oh well.

O that sucks. It’s a great tool you guys have developed, and you should be acknowledged. It would be amazing if in addition to the tipping feature, that there could be a command via Peakd to exchange/convert coins. Eg. Convert 5 Hive to Steem. Not sure how difficult that is to develop though.

I hope Hive-engine would have more innovative developments like what you guys did.

PS. Thanks for the tip.

I have been wondering just how the tip thing worked. I did give a tip to someone, though I'm still (incredibly slowly) trying to work all this through LOL!

You're faster than most other people if you've already given a tip

LOL! Well, that's certainly a first.

tipping is the best form of advertisement :) if i was launching a new coin ... what better way to get some users exposed to it ... because you can read their content you easy pick up if they are your target marketing.

Great features to bring HIVE closer to other social networks. Hopefully this will start attracting the millions of users from Reddit.

Soy nuevo y estoy aprendiendo del mundo de las criptomonedas es bastante amplio

I only recently used the tipping function because I started a new community on hive so tipping was part of a way to reward for engagement. I have also started a little contest for Hive members to share a post for a tip. Just learn how to use it few days ago and I am using it to reward participates. It does help to save our voting manna as well as giving a bigger reward. If I were to upvote your post, I can only give about 10 cent plus but now I am able to tip you with 1 Hive. Pretty cool and content creators can get rewarded not based solely our HP anymore. 😇

I give 50% of my trading profits back to supporter/uvpoters straight into their accounts. (it's all from them originally, after all)
I've been doing this since before the steem/hive split.

Here's my last one from a couple of days ago....which reminds me, I haven't transferred them yet! (It slipped my mind with all the steem/hive drama going on )