COLLECTION CONTEST WINNERS - Part 2 - First place awards

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Authored by @jarvie

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Congrats @crosheille @bil.prag @sjarvie5 @nftshowroom @zedcell @photofeed and @yagoub

When we announced we said that the best collection in 7 categories would get a prize




"Best Location Collection" = @bil.prag
Wins 150 Hive

Great assortment of posts from several authors. All with curator comments.

"Best Personal Collection" = @sjarvie5
Wins 100 HIVE

"Best Hive Resource Collection" = @nftshowroom
Wins 200 Hive

Winner of : "Best Unique Usage" = @fandelran
Wins 200 HIVE

Winner of: "Best Reoccurring Collection" = @photofeed
Wins 100 HIVE

Winner of : "Best Long Story Collection" = @yagoub
Wins 100 HIVE

2 Winners of: "Best New-User Helper Collection" = @bil.prag / @crosheille

This was the largest of our prizes and the one we got a lot of submissions for and we were hoping for one we can share with our users... we haven't seen one yet that would be perfect for new PeakD users but these two have elements we are impressed by.

We had a hard time deciding on this one so we are splitting the prize. There were elements that one collection did well that the other actually didn't do well so they tie.
Wins 150 hive
This collection didn't focus on having a good order of posts but had great posts and good curator commentary.
Wins 150 Hive
Had some great posts but had stuff that wasn't great for a new hive user.


Wow!!! I am so grateful for this @peakd thank you so much!

I think this new feature for collections will help with member retention and make things a lot smoother for not only beginners but everyone. There are many posts in these collections that I have never come across!

Congratulations to all of the winners especially to @bil.prag who shared the first place prize with me for the new user category.

Thanks again for this award!!

glad they decided to share the love :D

Me too!!! 😀

Thanks so much! Hope more front ends adopt the curated collections as they're a fantastic idea!

YAY thank you so much

Oh wow! That's a big surprise!! Thank's a lot for the support and your amazing work guy's. Collections are really a great tool to use for us as curation account. Leading the audience directly to the content creator was definitely a major improvement for our project.

Also, congratulations to all the other winners!

I really appreciate it! 🙏

Congratulations to all the winners

I think as the usage of collection spread we will begin to see more and varied uses for them. While the list function is great for gathering the people under, the curation function works very well for maintaining specific topic list from people.