How to easily add HIVE to your account ( - Video

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Authored by @jarvie

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In this video @jarvie will walk you through using to add HIVE to your account.

In this example we use BUSD (from the Binance Smart Chain) to add HIVE and it takes just over a minute of effort with no login... then about 10 minutes later the HIVE is in the account with a really good exchange rate.


  • No login
  • Hundreds of available token options
  • Low Price impact
  • No high limit
  • Privacy

You can also easily convert HIVE into other Cryptos

HOW TO GET THERE (our referral code)

Also an easy link is available in your PeakD wallet under "Exchanges"

Hive has just announced a two way AMA with scheduled for next Tuesday the 12th. READ MORE

Submit your questions for Stealthex and their users will ask questions about Hive.
It will happen on their Telegram channel


Just tried it out - works like a charm.
Similar like Blocktrades in the past, just with lower fees 😄!

Interestingly the Hive came actually from Binance.

Pretty nice experience right?

It'd be nice to have the Exchange link updated to autofill Hive as the first option instead of just the site link.

Something like

That's a great suggestion we'll ask them

The link address I referenced above should do just that while keeping your ref active.

Maybe the other way around?

I think the first action should be 'deposit' HIVE into your account, not withdraw :)

Good thinking!

I've never heard of Stealthex before. Thanks for the heads up. 😊

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