Electric Cars :Smart Engines, Interior Views,Designs & Advantages.

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Hello StemGeeks,

Maybe,if we talk about the most fascinating modern day cars that brought up new technology and physics science application in broad terms,cars that fulfilled the demands of a new age, we would most probably point out to electric cars.Yes,there are lots of strong reasons for this selection, with the ongoing trends of motor vehicles, it is one matter of luxury to have one electric cars and run it in a highway is something more exciting and funny in most parts and cases.The invention journey of these cars are something that picks the interests of folks who like to talk,discuss and gossip about science and new technologies.
In this context, today we would show some of the feats and characteristics which helps electric cars to be in spotlights and the reason why people likes it mostly.Its an interesting topic I suppose to discuss and note, as electric cars hold a newly used technology.


Recently, I read a paper cutting where I found, 1% of the cars that ply on the roads were fully electric by the year 2020.Previous year, despite covid restrictions and hazards, in economic recessions car lovers bought these cars and used them in various purposes. Now,its interesting to see that,the number of users are increasing as the years roll on,and we would more like to see even better number of people in that category.
Now,its everyones question, why electric cars are something special?why people like these most?Lets see, why electric cars special in many forms.

  • Electric cars are run by rechargeable Li-ion Batteries that can be charged with electric plugs and sockets, we can charge these cars anywhere both in homes and outdoors, in offices and public stations.That says, if you run out of fuel acting as electricity then unlike other cars you don’t have to rush for petrol stations to fuel it up, rather it will give extra support and more pragmatic convenience to you, as you can recharge it anywhere, anytime.The only bread and butter of these cars are Mega Ampere AC Currents, huh ha.

  • Another thing that is an astonishing feat is the smart interior design of these cars, incorporating the cutting edge tech applications,better improved knowledge of car mechanics,heat sink combustion support,engines with better capacity to function well,efficiency in motors that help to run the car well,better mileage than other conventional cars etc.I had an insidious look of the view of these cars,I found it enough equiped and stored with better functioning devices and tools.


  • These cars are cheaper, lighter, can perform drifts when turning in and out in the zigzag roads,by the way if you go for a drive in the hill tract roads, where the nature of the roads are high and low,with uneven surface,your electric cars would perform well then all other cars for the specially programmed gearing capacity, better banking angle understanding and smooth ability to hold and slide through the roads and turns.Plus, rattling engine sound is missing here with silencing quietter version of it.These are raw, practical benefits I found when observing the ins and outs of electric cars.

  • Air pollutants and volatile organic compounds are less in numbers and presence, no exhaustive emmissions, cheaper in money with comparison to other gasolene cars. If we talk about environmental aspects, these cars have several benefits than Internal Combustion Engined Cars, significant in lower counts in presence of, hydrocarbons,fly ashes, photochemical smogs,micro particles, CO, Ozone, lead and other nitrogenous fuels.As since,electric cars dont have to burn fossil fuels and hydrocarbon gases and liquids, it helps to protect the climate and supports the atmosphere to be more eco friendly and habitable for all the species.


  • Better Controls,stability, no apparent risks of being caught on fire, riched batteries are additional advantages of these cars. Besides, when you are going for charging the car,you have to use a wired connection, to supply electricity for recharging,thus in this method, helping the car to have improved lifespan.

There are leading manufacturing companies like Tesla,Nissan, Mitsubishi,BMW, Renault etc.who produces great designs of these cars and european countries are much likely to promote policies in support of these cars and granting incentives that would make people to be able to use these cars personally. I hope,these cars would get much popularity and enough market capture in the upcoming futurr ahead.

Thanks For Reading My Blog 🙂,

Best Regards,

Bruce Rashford.


What happens to them when those parts wear out?
I'm betting they don't do much rebuilding on those.

Maybe, those cars lacks on something that you questioned out, I dont have that much idea,maybe car experts would say well about that.But,in general its really good 🙂.
Thanks for your say,buddy.

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