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RE: What's in the Slide? Guess and Win #2 [CLOSED]

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Cancer cells, probably mesothelioma, since the nodule was found in the omentum. According to this: unclear abdominal ascites are generally caused by either peritoneal carcinomatosis or tuberculous peritonitis


It's a good guess because it's backed by the history. But cancer cells or mesothelioma requires atypical mesothelial cells to begin with. The low power field and high power field view shows that whatever is the cause for the disease is larger than a normal cell. On the low power field view, those tiny blue dots are what fibroblastic cell sizes would usually be.

Next idea: fat necrosis as a complication of whatever is going on in his liver. An infected biliary tract

You're close on the "infected" word. No fat necrosis demonstrated on this slide.

Ah thank you! Since I also live in the third world, when I first read hematuria my gut feel was parasites but then I got distracted. We have schistosomiasis too

Ok, last guess @adamada
Biliary obstruction caused by parasites with schistosoma in an unusual location