Cool Tech Gadgets Blog - Pulsar Helion XP50 - One of the Best Thermal Imaging Scopes in the market for Hunting.

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Ever since I saw Predator the movie when I was young This was 1987 and action movies was really a thing at the time. This is when a whole bunch of sci-fi hit action movies were making headlines. Aliens, Terminator, Robocop, Predator... these were some really cool times to be in the movie industry.

From the movie predator I remember very clearly how advanced the enemy was when it came to the technology it used and till this day, every time I see thermal vision or night vision it really only reminds me of one thing.

Predator Thermal Vision

I gathered some clips from the web gif files to show how cool and iconic these scenes were... of course if you see it now.. it definitely looks outdated but in the 80's Thermal Vision was unheard of.... as a matter of fact in 1987 I was just 7 years old. So of course movies dont seem like movies when you are 7 years old watching a rated R movie which I have no idea how I watched it but at the time it was pretty normal.

Predator Clips.gif

My father in law in Taiwan has a friend who likes to hunt and catch wild boars and bring them into his farm. He borrowed a device that looked like a scope... but it seemed it was not really for a rifle. I was still not very interested because I never seen one this compact in real life. and as I was taking a closer look of this scope... I realized that it didn't' have an optical lens.....

Screenshot 2022-09-14 080657.jpg

I seen these before in a department shopping mall at the doorway. They use thermal vision to screen out any sick people that may have arrived. and I remember there was no clear glass eyelet to see through. They look like as you see below... from the department store. :)

department cam.jpg

It was out of battery at the moments so I could look into it... and as a scope it doesn't say THERMAL VISION out loud (which is very good in terms of design). I didn't know until it snapped on to me.

"Wait a minute.... is this???? Can it really be????? Real thermal vision monocular used in the military? It cant be... they are extremely expensive... why would father in law use a thermal vision?"


The brand was there so I used my phone to google it up... and my lord this was like the mother of all night vision scopes.... JACK POT.


What I had on my hand was the PULSAR HELION XP50.
I wanted to know its cost as well... and boy it is a hunk of change for sure.

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 PRO Helion 2 XP50 Pro 2.5-20 Thermal Monocular

MSRP Price : $3,999.97

I felt like a kid once again. Time to play Predator.....


The design of this product is built really rugged and it seems like it can definitely take a beating. Its made with very good quality plastic and I found out its designed and made for hunting. and designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Screenshot 2022-09-14 075710.jpg

For a scope its very difficult to make ruggedized designed due to its very nature that a lot of sensitive optical parts are involved but I guess these guys really want to hunt in the rain and snow. They pulled it off quite nicely.


and then... TADA!!~~

Screenshot 2022-09-14 080436.jpg

Some more screenshots taken from the video I have composed and uploaded to 3Speak..


Actually watching it on video is a whole lot better than just a still image. So check out the video to see thermal vision in all its glory. :)


Thanks for visiting~
Today I wanted to some tech stuff I like to share with. It was an opportunity I was lucky to catch. Because I dont think I will buy a $4000 thermal just to play with it. Its godly expensive... and thankfully I got to play with it for several weeks before giving it back to its owner.

Tune in for more techy stuff~
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I had heard that with thermal vision we can check the body temperature of animals. But I have found out that human's body temperature can also see it. I am amazed at how far man has progressed.

Like your son, my hands are also warmed.
I want to see the vision of my father also hehe.
And I think the video you shared on 3Speak is also about that.

Really informative post. 💕

I am glad if I my posts content can lead you to another different way of thinking. It also helps me what to blog next to help and keep assisting myself even what is next to bring on the table. :) Thanks

Absolutely, I am getting to know everything from your content that I might never know.

 6 months ago  

I think I've seen thermal cams used for detecting moisture (like leakage) in a house.

It's cool stuff.

!discovery 37

That I never thought of using it that was and I searched for other uses and actually there is quite a lot! even air flow detection~ interesting.

i believe the movie Navy Seals also had thermal scope in it , I've been looking to buy a thermoscope / thermocam a couple of times but they are to expensive, i wanted to check my house to see if the insulation is good enough or has leaks. There are companies where you can rent them but even then they ask an arm and a kidney 🤣 also very good to check you pc's airflow is ok or not .

was that even a real thermo cam? looked like just a bright yellow filter. :) Still.... thermo baby.

i think it was just Computer graphics since you can see the actual pixels ;)

CGI in the 90's.... one movie. Lawn Mower Man. :)

nah Jurrasic park

....... Yup!!!! Thats right.... almost forgot anout that.... the toliet scene. hehehehe. Jurrasic Park I for one!

Navy seals.... then normal army guys can only get normal scopes. hehehehe. Yea.. these devices for sure are ultra expensive... and if they are military grade they must literally be the price of an arm, leg, and kidney. That's really cool you can use it for checking insulation and pc's airflow temps... I didn't really think about it like that. But I can see how you can use the applications for commercial use on thermal vision. Thanks!

I recently saw the last Predator movie and it was really great. This technology has been around for years and continues to be developed. We can find any living creature within seconds thanks to this technology. Great video great content man!

Yo man!~ I forgot which one was the last predator movie cause I stoped watching it after I saw Predator vs. Aliens.

Whatever you do.... dont go there. AVP was sooo cool untill you see it.

Its interesting how many people can relate to the predator movie. :)

Hahaha yeah because it is new. Its name is Prey. You can watch it. It was really cool man.

There was another Hiver mentioning the same movie to me.... Then it must be good. Cause the trailer was pretty dope. Its funny how when we get together with similar interests... more similar topics also come out.. making it more similar... and then to the rabbit hole. :)
Prey is on my weekend list~ Confirmed!!! Thanks bro.

You're welcome, man. Enjoy it, I hope you like it as much as we do.

Looks pretty pricey kit. I always think of Predator too when I see this thermal imaging or of COPS.. I should thermal image my wife, she is always complaining about cold hand sir feet.. lol

Hahaha~ Yea man. I was dumbfounded when I realized how hot my sons overall body temps were compared to mine. So now when he says its hot I just turn on the AC. :)

Aha this thermal cams reminds me the movie predator.I this cam can be used in army operation to detect warmth in darkness.😀

Right? Its was the same first thought for me too. :)

Yeah for sure. If you like the movie predator. There is another movie which is also awesome.The movie is "prey". It will be worth watching.

OHHHHH!!~~ That is the new movie!! Yea I heard about it and haven't seen it yet. Cool~~ OK that is going to be on my list of things to see this weekend perhaps. :) Its about time!!! Predator was starting to look a little outdated for todays audience. Thanks!

Very cool... hah yeah cold hands show up easily on them.

Hoping to buy one in the future for one of my hunting rifles.

Yea solo if you are going hunting... these you can see in pitch black darkness. Its amazing how you can see at night actually. who ever thought of it is super genius~ :)

Nice... yep its on my wishlist.

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4k is possibly a tad on the high side for a toy.
But what a cool toy.

Yea your right its a tad bit too high tech to be a toy. I was lucky to borrow it for a few weeks~ I am sure there are people who use it professionally but in my case it was an ultra high tech toy. :)

Hahahha you are right! It remembers a lot the movie predator! Thanks for bringing it

Any time man~~ hehehehe. It does remind you of it right? :)
Thanks for coming by~


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Interesting think

Thanks~~ It is interesting technology indeed.

Cool stuff

And it has a lot of utility,.
I particularly love the one of screening people at the gate.

Does an alarm go off when a sick person is detected or does someone sit there put to get notified. Hehe.

Nice. Where was it all the Covid times..
Sure it will be more accurate than all these infra red thermometers..

HHmmmmmm actually never really thought of it like that. That's actually really true if some ones sick and temp rises it should show from a mile away. I really dont know how these scopes can detect heat so far away... Its really mind boggling. And since this is a hunting scope the accuracy is probably higher then standard protocol.

Yes.. you know.. lol..
With it's high tech.. high sensitivity and specificity comes in..