The beauty of Bulgaria seaside resort called Obzor

Hey, there travelers from all over the #hive world 🗺

Here is a story I’ve been taking my time to write ✍️ on...

A few weeks ago I was traveling around the Bulgarian Black Sea 🌊 a town called Obzor with a friend of mine.
Walking down the beachside and to my surprise, I see @iliyan90 a friend of mine who introduced me to this amazing technology called #hive blockchain.
I haven’t been using it as much as I want to but I’m doing my best to write a post every few weeks.

And let it begin...

The town by itself is very beautiful and rich in stores place. But let me walk you thru my eye 👁

Here is a photo frame 🖼 with the sign Obzor ( Обзор ) written in Cyrillic( that’s our language in Bulgaria 🇧🇬) where people can frame 🖼 them selfs.


Let it slide...

In a part of the city where there are a lot of stairs, there is a slide you can use for your comfort.


A small park near the beach with water going around it.


Here is my favorite Coca-Cola rack.

Full with some of the oldest Coca-Cola bottles, those are like antiques nowadays.


Let me walk you around the beachside of the town.

I and my friend stopped by a coffee place on the second floor next to the beach, here is the view from there.


The beach line is very long and clean.


The seas at that time was perfect 👌

This was at the beginning of September.
If you are visiting #Bulgaria keep in mind that we have a Long Beach season here it goes maybe to the end of September or mid-October in the past few years.


Here is my friend that I was traveling with.

Just keep in mind that I don’t show my face of my friend's faces because my blog is focused on talking about #weed and our privacy is important.


Sweet deal.

We treated ourselves to a chocolate waffle 🧇 topped with ice cream 🍦, strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry and I think 💭 that was it in the waffles 🧇
It casts like 6lv. ( that’s our Bulgarian currencies) that’s exactly €3.
Mine was with chocolate ice cream 🍦


My friend got with vanilla ice cream.


And we walked down the beachside to enjoy our waffles 🧇

Down the road...

The beach line by itself is full of small restaurants and bars on there.

The good thing is that most of them are built with natural materials, no concrete at all, just in some of them we can see some...



At the end of the beach 🏝 line.

Where is near the end of the beach there are no people at all, people here like to be around others?
Completely different from the first place I was at, Irakli story here



The power of the sea 🌊

There has been an old stair there that was destroyed from the weather conditions I can assume, and left to become a ruin over the years.


Rock 🪨 formations...

Walking there I see many beautiful stones shaped from nature in good round/ball formations.



Anchor formation stones.

Those stones were in a shape that looks like made from human hand ✋ but not sure 🤔
Looks like Anchors.
But also as we know nature is amazing and creative so it can be a completely natural job...


This is a town I recommend for a visit, small walking distance everywhere.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking your time for my story.

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All weblogs are also appreciated so more people can find about it.

All donations appreciated in Hive only to support and grow my account.

Follows are also very much appreciated.

And one more time great thanks to my good friend @iliyan90 who introduced me to the #hive network!

See you next time and keep on smoking a good weed!


Thank you my friend it was nice seeing you again!

I’m glad you enjoyed your time around Black Sea.

I have to do my post about Obzor as well, I may do it soon.
Your post is a good inspiration to do it.

Namaste 🙏
@tipu curate

Thank you once again for your help with everything around Hive blockchain, very much appreciated!

Namaste 🙏

Namaste 🙏

Hey @awakening-along, here is a little bit of BEER from @iliyan90 for you. Enjoy it!

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ice cream by the beach sounds perfect! 😁 also those stairs with slides are pretty interesting hehe thank you for sharing your wonderful trip!

Thank you for stopping by!

Isn't it awesome when you meet friends in unexpected places 😄 the slides look so fun, hope you tried them

It is true ;)
But I didn’t try the slide.

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Thank you 🙏

Those slides beside the stairs caught my eye. It would have been a wonderful feeling to be kids again of I take all the slides down.

When we are kids we want to grow faster to become a grown person to make our own decisions.
When we are grown we are starving for that feeling to be a kid again.

You are correct. And as an adult starving for that kiddie feeling or doing kiddie things is a lot of fun, it lessens our stress.

the scenery is very good, especially if you have a vacation with your lover, it must be very fun

True story ;)