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RE: Travel Blog - Fourth day in Sardinia

Hello or Ciao amico, tutto a posto?

What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

Italy is a wonderful country from north to south, I had the pleasure to know several regions, but only from Rome to the North, it is very interesting how each region has its peculiarities, climate, food, relief and everything else.

I haven't had the opportunity yet to go in the summer, is it very hot there? I want to go back soon to visit the southern part and the islands, but I believe it is better in summer, correct? I have only been to Italy during the winter ❄️⛄️



Ciao amico,

I agree. Italy is such a wonderful country, I have been to Napoli before and now Sardinia. And I want to visit Rome soon too. I just love it here.

It is quite hot here during the summer but if you go in september or october the weather is not too hot and not too cold 🙂