Throwback Thursday - Going Down The Memory Lane In Colorado Springs Picking The First Five Pics Stored In 2010/11

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Welcome to my Throwback Thursday

I just went through old pictures lately because of a sad anniversary on May 4th. My beloved Molly passed to a sudden heart attack three years ago.

What a coincidence it was reading this post which inspired me to share the following with you now.
The post is also a little contest and about taking 5 pics that you have stored in a cloud or wherever and going down #memorylane with them.

So here are my 5s from 2010/11ish

Don't mind the picture quality. They were taken with a Nokia phone back then and are not edited. And those were the first 5 that came across.


Old Colorado City - The Ice-Cream-Gate

Back in my time in Colorado Springs they had a Country Fair going on in the neighborhood of Old Colorado City. It was just a stone throw away from the Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain, where I was living, so no doubt we went there.

It was a nice, sunny weekend day and we have been strolling around for quite a while, diving into the relaxed atmosphere of the fair. On Colorado Ave and S 26th St we stoped at 'Colorado City Creamery', where they sold homemade ice cream.

Everything looked damn good, except the prices. They charged 7 bucks for a ball of ice cream, well deserved, was it really delicious, but after hanging out at the fair the entire day we had already spent quite some money.

But why going cheap? I got myself a nice ice cream cone with a big ball of pistachio ice. It looked really good and after sitting down on the bench outside it didn't take long for my cute, little vulture Molly to beg the shit out of me.

I wanted to capture the scene, because this cuteness overload needed to be carved in stone, or rather in a picture. Molly was making all kinds of funny noises in her attempt to get the ice cream, but I wouldn't let her. Remember the price? People stoped, laughed and felt pity for her.

What happened next wasn't captured.

Soon after I pressed the button of my Nokias camera, to take the above picture, my personal Ice-cream-gate happened.

I mentioned that it was a sunny day and holding the cone, Molly and the phone a little bit of time passed by before the pic was taken.

Once I pressed the button and stored the phone next to me I finally was ready to take the first lick. Cold, delicious pistachio ice you are about to wander into my mouth.

Slowly my tongue reached for the ice cream, anticipating a taste explosion to happen. So I thought.

As soon as my tongue touched the ball it slipped off the cone. Too much time has passed and the ice cream began to melt.

So instead of wandering into my mouth, the pistachio ice cream ball wandered right in front of the vultures legs.

I can tell you that Molly enjoyed her 7$ pistachio ice cream a lot while I enjoyed an ice cream cone.

Stratton Open Space - Mesa Reservoir

What I loved most about living in the States was the countryside. The fact that I could stumble out of the house and be in the wilderness. Next to our apartment was the Stratton Open Space. A dream for every dog owner.

Molly and me took long walks around that area, it was nice to have that right in front of the door.

A little further up the Stratton Open Space you can find the Mesa Reservoir. A little lake like water reservoir. We enjoyed the walk up there like you wouldn't believe. My heart is jumping thinking about my daily adventures in Colorado Springs.

Anyways, the best memory I have at the Mesa Reservoir is Molly having her first experience with water there. It was a shallow shore and a beach like atmosphere. A lot of dog owners went there to have their dogs refresh and take a swim, especially on the weekends.

Molly was still young back then and watched the other dogs running into the water and swimming. One day she decided she wanted to try it too and so she started walking into the water.

She walked and walked and walked and instead of swimming she just kept walking at the bottom of the reservoir. Me and the other dog owners couldn't believe what we saw, it was hilarious to see Molly walking under water.

Of course I jumped in to lift her up, so she wasn't drowning or walking any further, but I will never forget that scene. We were laughing so hard. It took Molly another 4 years to actually learn to swim after that.

Pikes Peak - On Top Of The World

That picture was taken on Pikes Peak sometimes in 2011. Of course living in Colorado Springs you pay a visit to the famous mountain.

Who wouldn't enjoy driving up the fourteener who became famous for the Hill Climb, paying tribute to the German Rally driver Walter Röhrl who wrote history in 1987 with his Audi Quattro S1. I drove up there in my Jeep Wrangler and it was a ton of fun I tell you.

You pass by Crystal Reservoir, Bigfoot and you can see marmots, but just remember that even if it's like 90°F in the Springs, it might snow at the summit.

So no driving up there in shorts and flip flops like I did once, you might be surprised and freezing lol.
Of course Molly had been up there as well.

Reaching the summit you feel just amazing and that day nature showed its beauty to me, sending down this awesome rainbow. In the distance you can see the reservoir and being above a rainbow doesn't happen every day.

Home Sweet Home - Mountain Lions

This pic has me thrown back to the most beautiful place I've lived so far. The Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain is a gated community where our apartment was located. All amenities included, like a pool, hot tub, gym and the most perfect view down on Colorado Springs and over the Plains.

This sign you could find all over in that neighborhood and even though I never encountered a mountain lion, I found their droppings on the front porch.

Guess what, I even enjoyed that lol.

Broadmoor - Molly Time

Since my trip down the memory lane was connected to Mollys date of death I will end my Throwback Thursday with this picture of the Broadmoor area.

This famous part of Colorado Springs was in close distance to our place and I often enjoyed strolling around that beautiful neighborhood.

Especially in fall it was so pretty. The aspen trees were shining in bright yellow and Mule deer was hanging out everywhere, well it did so anyways.

Molly enjoyed our daily walks, hikes and adventures as well. I think that pic was taken on W Cheyenne Rd on my way to the Broadmoor Hotel. It is a beautiful area and for sure one of the safer parts of the city.

What I liked about Colorado Springs was the fact that a lot happened outdoors. Being from Germany walking around is normal but in the States it is not always usual.

But with the nickname "Fittest city" COS was my place to be.

In Michigan or Las Vegas it was rather unusual to just take random walks around the neighborhood, at least the locals there seemed to be confused when I did.

For those reading not being from the States, you shouldn't walk around not knowing the areas. You can end up easily in the wrong part of a city, just saying ;).

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little throwback stories from the first 5 pics that crossed my way. Comment on them if you like.



Aww sorry about Molly; I've lost a lot of friends too over the years too. I still have photos of them I love to look at, and the memories come flooding back.

I lived out of a hotel in Vegas for three weeks right after 9/11 with a buddy on a multimonth road trip. With a $20 day budget and plenty of free time, I know what you mean, lol

I heard road trip....😩 I wanna go on a life long road trip. Maybe I am lol, just stuck for a while. Anyways we had rented a house a little further from the strip and walked to get groceries and stuff. Was the first time I felt like a weirdo doing that lol.

It was pretty epic - we lived out of the Imperial Palace for like $20 / night...ate ribeye sandwiches for $5 every night for food. Everything was so cheap after 9/11. I got tours of the old strip from random folks for a few bucks, saw some crazy stuff all over. Quite the town and experience, for sure

Went there for a wedding. Classic style like in the movies lol. Great weeks we had...ohhh memories lol

Those ice cream cones are the best! Especially right before you go to the arcade! It's so funny you mention wearing shorts up on Pike's Peak. When I first came to Colorado in 1979 (only for a year that time), I lived in Denver and yes, it was 95 degrees (F) on fourth of July. We drove up to Pike's Peak, and yes I was wearing shorts, flips, and tank top. Brrr. We actually had quite a bit of snow still in the shady spots up there, and we had a short snowball fight before getting back in the car to get warm!

This was before there was anything up there, was VERY narrow gravel road for the last half to 3/4 of the drive and there was no parking lot, gift shop or anything else up there, just gravel and rocks. In fact, there was only two other cars up there while we were. What a change now. Still some great views, but all the building and people! Of course the road isn't near as spooky as it was back then.

Lol how funny is that. Made that mistake once lol.

We had snow up there as well that day. I was there before they paved the entire route. I think in 2011 or so they started changing things. I mean the gift shop was there already but still gravel and stuff. I don't know how it looks today but I have seen the summit sign looks a little more colorful than when I was there 😂.

I have a funny pic of Molly when we drove up there in the Jeep. She looks like saying wtf are you guys doing lol.

Ahhh memories...

Nice! I enjoyed your little throwback stories. Very lovely snapshots of Molly too. I know you must miss her a lot. I had a pet I lost when I was in my teens. The memories are still with me till tomorrow. Do you have another pet?

I must say you were quite handy with your Nokia phone. I'm not too good with taking pictures with my phone. So these look like something I would take with my present day phone. Lol.

Thanks, appreciate you saying this :). Yes I have a new Bulldog. A rescue I found 6 month after Molly passed away. My dogs are my biggest luxury.

Those were the first 5 pics in the folder from that time. The camera quality on the phones wasn't as good as today 10 years ago, but I got some decent shots. Most of the time I was just randomly taking shots only for the shits and giggles lol. Memories for myself.

These days the phones are like little pro cameras and that gives a total different result than 10 years ago.

I just grabbed the first 5 for the contest I'm participating in. Are you joining in as well?

Wow.. So much to read and absorb. Too much to comment on, because I may forget to mention something.. But the Ice cream had me rolling on the floor. There is a commercial in the US that has been airing. I will see if I can find it, because it reminds me of your Molly and this Pistachio Ice Cream ordeal. Best $7 you ever spent looking back on it now 😁. What an AWESOME day for Molly 😆.

😍 Best 😂 Exactly how it went lol. The Bulldog in the commercial looks like Joy, so cute.

Don't worry about commenting, I just thought you might like the Molly story 🤗 She had an awesome day that day lol.

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Loved this, I have a few instances in my life similar. I love that shot atop Pike's Peak with the rainbow! Bet that was exhilarating!

Oh thanks, I like when someone likes lol. In my short time here in da Hive I have found that there are quite some similarities between all of us. Somehow certain strings lead to one another. It is nice to know that in the end we are all connected, some more some less but there is always a little bit that one shares with another, whatever that may be :).

The rainbow was nice to watch, being up there is stunning, the entire area is stunning.

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Oh, how nice, thanks 😊. Who would have known, but great start in the morning here reading that. Have a great day ya'all!

Oh, I just loved this! You must have been reading my mind! The Creamery has the BEST ice cream. I will go there before anywhere else; unless that is Mt. Rushmore where they sell Thomas Jefferson's vanilla ice cream! The recipe he had for it is sold there and it is amazing.

We have not been to Stratton yet, but it is on the list. We fell in love with Cheyenne Mountain. Of course part of that is from the TV series Stargate. Haha!

Gold Camp Road is my favorite area to drive around in. So beautiful!!!!

Oh cool, have been on Gold Camp Road myself. Didn't know that Cheyenne mountain was part of a TV series.

I read your question and what I can recommend is Bear Creek Regional Park, there is a dog park in that area too, but since it is the Springs dogs aren't an issue period, at least in my days.

What I loved and hung out at every other day was Red Rock Canyon. I worked at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ and Red Rock is right next to it.

Manitou Springs you need to put on your list as well.

Seven Falls in North Cheyenne Park and the hiking trails around it are worth taking a look at too.

Since all of it was nearby the place where I lived I spend most of the time there.

Garden of the Gods, a classic, but yah the main attraction.

If you go to Stratton Open Space park at the East Trail, it is the first to the left when passing the Cheyenne Mountain Highschool on Cresta Rd, right across the Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain. From there you can walk straight up to the reservoir.


We have been to Bear Creek and love it there. We were going to go there this weekend. I LOVE RUDY'S! Only place here to get TEXAS BBQ!!!! Unfortunately we have not done Red Rock yet. Seven Falls is closed right now due to Covid, but they say it will be open soon. I adore Manitou! I have been trying to find a place to move to in that area, but there are so many floods!!!!

Rudy's was great back then. Even as a vegetarian I enjoyed working there lol. It was perfect. Did the breakfast shift there and was done every day by 10am. Then I had the whole day to chill out and have some fun.

I worked out at Pikes Peak Combat Sports, but I'm not sure if it still exists. My trainers moved to Florida shortly after I left.

A waterfall closed to Covid, how crazy is that. Think of me when walking around wherever, I miss it. But I'm happy for you guys. :)

I definitely will. You have been on my mind since I learned you had lived here. I will be making sure you get lots of photos!

I work at Cave of the Winds. Love it, love the twisty drive up the mountain!

Ohhhhhhh how cool is that. What are you doing there? Can't wait to see some more pics even though it always bring some wanderlust.


I loved the photographs and the story behind each photo. Congratulations!

Thank you Jessica, we all have memories and digging in them is nice from time to time. :)