Tour de Slovenia - Logarska Valley / Part V

Hello again,

Warm welcome to all travelers and Slovenia lovers after all these episodes of my Tour de Slovenia series. While I am writing to Haveyoubeenhere community, I have to ask you this question? Have you been to Slovenia already? As Slovenia is such a small country I would rather focus on country, not to micro location which is Logarska Valley in this post. For some of you I already know, that you had visited us, others again say that we can expect them as soon as things get back to normal over the World and some might still asking themselves is Slovenia something to eat :)
Again I would like to connect to sports on this point for a moment as you might know a Slovenian guy, but you don’t know he is Slovenia. For example the best two cyclists on Tour de France which is running at the time I am writing this post are Slovenians (Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar). Who is the best goalkeeper on the World? If you ask me it is Jan Oblak, who is conceding as low number of goals as any other goalkeeper on the World for Atletico Madrid. Basketball is a popular sport and NBA is slowly ending, but Slovenian guy is still very much present for the team which showed by far the most in this year’s playoff. The dragoon – Goran Dragič! Wish him all the best and to get this ring back home to Slovenia. Probably I don’t even need to mention LD 77, who has everything to be the best in business in couple of years. AK 11 is almost as famous as AK 47. The guys from LA will know for sure who am I talking about and many other NHL freaks as well. Anže Kopitar is a great guy and loyal to his team. There is more of them, but I could get all night long, so lets get down to today’s real content, but feel free to share any Slovenian who you might know…

We are back to traveling and photography as I still have last part of my three days traveling experience from Logarska Valley to share with you. All four episodes you could saw in the past couple of weeks were intro to the valley for which you actually come to this place. It is known for its pure nature, possibility to relax and be active at the same time. We shouldn’t forget amazing culinary you get there. I would say it is Slovenia in one place with cleanliness, nice mountains, wildlife, fresh air, cold and clear water sources and most important people who are willing to help and show you around at any place.


Logarska Valley is located within a heart of Kamniško-Savinjske Alps and surrounded with mountain peaks of 2000+ meters altitude. The valley itself was created by glacier during last ice age.
To continue with numbers, I can add that its length is 7 kilometers and it is about 250 meters width. It offers various natural features all the way, from meadows to forest, mountains to waterfalls… It is unique as nowadays it is hard to find places without fancy, modern architecture and mass tourism. Here you have couple of farms which were here hundred years ago and just one boutique hotel which belongs to the cultural appearance of the valley. Cultural landscape in the valley and around is simply stunning and worth visiting. Harmony between man and nature is precious at current times.
In 1987, Logarska Valley was registered as Landscape Park.
Another positive thing is that there is no entrance fee, even though it goes for one of the most beautiful valley in Europe. They want to encourage active way of life, so if you are walking in the valley or riding a bike there is no entrance fee. If you want to visit it by car, the entrance fee is 7 EUR and it is valid for multiple days. I think that no entrance fee is great way to encourage tourists to come and enjoy in the genuine nature in the valley. It is better to leave motorized vehicles outside the park in order not to pollute that natural gem.

The best photography spot is just after entrance gate where also famous tree is standing. That photography will definitely be present in any Slovenian magazine on any touristic fair you will visit.
Hope you will like my photos and that you will remember me if you will see same spot in the magazine.









On the other side from best photo spot are Scottish cattle. Great for interaction of your family, so you have enough time to find perfect photography spot. And yes, you have to stop by the cattle as well as they are funny with their haircuts…




You have endless opportunities for macro photography as well. You really can go into nature details, but time is key here and we didn’t have enough of that. Still some photos with different motives were crated.



To end today’s journey and whole Logarska Valley trip; it has to be some mountain peak’s photos. Nature is the star here and mountains play the biggest role. Amazing sights all around. No more words, come and see by yourself…





Thank you very much for all your support in advance!

Take care and HIVE ON!


Spectacular landscape shots as always but I also appreciate the little sport insertion :) Considering how small Slovenia is, the number of world class athletes who were born there is truly outstanding. Czech sportsmen also had a very good reputation in the past but recently, our national teams haven´t been as successful as they used to be, unfortunately...

Anyway, let me improve the payout of this post a bit ;)

@tipu curate 4

Hey Petr thanks for stopping at my blog again. You really don't miss any of my Tour de Slovenia episodes :)
They say it is something in the water here in Slovenia (and some other ex-Yugoslavia countries as well). You could saw from my posts that water here is usually crystal clear, that is all :) Well we are really proud on our athletes, especially sport fans like myself who is watching different sports at least 10 hours a week.
We already talked about some Czech basketball players. I was also cheering for your nation whem you were at the top on Euro 2004, was it? Baroš was a great striker, ohhh an Koler the tall guy. Great memories. Nowadays I have to admit I don't know many of your athletes.

Hey thanks for amazing curation from your side and apology as probably didn't meet your expectations as well :) Much can still happen, so fingers crossed :)

Oh boy, those sweet EURO 2004 times... What a team we had back then. Our epic battle against the Dutch from that tournament has been widely considered one of the greatest football matches ever played. I am sure you still know every single player from the star-packed Dutch squad and probably from ours too :) I get goosebumps every time I watch this video with the goals and highlights... Enjoy :)

Ohhh thank you for serving me a dose of great football. I just watched my favourite club - Olimpija Ljubljana - being eliminated from Europa League qualifications agains Zrjinski Mostar.
Terrible game, so many mistakes. Our owner is a crazy guy, 82 years old. He gives money so he can do whatever he wants, but he dons so much damage lately. Every season at least two new coaches. Probably there will be new coach after that game as well. Ehhh, enough, rather watch your great Czech generation one more time before I go to sleep...

Sorry about the current situation in your beloved team. I know that too well myself. A couple of years ago, my hometown club actually ended up as low as in the 5th highest Czech league (directly from the 1st league) because of horrible incompetent management. Crazy and sad times that we all would like to forget about completely. Fortunately, we are back in the highest league again ;) Hopefully Olimpija will get a new better owner. Oh and thanks for watching that video and remembering those epic football moments with me ;)

I know how that feels to go back to 5th league. Our club also went bankruptcy back in 2005 and started again in 5th league. I was fun being a champion 4 years in a row.
I was just talking with my father how I would love not to be bothere with Olimpija anymore, like that it doesn't exists anymore.. But it is not possible and that is the beauty of football and other sports - emotions...
Tomorrow I will be back again watching and cheering :)

Which is your hometown club by the way?

Haha I know what you mean my friend :) It´s very easy to be a fan of a big and successful team but this is not what true "fanhood" is about it ;) My hometown club (SFC Opava) was never big or successful, we never won the first league, nor the Czech cup (we were in the final once though) and we have been through a lot of troubles over the years and decades but we, the fans, have always been standing behind the club, no matter what. One of our mottos is: "Proud after a win, loyal after a loss." I am sure you are the same type of a fan and you will be supporting Olimpija for the rest of your life ;)

Btw I am just about to leave for another home game of my club, it starts in 2 hours. Wish us luck :)

Muchas gracias por mostrarnos a Eslovenia, conociéndolo desde aquí Venezuela, la información está bien completa, además bellas fotos, feliz miércoles

Thank you very much for your comment. I don't speak Spanish, but I somehow understood what you wrote :)

Siempre a la orden

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Great post and what an amazing landscape. Love these huge mountains and lush meadows

Thanks for your kind words!
I am just trying to capture beautiful nature our country has to offer and share it with you here on Hive. Sometimes I do better, other not so good travel posts.
Anyway hope I will be able to get some new tourists to our country.

Just book marked this so I remember to go here when I visit. So beautiful!

That is nice :)
Planning and bookmarking is already second stage of getting to the destination.
Logarska Valley and vicinity is a must stop for a couple of days. And good think about Slovenia is that it is very small, so you need from one place to another an hour or hour and a half at max with car. That is like going few blocks in LA with crazy traffic :)

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So many amazing photos, good job! Looks like such a peaceful place to visit. I always thought those furry cows with the big horns to be the cutest of them all but how do they see! Someone needs to cut bangs for them...haha. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for stopping by!
I know you are a great photographer yourself, so it means a lot to hear kind words.

It really is a true paradise for your soul and great getaway from city.
And about the cattle. I say they are so ugly that they are nice :)
Nice addition to whole package there...

These are amazing landscapes they would be all good to sell as postcards didn't think Slovenia was this beautiful thanks for showing us 😁

That is my goal :)
To present Slovenia...
Now I only have to start making postcards and sending them out to my supporters ;)

Damn this is a awesome show of Slovenia can we swap countries for a while 😁