Birthday Girl in Paris

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She wanted nothing to do with this first photo. Her sights were set on pastries across the street, "it's my birthday today, not yours, we're supposed to do what I want today."

Just one, c'mon, have I told you how beautiful you are today? Point your left foot forward a little more, right elbow up. Up a little higher. Cool. I'll put it on the cover.


Pura's birthday was a couple months ago. I won't tell you her age because I know better. Women notoriously disguise their age. Can't even ask them how old they are—fighting words! If you want to know a woman's age, put on a big huge fake smile and tread lightly:

How young are you?

She's eight years younger than me. She's ok with that data leak.


I hate selfies more than coffee shops. But it wasn't my birthday so I did what she said even more than normal.


What's the first thing a chef from San Francisco does in Paris on her birthday? If you guessed pâtisserie or boulangerie and Crêpes Normande or something else food you're wrong.




Shopping. Like clothes shopping. She never does that!! We never do that. We're always concerned about making weight on the airplane. Totally out of character. But it was her day so I pretended to enjoy it and went so far as to encourage clothes shopping behavior. Damn you, Paris!




Boots, Bomber jacket, a matching beanie I think and whatever else she got. Socks, some other stuff, I don't remember. None of which would be worn that day by the way and instead I carried shopping bags the next 7-8 hours.



She sifted through a bunch of sidewalk merchandise; jewelry, books, art, jewelry again, rugs, sweatshirts, more jewelry before being distracted like a couple of tourists in Paris by a magnificently bright and shiny glass case display of cheese art.

That's a lot of cheese.

With shopping bags in hand, I got a fresh baguette, an Heirloom tomato, Gruyère and Camembert and we picnicked at Tuileries Garden.




We hung out there for a couple hours enjoying the fashion show. Everyone's a fashion statement in Paris. Lavish pink suits with matching hats, his and hers ensembles, earrings and cuff links you can see from a distance, designer sunglasses suitable for Lady Gaga, shoes you wouldn't want to get dirty.

We watched and did nothing until we got hungry again because in Paris, according to a certain Aussie weekender, nothing is something.

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, what's left of Notre Dame Cathedral, a smoked salmon salad, 16th-century marvel - Saint Jacques Tower, Département des arts de l'Islam du musée du Louvre, and the glass pyramid at Louvre Museum:





And that's how we celebrated Pura's birthday. Right around the time we decided to go check out Eiffel Tower is right around the time we decided to check it out another time. With shopping bags in hand, mine of course, I dialed Uber.

We caught a ride back to our stay. I gently set the bags down on the bed. We kicked off our shoes, propped our feet up and chilled out for a second and DAMMIT!! She doesn't have a candle to blow out. No make a wish! No happy birthday to you song!

Time out!

I jumped up faster than a lightning transaction, had my shoes on by the time I hit the elevator and down I went.

"Where'ya goiii.."


Not a pâtisserie open at this time.

All the restaurants have waiting lines down and around the corner.

I should've planned this better.

I hopped on an electric scooter and took off in no particular direction until something made sense—grocery market!

I found an open market.

They sell a few items like toilet paper, coffee, bread and produce, perfect! And candles!

I grabbed a pack of candles and a kiwi, went back to the stay where she had no idea what was going on, "where'd you go??"

Nowhere. Hold on.

Went in the kitchen, cut the kiwi in half; candle, lighter, et cetera.

🎼 Happy birthday to you.....





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@xoxois, thank you! I can count on one hand how many times someone has POSH'd my content. I really appreciate this.

Thanks for promoting Hive on your Twitter. I'm flattered you chose mine.

Hi @dandays very welcome :)))
I thought your post was great, so I chose it to show people out there on Twitter, maybe that people would be interested to stop by here.

Ah, that was a great read! Happy belated birthday, seems like she had a good one!
And so creative of you sir! That kiwi :) healthy cake!

The Luckiest Guy I Know strikes again.

Hello, ThisIsMyLife. Thank you. Definitely won't be forgetting her... "25th" anytime soon.

Enjoy some of that Spanish seafood for me. <3

As always, see you in "whenever-I-get-the-chance-to-read-this-long-ass-essay-that-I-am-sure-would-be-great."


After all those book reviews you put up, a little 700 worder alarms you? Thanks for the reblog sir.

Oh, you were right after all. It's not one of thooose post. Still, I'm happy I actually decided to come back to it when I'm more comfortable, cos this really warms my heart.

Now listen, I need you to deliver a message of the highest importance. It's a matter of national security.

Please tell the missus that the entire hive community, and myself in particular wishes her a happy belated birthday.

Crazy that you made her pose even on her birthday, 🤣🤣 but you have made it up to her, so I'd give you that.

Looks like you had a great one.

Bless sire 🙏🏾

How many words is too many do you think?

I'm glad you came back too. I mean not just say it.

We had a great time. Caught the last couple weeks of nice weather too.

French are a real cool culture. Pura said she'd like to live there actually. She's only said that one other time.

Sir, always nice to hear from you.

She's eight years younger than me

We feel better saying it that way 😂😂😂

That was a fun time she had with you around, happy birthday to her.

A weird but fascinating cake hehe

Well hello merit.ahama, had I known you were stopping by I would've straightened the joint up a little.

Thanks for checking this one out.

Yeah, I can't tell you how old young she is but 8years younger than me is totally acceptable. = }

Thank you!

It's nice to stop by when you least expected 🤪😅

At least, there's one truth... She would always be younger than you 😂

Interestingly enough, she's never hesitant to mention how much younger than me she is.

Hey while I got you, you're doing great with #comedyopenmic. The community is good for the blockchain and it's nice to see newer platform users getting involved. Thank you.

Oh your appreciation is like a fuel for me, I'll keep at it 😊
Thanks for thanking me haha

Tell Pura happy late birthday dammit for me! Also, she has great taste in jackets, I have the same one minus the thing on the back.

Will do! I'll tell'er you said happy 25th. = }

Wassup man? Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Yesterday was a rollercoaster.

The jacket was bugged, can you believe it? We chose our words wisely and used code names the whole time.

Lovely way to spend a birthday. Happy Birthday Pura!

It didn't suck at all. = }

If you've ever heard how terrible and uninviting and rude the French are, you read it here first:


hahaha I wanted to say "it doesn't suck to be you" but I think I've said that to you before.

On count 1, you're The Luckiest Guy I Know, how do you plea?

Splendid! You spread that joy of yours everywhere you go - it's contagious.

Happy belated birthday to Pura. That was a special and best way to spend that Day. You Guys are Awesome. Stay Happy and Blessed mate.

Such a nice comment, thank you. I'm glad you like this one. You and yours stay blessed too.

Sorry for the delay in this response man, yesterday was a complete shit show.

Happy birthday, young lady. I could really go for a tomato sandwich right about now.

Ooh wee, not just any tomato either. Those Heirlooms were so primed I could've eaten it like an apple.

Hey thanks a lot for the boost dude. I don't forget that stuff.

No divulging her age but 8 years younger than me is totally acceptable.

Party snacks?! I thought you'd never ask.

Whaddup! Hey thanks a lot for promoting this content. I need some material more endearing than 'hey, thanks a lot'.

Didn't mean to leave you hangin all day yesterday, I feel about this big putting everyone on hold. Yesterday was a shit show.

Her pancreas got all inflamed. Does that sometimes. Not always requires medical and imaging and blood and all that. Yesterday was a not always day.

Here's to a comfortable wife day. Fingers crossed.

Much thanks Taelor.

Looks like a nice day even if you had to do some shoppingand carry some bags. Gotta do what she wants on jer birthday. Definitely a great place to spend ones birthday as well.

Good call on the kiwi and candle. Nice tough. 👍

Our birthdays are less than a month apart, we did mine in Amsterdam and hers in Paris. Had those destinations been reversed, she Amsterdam instead of Paris, I would've saved a buncha money. = }

Whaddup Leaky! Hey in case I haven't said it lately, thanks for keeping up with me. And sorry the delay in this response. Yesterday was a complete shit show.

Haha yeah I hear you. Paris is a great place to spend a bunch of money 😂, on food and shopping both.

No worries about the delay man. Not a problem.

Hey when you were there, did you ever happen to get a beignet from the street vendor / food truck up at that platform by Eiffel Tower where all the buskers perform? Popular location, always real crowded, you're kinda looking down on the Tower.

Anywho, out of all the quality cuisine we enjoyed while we were there, that got dang €4 street vendor doughnut stole the show!

I haven't tried them in Paris, no. I've had them from a bakery by our house and they were delicious. Maybe not as good as the ones you tried, but still very nice. Sometimes the most delicious foods are simple and cheap.

I'm kinda ruined now. Whenever we're in a French Quarter, wherever we are, one of the first things I find is a beignet. After that Street vendor, everything else is a doughnut hole.

I'm the same with falafel actually. There's a spot in Long Beach, Ca, not sure if you've been or will ever go to Los Angeles, but if you do, it's called Hip-Pea. Best falafel in the world. A Syrian lady owns it, real kind lady. Falafel and fries, there's nothing else on the menu. But every day there's a surprise flavor like banana falafel or mint or cinnamon or who knows, always different and always the best.

Well, best outta 20 countries at least.

What's up man? What you up today?

I haven't been to Los Angeles but will keep that in mind if I ever go. That's cool that she changes it up each day.

Today - not much for me. Tidying up the house mainly lol. You? Where you at these days?

Aawww that’s so cute… the candle in the kiwi. Happy belated birthday from me! 🥳🥳
What a great day. A special day for her.
We don’t like shopping either, clothes… nope only when we can’t avoid it anymore hahaha
Looks like it was such fun in Paris. Nice write up @dandays 🤓
Enjoy your week further.

There you go again, being a sweetheart! I sure do enjoy me some littlebee engagement.

Clothes shopping. Neither do we! Especially in EU when cases have to be under 20 kilos. U.S is 24 kilos. We're always right on the limit so we don't add to the cases, especially heavy stuff like clothing. Spices, maybe, maybe a collectible but rarely, not much when we're touring. Get her in Paris, however, different story.

Much thanks Littlebee. <3 Sorry the delay in this response, yesterday was such a headache! Handful, headache, all of the above.

Aawww thanks @dandays ☺️
Always nice chatting with you.

Yes, I can imagine… trying to fit all in the suite cases. And we always have a bit more… I so know.

You are welcome, no worries 😉 all good. We are relaxed 😎
Hope today is a better day for you.
Enjoy today 👋🏻

Nice job, Pura! The resemblance is remarkable. Top marks 🙌

Also, send some of the food over. I am starving for french cuisine. 🥐

Hey didn't I just see you on the last one? Back to back Rimicane sightings.. someone pinch me! = }

Good morning. It's morning here. She and I don't participate much in all the traditional holidays but her birthday is different. She likes to begin reminding me when her birthday is around the first of the year.

Always a pleasure when you stop by.


Birthday kiwi!!! A new tradition is born.

How old are you, I mean young! I mean when's your birthday? Never mind.

I'm younger than you look.

(heh heh heh heh heh)

No, I'm kidding. You don't look old, at least not to me, but that's probably because I'm around your age, give or take half a decade. I remember the 80s, even though I lived a sheltered life.

Nah I didn't laugh out loud at all just now.

Dang it I went to see what it was I had said and then the embedded video disappeared but maybe that's cuz it's saturday, now.

Oh wait it's back. Does this mean I get a longer weekend? I miss how in the 80s and early 90s you didn't have to have a chiseled jawline and be emaciated to be considered attractive. (That's not to say that Robert Smith was exactly attractive...) I hate to say it, but I think Seattle and the grunge era and heroin-chic started the demise of the american beauty standard.

Where are you guys now?

Is there a time limit for responses? Not sure how I missed this comment other than we were in Miami and Jacksonville iThink, Savannah, Wilmington I'm pretty sure and then Tybee Island, somewhere in Charlotte, somewhere else.. another place.. I don't even know when my birthday is anymore.

Hello young lady. The dust is settling nicely in Jefferson City. I can almost breathe again. = }

And you? Close enough to grab a cup'0 Joe?

Young Lady. Ha! I could have sworn that we established that I am older than you. What a bastard (read gentleman).

I am very far away from the coffee shop in Jefferson City. I was in San Diego for a minute, but that's not any closer. You'll have to come to Portland, or quadruple upvote every single one of my posts and comments for the rest of the year if you want me to drive anywhere anytime soon cuz I'm broke AF and the registration is due.

But I'd love a cup'O Joe!

Dang, Paris! (la ville de l'amour), for her birthday... You raise the bar high for other man !! The kiwi is very original and after reading all this, I am strangely hungry :-D

Hey what's up Pegarissimo? Nice to see around the blockchain again.

I'm practiced. I can forget all about the other holidays and pull it off without repercussion. Her birthday, however, not a chance.

Thanks man.

"How young are you?" - this is a very smart question and definitely doesn't bother us as much as it would happen if someone asks directly about our age, lol. But lovely way to celebrate a birthday!

Well hello GabrielaTravels. I've seen you around this blockchain about as long as anyone else. Thanks for checking me out.

Funny, "how young are you?" Not that a truthful response will be received or anything but at least it doesn't immediately cause tension. = }

Happy birthday! Here's a gift:

I'll try harder next year. Didn't have time to go to the store...

With Nothing that nice, hope you don't mind Nothing in return. I can't wait to see what's in store next year!

Could be Anything.

That's Different.

No it isn't.

That's That.

That's Something Else.

how many things to eat there are

I'll eat to that....

Congratulations, what a nice day you had 🤩🤩🤩

Hey thanks! And welcome to your second month on the blockchain. Let me know if you get tripped up or confused. I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

Don't be a stranger.

Very kind, thank you, I really appreciate your offer, without a doubt I learn a lot every day from kind people like you. Thank you 🤗

Happy birthday Pura. What a nice way to spend the birthday. Thanks for sharing. 💙

Very nice. Thank you, you're most welcome. I don't think we've met before, thanks for checking me out.

Welcome to your first year on the blockchain. Glad you found us, joint wasn't the same without you.

Thank you... we meet now. Never late to 😉

I am just about to complete my first year here on hive, infact, just a few days left. Met a lot of people and made a lot of friends and useful connections. Love every part of being here.

Glad I found you...hehe

1 in blockchain years is like 100 in real life or maybe it was 100 dog years, one of those. A year's a long time. On behalf of Hive, thanks for sticking around. I see your content gains a lot of attention, congratulations. It took my like two or three years until I caught curation's attention. You're ahead of the game. = }

Looks like I am the luckiest guy you know. 😉

I was lucky when I found TheTerminal and learnt a lot about the blockchain in my early days. Now I know a few things... haha. It helped me get a head start.

And the fact that everyone is super friendly and helpful here had me going strong for the last year. So, thank you for making this chain too good to leave.

Thanks for the compliments. See you around the corners. 💙

Friendly and helpful. For sure. I often wonder if life would be different if those who share my D and A were as welcoming as the Blockchain and then my ears ring, followed closely by a headache, and then I remind myself not to think about that shit. = }

Sometimes I go off on unexpected tangents.

Where was I? Oh! Occasionally you'll cross paths with someone who isn't, don't let it ruin your day.

Occasionally you'll cross paths with someone who isn't...

It helps in spicing up things. I ignore those sh*t heads.

Anyways, Nice to meet you. Until next time. ✌️

Have some !PIZZA for the road.

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful lady @dandays :)
No better way to celebrate a special day than in this romantic atmosphere and magnificent architecture that is Paris. 🙂 Pura's happy face and the kiwi cake photo- is pretty loveable :)

Hey you're pretty lovable!

Thank you @trangbaby. I didn't mean to get all mushy but that's how it went down. Paris, birthday, romantic atmosphere like you said, mushy just kinda happens.

She had a great time. We both really enjoyed our stay in Paris. The culture, the cuisine, the everything, Paris is definitely one we'll return to.

Thank you! <3



... Juss nice.

No tom foolery from me or my pet human.

So that juss proves it was...

...juss nice.

Purrs n hedbonks!

Belated and best wishes to your Best half. Also to you. 🎂🍻🐱

I hope communicating virtually with a cat account doesn't claw at my alley cred.

My pet human. The "Man in a Catlady suit" you call him. He tells me you and yours are good humans. Even if you like those annoying yappy ankle biters called dogs.
Sammi Jo Hunter.jpg

I would not bite or scratch you two. At least not right away...

Meme Kitty 2015-04-25.jpg

My human played this for me on a speaker he call "blue tooth"

You humans are just weird.

But i must say it sounds really good. If he does not turn it up so loud it hurts my sensitive super kitty hearing.

All the Tom Foolery is over here Sammi Jo!!

I am still processing your new routine of cold showering...


Never thought I'd say this but if you're taking requests, I prefer your backside.

Who says romance is dead man?! A happy birthday kiwi with a candle, you romantic son of a bitch you!

I know you're a wordsmith, did you intend to put smoked salmon after Notre Dame? That shit caught on fire a few years ago didn't it? Lol. Burned x2!

Looks like a good time around ol Paree, fun how things get changed up a bit and she goes clothes shopping unexpectedly out of all the things she could do lol.

I'll have to hit you up on discord, I got somethin to ask ya!

Hey what's up man? Never a bad time for a Cmplxty sighting.

I'm totally flattered by the Wordsmith comment and even happier you caught it!! Dude a lot of effort went into that single line follow up about smoked and, until now, I thought it went over everyone's head. ~poof

Thanks for checking this one out sir. We had a real good time. For many years leading up to that trip, I'd heard (we'd heard) how unwelcoming and territorial and everything else the French are. It's not true. Excellent culture. Out of everywhere we've been, Pura's only said she wanted to live there two times, Pearie is one.

🇫🇷🗼❤ "The City of Love" - PARIS ❤🗼 🇫🇷

What a wonderful place to celebrate Pura's birthday! @dandays

Props to you for your creativity and originality pulling off the Happy Birthday song, candle blowing and wish making!

Pura will forever remember this special birthday everytime she eats kiwi.
Nicely done!

🌬🕯🥝 🇫🇷 🌬🕯🥝 🇫🇷 🌬🕯🥝 🇫🇷

Good morning Nina. Thank you. I hadn't thought about the residual kiwi memory until now. Thanks for that, too!

We had a real good time. I have plenty more photos to share at some point. What I've been mentioning most often is how kind the French are. For what seems like forever, we'd been warned they're not the most welcoming group. I'm here to report back: It's not true.

Only the second time during our travels Pura's said something to the extent how she'd like to live there.

Enjoy your weekend NinaHaskin. Always a pleasure when you stop by. <3

Guess who arrives on or around December 10th?

(Biggest smile on the internet)

Aww it looks like a beautiful way to spend your special day! Happy Belated Birthday to Pura! Clothes shopping in Paris would be wonderful, but those tomatoes and cheeses!!! Oh perfection lol...a picnic was a perfect idea. So glad you both had a lovely time in the City of Love

Well hello TamaraLovelace. Good morning. It's morning here.

Between me and you, it's just us here, I pretended to enjoy clothes shopping but it wasn't required for that picnic. Wasn't planned or anything, love it when things work out the way they're supposed to.

I got another cheesy story I'll share before too long about the single slice of Truffle cheese that cost more than narcotics! = }

oooh I'm looking forward to that story :D I do adore cheese lol

That's a heckuva break you got between posts. It's been about what, since the babies were born?

Just got tired or rather not or..

Not exactly sure why I struggle with writing. I tend to live a low-key life and think the lives of others are far more interesting than mine. Lately though, the idea of a sort of journal would be nice to have, and if I write with the idea that it is for my own eyes and not necessarily meant for others to read the struggle would be less. Or maybe I just think too much LOL.

I will give it a whirl by the time the weekend is over (fingers crossed)

Interesting perspective. I understand what you mean by who is and who isn't interesting.

A year is a long pause. My longest is seven months and then again just recently was a three month break. If you're experiencing what I experienced, seems like the longer we stay away, the more challenging it is to formulate words and sentences and paragraphs. Maybe it's just me.

I can tell you're comfortable in the comment section. Good luck putting pen to paper again, I'll keep an eye out for you.

And thanks for stopping by, comments are original content too. = }

You're quit the gentleman. Encourage cloths shopping, carry bags around all day, and after finally getting home and realizing that Pura had no candle to blow out you rectify that issue by running out again when I'm sure you were exhausted, what a guy.

Paris, Robin has mentioned many times that she would love to go there and I can see why. Another great post that has once again put me on the hot seat to travel abroad, thanks.
Every time you put up one of these posts about your travels, the first thing out of Robin's mouth is "wouldn't you love to go there." I'm running out of excuses. With visiting Paris I said, I heard that the French don't care much for Americans. Hopefully, Robin didn't see your comment about Pura saying she would love to live there!

So, you're not big on selfies. I don't want to start this bromance all over again, but you do take a pretty good picture epically when Pura is in the shot with you.

I know how you put much thought into the cover image and this one hit the mark. My only question to you is, what the heck did you expect after posing Pura for that cover image, a day of relaxation. You should have realized that you put her in the driver's seat for the day after requesting her to match the pose of the character in front of her.

All jokes aside, it looks like you had a very special day with your very special lady. Happy belated birthday wishes, Pura.

Hey what's up man? I got your response. That means you clicked reply and everything. Gonna be a good day. Good morning!

About that pose. That's where wisdom comes in handy, I'm decades behind you. I figured one quick pose and the rest of the day would be whatever she wants. Careful what you wish for!

Selfies. Yeah. Thanks dot dot meh! I'm not good at posing for photos period and selfies are just so weird to me. But I'm gonna have to agree with you 100% my man, you're right. Damn she makes me look good! = }

It's probably best we don't tell @farm-mom then how out of everywhere we've been, Paris is only the second time Pura said she'd like to live there. Probably should keep that one to ourselves. :wink:

Everything you heard about the French is bullshit dude. I know, I heard the same thing. We heard the same thing for what seems like forever; unwelcoming, territorial, et cetera. @edprivat told me one time, and I quote "that's why French love the Italians cuz if there's anyone worse than us, it's them."

Hashtag Facade. Night and day compared to Italians. One of the nicest, most welcoming and friendly cultures we've had the pleasure of engulfing ourselves amongst.

Much thanks Sweed. You support however long we've been doing this means a lot. Give our love to the farm.

Rumors, fake news, whatever the heck you want to call it. Here, all along I couldn't figure out why they would so despise us. They looked pretty happy with the Allied forces after Paris was liberated on 25 August 1944.

The only way to really get to know what one place or another is to do exactly what you folk have been doing for a while now, EXPERIENCE IT FIRST HAND.
Look how visiting Costa Rica turned out.

You have said that in many of your travel posts you have shared with all of us, (you shouldn't judge until you've been there) California being your home state, which takes many hits, is a prime example, as I think I recall you saying.

The line you quote from @edprivat, that's funny. There seems to be some truth on one side of that equation, Italians.

Yo, if selfies do become your thing, you need to get one of these.untitled.gif

I was taught don't say anything when I don't have anything nice to say which I'm often unable to do but doing so now by not saying anything about Costa Rica.

California. So true. Unless I'm IN California or outside the country, I just say west of here, it's easier. 49 and a half states to include Oregon hate Ca.

West of here. Then they rattle off a couple states; usually beginning with California and I can sense it in their voice. Built up multi-generational animosity toward Ca and are just itching to unload on someone. West of here.

Yo, if selfies do become your thing, you need to get one of these.

Nice library.

Cracking post man, looks like you guys had a ball, what's the craic with the kiwi cake!!? 🥝🤣😂

Does cracking mean good? Speaking of cultural differences, lotta last minute improvising when traveling huh? I was just looking for something to hold the candle when I found that multi purpose kiwi—dessert, antioxidants, colorful.... Shoooot.

Cheers Ablaze.

Does cracking mean good?

Ya man, it goes good...great....excellent.....cracking

Loving that tune 👌 🎶

If you're going to shop for clothes, it seems like Paris would be a good place to do it. Personally I couldn't stop admiring the streetlamps. The streetlamps in your pictures, I mean... I've never been across the pond myself. Do they say that when you go to/from France, or is it just England?

Anyway, glad you two are having fun, even if you don't look like you're REALLY having fun in your pictures! It was nice to read a post about Paris that didn't complain about it being rude and tourist-y.

Not sure I should admit I didn't pay much attention to the street lamps until now.

Do they say that when you go to/from France, or is it just England?

Any time you cross the pond. Why they decided to call the Atlantic the pond, I don't know.

We loved it. We'd been warned for what seemed like forever how the French are how you explain but it's bullshit. They're lying. French are real cool. A lot cooler than most.

Only the second time Pura said she'd like to live where we visited.

What's up man? Tell me the latest.

The latest? Well, my life has been a lot less interesting. Just got over another round of COVID that kicked my ass, been working on lots of cars and trucks, housework and gardening. Since NY legalized the marijuana, everyone has some home grown this year, so that's been fun.

Hedge Witch has had most of her teeth pulled out over the course of the summer, which is a good thing that needed to be done, but it's also made her pretty miserable, which in turn has made me fairly miserable, but she's finally doing a little better every day now. On the bright side of that, since she hasn't been able to eat anything, her pancreatitis hasn't been an issue. If that doesn't sound like a bright side to you, you're not alone... she didn't see the brightness in that statement either.

My seasonal time off started Monday, supposedly, but so far this is only my second day off since I was told I'd be off the season. So, I should be blogging about all the latest soon, but we'll see how work goes.

I read your post again, trying to see past the streetlamps. Great job with the birthday kiwi, I'm sure your work misses that kind of problem solving!

100%. Creativity and funny like who tf wrote it?! Who are you and what have you done with oldsoulnewb, paradigmadoxidation?

Hedge Witch? I have no idea where that question is going. Could be a ditch witch which I understand completely how missing teeth would ruin your day and, in case you missed it, I said witch which.. Your dog.. Someone else. If it's someone else, how do they sharpen pencils?

I'm sure your employer appreciates your blog cycle reflecting your work schedule.

You bet your seasonal ass they miss me!


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😁😊🤙😎 Ooh! Bday kiwi! now that's something u don't see often. (don't think i ever have)


u're both looking so good in those selfies! :)

Selfie, what?! I have no idea what you're talking about.

Yeah, for a last minute substitution, the kiwi worked out well.


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Yay! 🤗
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@wannabescrapper, thanks Mr Bird and not the middle finger kind.


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