Playin' around with these giant sea creatures!

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What about.. swimming with Oslob Cebu Whale Sharks? Haha


Good morning, hivers! Welcome back to my blog, where I'll be showing you one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Cebu City. This particular tour is the best-rated Oslob Whale Shark Tour in Cebu, with hundreds of positive reviews and thousands of bookings.



The Oslob Cebu whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are referred to as the "biggest fish in the world" and are a live species. The ones in Tanawan, Cebu are smaller than those in other places, yet they could grow to be 15 meters long when they reach maturity.


One of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines is whale shark swimming in the city of Cebu. It's a contentious activity, but it's also a very distinctive experience. One of the top locations in the Philippines for whale shark swimming is the Oslob Whale Shark experience.


The protective mucous layer on whale sharks' skin can be disturbed by human contact, which can likewise have unfavorable effects on us. The skin of the majority of shark species is covered in small, tooth-like scales called dermal denticles, which can result in a painful gash called "shark burn."



The whale sharks near to the shore are fed by local Filipino fishermen every morning between the hours of 6 am and 12 pm. Then, tiny wooden boats ferry visitors to a location where they can plunge into the water and swim with whale sharks.


You could have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before your name is called to board the boat and head out to see the whale sharks, depending on how busy it is.


The distance between the beach and the Oslob whale shark viewing location is just 50 meters. The boatman will instruct you to leap into the water as soon as you reach the location. As soon as you step off the boat, you will come face to face with these stunning gentle giants.


Up to you if you prefer watching it, or dive with it.



Around seven in the morning, I arrived at the Oslob whale shark viewing place and was shocked to see so many tourists already present. At the beginning of October, I went to see the Oslob whale sharks during the low season; I can only image how packed it is during the high season.



The whale sharks Cebu facility has a real administrative structure that requires you to "sign in" and put down your name, be given a number, see the whale shark briefing, and then receive your lifejacket and snorkeling equipment before boarding the boat.


The Cebu whale shark watching briefing made it plain that the local government is trying to control this tourist attraction by enforcing harsh penalties if you don't keep a distance of between 5 and 7 meters from the whale sharks. Before entering the pool, you will also be requested to wash off any sunscreen and lotions. This, is strictly prohibited.


The occasional unintentional brushing of the whale sharks is unavoidable, though, because no one actually keeps a 5 to 7 meter gap between the Oslob whale sharks because there are simply too many tourists in the ocean.



As the Oslob whale sharks are not timid and will swim right up next to the boat, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidently touching or kicking them.


To actually have a chance to swim alongside the whale shark, it's advisable to try to stray a little further from the boats. In the thirty minutes I spent snorkeling in the sea, I observed maybe a dozen Oslob whale sharks.



  • The entrance is free.
  • Both foreigners and locals pay roughly 500 pesos diving with Whale Sharks.
  • 300 pesos for watching.
  • The cameras underwater is 500 pesos with unlimited shots for 30 minutes.




The whale shark in Oslob was really amazing. One of a kind I could say. When noticed, the color and shade resemble a picture very strongly. You'll breathe fresh air and see beautiful mountains. This place is fantastic. I went back again because of the breathtaking scenery. And I have to tell that I had a wonderful time.



So, the crucial query is, Is it worthwhile to go? Yes, without a doubt, but if doing this goes against your beliefs, I won't try to persuade you. Visiting Oslob and taking in the sights is still possible without going whale shark watching. They have magnificent falls and a fascinating town itself.



Once more, one of the best experiences in life. Swimming with whale sharks is secure. Come and experience watching or diving with Oslob Whale Shark Cebu!

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How lucky are you to have been able to swim with the whale sharks. Good job! ❤️

You should try it then hahaha

Is there any chance that whales can attack you? They are so huge hahaha

Yes! Haha kidding aside. Based on the experts wal daw. Kasi mababait sila

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I watch this on Najo wild, i wonder how you guys breath under in water
I really love watching and wish i can have such experience under the earth

I guess its because when i was a kid i used to swim in the ocean.

That's nice
I don't know how to swim😂

🤣 you are so braveeeeeee, all of the people trying to dive in with the whale sharks are brave.. I can feel the enjoyment from your pictures tho..

Thank you. Hehehe this is once in a lifetime experience.

You quite enjoyed yourself with the swimming your place Cebu is really amazing and Beautiful 😍❤️

Indeed right! 💙

Always wanted to experience this but I'm too afraid 😨 I enjoyed reading your post tho! Very great experience 😊

Wow thank you so much! 💙

Do they don't hurt swimmers, looks huge megalodon sharks.

No, theyre harmless 🥰

Yo pensé que mi publicación con una boa era genialmente fantástica pero de verdad que la tuya me enamoro, que hermosa fotos y la aventura de seguro no la olvidarás.

I thought my post with a boa was great but yours really made me fall in love, what beautiful pictures and the adventure is one you won't forget for sure.

Thank you. Its really more fun in the Philippines 💙

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Woah. You're so brave for doing this.

Brave for 1day 😂

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Yaayyy kakulba ba ana sir hahaha pero astig kaayo uie.

Ikaw na sunod pangblog lang hahaha

Awsome moments man!! Incredible sensation to swim with these beauties, isn't it?

You said it right! 🥰

Beautiful shots

Yeah big thanks to the fisherman at the same time camera man 😊