Exploring the lake of St. Moritz

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A weekend in the Engadin valley would not be complete without walking around one of its many lakes. I have always wanted to visit St. Moritz, so this was a great opportunity to walk around a lake that I didn't even know existed before that weekend (I thought there were only mountains in St. Moritz).

It's called St. Moritz lake or St. Moritzersee, so there is not much creativity in its name but this is definitely compensated by its beauty.


St. Moritz lake is one of the smaller lakes in the valley and it took us about 1.5 hours to walk around, including a short visit of a local church. It's an easy walk suitable for everyone. About half of the trail will lead you through the forest. You can choose from various trails either connecting several lakes, or St. Moritz with another town.

We had a great weather which is not a surprise in this region. On average there are around 320 sunny days each year!

There we many small clouds which were adding to the charm of the place, and together with blue water and surrounding mountains made me feel like I was in a postcard. The view was perfect in all directions.

The lake offers many recreational activities, such as sailing in summer or ice skating in winter. Did you know that St. Moritz hosted Winter Olympics twice? It also holds Snow Polo World Cup every year. In summer, there is Swiss Sailing Championships organized here, and if you want to learn how to sail there are plenty of courses to choose from.


Imagine that the lake is frozen and the mountain peaks are covered in snow. How romantic does that sound? I hope to be able to check it out in the winter!


We seem to be very lucky with places that we visit as there are never many people around.

Truth to be told, there really were not many people walking around the lake as all of them were concentrated at one end of the lake with finishing line of the bicycle race 🙂


You can swim at your own risk but we didn't see anyone who would take the advantage even though it was a hot day.






St. Moritz is well known as a place of luxury but it's more than just a spa town or a magnet for high society. It's also a place where everyone can enjoy their holidays full of fascinating views, good food, fresh air and a lot of sun.

The history of St. Moritz as a holiday resorts started due to its healing mineral springs that created the spa and bathing traditions.

Today, the town is better known for winter sports holiday. Do you know how this all started?

In the summer of 1864, the hotelier Johannes Badrutt made a bet with his British guests. He told them that when the sun shines in the winter in St. Moritz, it becomes so pleasant that you can sit on a terrace without a jacket. He said that when they come and his statements turned to be wrong, he would pay for their travel costs and accommodation.

They accepted the challenge and visited St. Moritz in the following December covered from head to toe in the most expensive clothes. The skies were blue, the sun was shining and Mr. Badrutt greeted them without a jacked and with his sleeves rolled up. Not only did he win the bet, the winter tourism in the Alps was born.


Each region in the Swiss Alps has its own distinctive architectural style. In the Engadin it would be stone walls, ornaments on the facade and floor to ceiling windows. St. Moritz doesn't follow these traditions.

It became a place of different architectural styles and a symbol of the region's industrialization. It's where the first electric light in Switzerland was turned on!

There are many traditional guests houses as well as large luxurious hotel structures. It's very different to any other small towns in the Engadin valley.



There is The Church of St. Charles right next to the lake. The church was built at the end of the 19th century which surprised me as the structure looks much older to me.

Its architecture makes me think of churches in South Tirol that we visited a few years ago.



It was a hot day, so we went inside to cool down a bit. Its interior was rather simple but I liked the paper dove decorations hanging from the ceiling.

We sat on a bench quietly for about 15 minutes and then returned to our walk.


We were finally on the other side of the lake, and couldn't wait to reach the woods!


St. Moritz seems to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains.

There are several cable cars which will bring you high up without breaking a sweat. It's an ideal place for families as well.

You could reach the closest mountain Corviglia by Chantarella funicular railway, or take a cable car to Piz Nair at 3,056 metres above sea level. There are many more other options too!




We go to the mountains to enjoy the nature but St. Moritz offers another paradise as well. It's a shopping paradise! I didn't know what to expect and I must honestly say that I was shocked when we walked on Via Serlas, the highest shopping avenue in the world.

You can reach Via Serlas easily by escalator from the train station. It will bring you up to the hill where you can find 74 shops featuring the most luxurious and exclusive brands in the world. This is the place where you can meet celebrities from all over the world.


We didn't meet any celebrities while walking around the lake, so I guess that they have another priorities 🙂


St. Moritz is one of the most traditional resorts in the world. Its name is protected as a quality brand and stands for style, elegance and class worldwide. And looking at its skyline I think it's well deserved.





There was all the luxury around us, 5 stars hotels, gourmet meals, expensive clothes, and then there was us. Two people enjoying light hiking, picturesque views and sandwiches from a bakery to top it all 🙂


Thank you for reading!



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Lovely photos. I love the reflections on the lake! Makes me long for the Colorado Rockies. Only place we have that come close here in the States. Thanks for sharing 🙂

I've heard a lot about the Rockies. I think I would enjoy visiting them :) Thank you for stopping by! It's always nice to hear from you.

Maybe the celebrities indeed had different priorities but your walk around this beautiful lake for sure was a perfect choice! Sooooo beautiful and stunning blue & green views all around 😍

Thank you for stopping by! :) I think it's for the best that there were no celebrities as they would be followed by way too many people and we would not be able to enjoy the quietness of this place :)

looks beautiful!!

I know a friend from high school who just moved to Switzerland with his family. After seeing your posts for so long, I am green with envy! Looks like they are enjoying their time already. I'll have to look and see where they are staying, but I think it is close to Zurich.

This place looks amazing. I think I'd much rather be doing the hiking versus the shopping, too. ;)

It must be a big change for them. Switzerland is very different to any other country so it takes a bit time to get used to it. But indeed, the mountains and lakes kind of compensate for this :) We also live close to Zurich, so might be in the same area :)

They just moved from Hong Kong, so I'm sure it's a lot different than there! Looks like they are in Wädenswil, right next to a little winery. So pretty. Though there's nothing you've ever shared that I haven't wanted to see in person!

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Thank you so much for your support! It always brightens my day! :)

Those waters look so beautiful. Feel like to go for a swim now

Wow! Thank you for bringing me to a place that looks like a paradise. I love the beautiful scenery and you're so lucky that you'd get to experience that beautiful paradise. 😍😍😍

Thank you for stopping by! :) Yes, it's the perks of living in Switzerland :)

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As if the 320-sunny days is not enough then there's the healing mineral spring. What an ideal place to be. Have you been to any of those activities held at the lake?

As always, wonderful, wonderful shots!

Hi, how have you been? :D

I'm not really a water person, so I try to stay away from any water activities except of a bit of swimming :) For me it's enough to look at the crystal clear water to feel happy :)

Long time, no speak! Thank you, I've been ok. There's been a lot going on in my life right now but I'm sure all will be good.

How are you?

It seems like travel is one of them that keeps you busy, no? Whatever is happening in your life right now, I hope all will be okay sooner.

A lot has happened to me since then, lots of losses actually but we are getting by. Cheers!

We always find some time to travel as it gives us both energy :) We have some issues in the family as well as at work, so there is a lot going on.

I'm sorry to hear that! My dad passed away almost two years ago and they say that time will heal us but I know that it's hard even after a long time. I wish you strength!

I wish I could do the same. I'll just travel through your blogs :D With that much going on, you definitely need to travel - away from the negativity.

Two years is too soon. We just lost our grandpa last year and there are still days that makes me cry remembering him. He is the last grandparent we had. At that time, our dad had an accident and was hospitalized. Two years ago, we lost our house in a fire. We are still in the process of rebuilding our family house and ourselves. Thank you for your kind wishes. I wish you all the same and more!


Wow the lake is so beautiful. Its water is so clear that I think it is sea water. The surrounding scenery of the lake is also spectacular. The surrounding mountains, houses and trees make the lake even more beautiful. I think it's great to walk around that lake. Thank you and have a nice day @delishtreats

Thank you for stopping by. Yes, yes, there are many lakes in Switzerland that make you think of the sea. The water is always crystal clear and so blue!

Wow!!! Amazing nature

Martina, really a very beautiful walk. And the two of them are romantic too. Wish you luck!

Very lovely photos. Thanks for sharing

so beautiful pictures. I am a newbie on Hive. I hope to have a follow from you.

Marvellous shots! Fantastic scenery all around, what a gorgeous place! 🤗

Excelentes paisajes, trasmiten mucha paz, con solo mirarlos, te dejo mi voto y te sigo saludos.