Ancient City of Jerash in Jordan

Throwback to a time when DSLR, Blackberry, and digital cameras were the big things. When mobile phone cameras were still pixelized. This is a travel recap to a memorable time when a company that I used to work for gave an incentive trip to all of its employees to go to Jordan for the weekend.

Company Field Trip

It was an all-expense-paid trip to celebrate excellent efforts put in by the entire office for the year. A reward for exceeding our sales targets while building even greater teamwork.

It was a wonderful trip getting to know my colleagues and superiors that I've always admired and respected. That weekend, we all met at the airport, loosened up, and felt like kids on a field trip as soon as we crossed the immigration counter.

It was an organized trip. Aboard the bus, I remember lots of laughter and singing. We checked in at the Kempinski Hotel in Amman. That afternoon, we went straight to the city of Jerash for an archaeological stroll for 4 hours.

The Ancient City of Jerash

The Greco-Roman city of Jerash

The Ancient City of Jerash (also known as Gerasa) ranks second to Petra when it comes to a list of archaeological destinations in Jordan. Who would have ever guessed, Roman ruins outside of Italy?

It is located 48 kilometers north of Jordan's capital city, Amman, roughly an hour's drive. Its existence goes way back 3rd Century B.C. more than 6,500 years. Trade here flourished during those times as it sat along the King's Highway, the royal route of trade and commerce.

An earthquake destroyed many parts of the city in 749.

This impressively well-preserved city of antiquity was hidden for centuries in the sand until it was re-discovered in 1806 by a German orientalist, Ulrich Jasper Seetzen. The excavation and restoration carried on since the 1920s.

J.D. stands for Jordanian Dinar. At the Visitor's Centre, the entrance fee then was 8 J.D. then but is around 12 J.D. now for foreigners. Should you be visiting many sites in Jordan, a Jordan Pass, a prepaid entry pass to 40 attractions is more practical.

As we entered through the South Gate, The Arch of Hadrian, a 13-meter high triumphal arch entrance to Jerash greeted us. It was built in honor of Emperor Hadrian in AD 129 and walking through it already sets the experience on a high note.

Visiting Hours vary throughout the year. It is open daily.

  • Winter November to April 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • April to May 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Summer June to October 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Ramadan and National Holidays 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

We found the Hippodrome after walking through the Arch of Hadrian. Are you interested in watching a real chariot race?

Catch live performances of Roman Army Battle Tactics and Gladiators Fighting twice daily at the Hippodrome (except for Tuesdays and Fridays). The show is not part of the entrance ticket. Expect an additional 12JD for the spectacle.

Temple of Zeus

The ruins of the Temple of Zeus (Jupiter in Roman) offers scenic views overlooking the Oval Forum.

The Oval Forum

The Oval Forum (Oval Plaza), which used to be the marketplace, is nestled at the heart of the city. It connects the Temple of Zeus to the Cardo Maximus, the colonnaded main street to the other parts of the ancient city.

With 56 Ionic Columns bordering the space of 90 meters long and 80 meters in width, one couldn't resist taking snapshots here. It was the perfect venue for a company group photo.

Left: 11 remaining Corinthian Columns from the Temple of Artemis, Greek Goddess of Hunting and the Patron of Jerash (Diana in Roman)

Part of the lintels, reliefs with ornate decorations could be seen

The City of 1,000 Columns

Roman Bath Ruins

Dubbed the Pompei of the East

The North Theatre

The South Theatre

Corinthian Columns of Jerash

Jerash Nymphaeum

While standing on the mounds of the north and south gate, the strong contrast of the modern and ancient city of Jerash can be admired. The Jerash Festival is held each year for 2 weeks in July which features theatrical performances, concerts, poetry reading, and other forms of arts.

Travel Tip:

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. By being mindful of the culture and as a sign of respect, avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops. Provide sun protection because the sun gets harsh during the summer months. Shades, sunscreen, and a hat and you are all set!

My Takeaway

There was a lot of walking. Despite the blazing sun, we all had a wonderful time exploring Jerash in a relaxed atmosphere together away from the corporate environment we were so used to.

Writing this post made me miss my former colleagues. If I had the chance to re-live those moments, I would seize it in a heartbeat.

This was a picture of my much younger self. Thank you for reading. To be continued with the next post about The Lost City of Petra.

Inspired by my original post
Jerash Wikipedia
Lonely Planet: Roman Ruins of Jerash
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Thats an awesome work trip wow! Such a cool way to hang out with co-workers and do some team building. The North theater and the Temple of Zeus look really cool

That was a great memory. Our managing director was generous and he motivated people in a really special way. I missed their trip to Turkey because I was a week old in the company when they went but this was the succeeding trip and I'm glad to have made it. The company made sure to plan an international or domestic getaway for everyone at least once a year when the targets were achieved. It helped build the camaraderie and vibe at the office.

😱 If it's not yet obvious, I'm always a fan of history and visiting archaeological sites is the closest thing you can have in experiencing it. I bet you had fun imagining what life might have been in that ancient city.

😱 I'm excited for Petra! When will you post it? Haha

Hi Kim, it's amazing to imagine the grandeur that was there on this site. I can imagine for history and archaeology buff like you, you'd enjoy exploring the place. I'll see if I could come up with a post for the pinmapple contest and then post Petra next week. 😀

Nice! Right! I'm already drafting my entry for pinmapple's contest. Let's win this! 😄


Haha, pressure 😄 I still have no idea where. Enjoy!

I find it difficult though. I realized I'm not a planning type of person so it's difficult to put into words why I would go to that place.

My thoughts exactly haha

I'll just pretend. 😂
We need to have an entry. We never know. We might win. Not having an entry is already a loss anyway. Plus we need to take advantage of the upvotes. 🙈

I agree, I can't let this pass without participating. It would be fun anyway. It's like putting it out there for the universe to find and open doors for all of us to travel wherever we choose to go.

Damnnn, that looked like a nice time🤗

There was a lot of laughter and funny moments on the grounds. You'll most likely enjoy and find a lot of inspiring subjects here as well.

Wow.... That’s an awesome place. Writing and photographs also awesome. Thank's for sharing these pictures of that amazing historical place. It helps me much to know about it. 😍😍

Hello @emran14, thank you for reading and commenting. I am glad you liked it. 😀

beautiful place and great post

Hi Stefano, thank you so much for dropping by and for your lovely message. Happy weekend!

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Thank you so much @choogirl and Pinmapple Team, it always makes me happy to be a part of the Travel Digest. Have a lovely weekend!😀

Historical buildings of architecture always fascinate me! And the more ancient the ruins, the more interesting it becomes to be explored, isn’t it? The marvelous city of Jerash is one of the archeological marvels in the country of Jordan. There are other equally fascinating sites there and I was fortunate to have also traveled to this exotic destination many years ago. I can’t wait to read more about your personal experiences there. Fantastic article Arni! 😊

Thank you Erne, I can't wait to hear about your visit to sites in Jordan.

Jerash is a fascinating place, I went some years ago as well. Did you see those columns sway? There was a tour guide there doing a demo for his group, he slipped a spoon in between a slit at the base of a column and you can see the other end of the spoon move up and down! I added a video of that to my post but sadly it doesn't play now as it was uploaded via Dlive.

Look forward to your Petra post, something that I still haven't got round to do yet.

It's great that you mentioned it! I completely forgot about the demo. Haha, I was busy chatting with my colleague but I saw the tour guide illustrating it with the column.

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