A peaceful early morning in Da Nang after many days without the epidemic

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Our beloved city, Da Nang, has had no new cases after many days since the Covid pandemic hit for the 4th time last month. People have started to return to their daily routine. I also went back to my morning routine of waking up and doing exercises. In the video is a peaceful morning of our beautiful city at this time. At this time every year, the number of domestic as well as international tourists to Da Nang is very large. Almost all types of services are very busy and tourism is the main source of our city's income. However, due to the impact of the Covid pandemic, the city government has temporarily closed tourism. This is the first time in 13 years that I have lived in this city, I find the city so empty and peaceful. What about your city? Hope the epidemic will end soon and all good things will return.

"Wish you safe and sound!"

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Finally a good news and relief from part of the world that pandemic has stopped there. May this situation prolong and last forever.

Thank you very much. I may the situation get better in your country too.

Hope so 😊 thank you

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Đô độ quay video smooth ghê @lanngoc :))

ừa chiên nghiệp. Mấy hiệu ứng nhanh chậm cũng đẹp nựa.
Học hỏi học hỏi 😃

@trangbaby @lanngoc tập tạ đi nha, ít bữa cầm máy quay đỡ mỏi tay. 😁

Yay! 🤗
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Hi there, @dodovietnam this pandemic really has bought the world to a stand still we hope this will be the year to see it all gone but unfortunately it is going to take the world tourist a while to recover in the mean time keep enjoying the peacefulness of Da Nang.

Yeah everything has two sides. Now it's time for us to enjoy the peacefullness and restructure the city. Thank you and have a nice day!

Hi there, @dodovietnam this is true and you have yourself a great day.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

Thank you @dodovietnam and you have a great week.

Really enjoyed this "ride" @dodovietnam . Thanks for sharing, this way I visited Da Nang 😇

Thank you very much, I guess you also had many nice rides in Danang too. Have a nice day!

How nice and peaceful that looks am glad things are getting better for you over there 👍

Don't forget you got to put your votes in for #lovetheclouds I have given you my vote 👍

Oh yeah, I did it.