Teotihuacan: the ancient Aztec city of the pyramids (Mexico VII)

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Hello people and pinmapplers!

Now, we leave the capital of Mexico in the direction of one of the most fascinating places to visit, an unique and unmissable visit. It is also quite easy to get to, a not too long journey and different transport options.

You can go on small tourist buses, for example, which pick you up to take you there, where? We go to Teotihuacán, the ancient imperial Aztec city of incredible pyramids that are still there showing us a part of that culture that lived in those lands many centuries ago.

During the trip, before arriving we make a stop at a workshop where they make typical artisanal pieces of that culture as well, pieces that will always remind us of Mexico and we also find others that are somewhat more current or recognizable, like that typical big hat. And in the surroundings the prickly pears grow on those cacti that decorate the path.

And finally we arrive at our destination, and we can only open our eyes even more and marvel. It is a somewhat cloudy but calm day, of course we find tourists, a lot of local visitors too but not too much. And we look up, because the perspective seems to want to deceive us and everything is more impressive and bigger than we imagine.

Especially the great pyramid, the star of the complex, which was an ancient imperial city of the Aztec Empire, the Pyramid of the Sun, and you have to climb to the top like they did, only thank goodness, there are no sacrifices that do. Do you see the very small people at the top?

You have to get there, and the stairs are not easy, high and narrow steps that incline, each time the slope becomes steeper and the effort is clearly felt by our legs. Some people stop on one of the intermediate floors to catch their breath and continue climbing, until we arrive we breathe hard and look around.

From above the view is great, we took the opportunity to sit there on the edge simply to look and also to rest. We look at all the space, all the pyramids, the small ones and also another quite large one, perhaps a little less because it is the Pyramid of the Moon, which we will go to when we go down.

Because you have to go down and walk through that large esplanade as well, and there in front of the other important pyramid, we think that we have to go up again, although this time it is a little easier for us.

And perhaps the perspective from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon is even better, my favorite at least because it allows us to better imagine what everything, that whole city, would be like when it was in its greatest splendor.

Even so, after so many centuries, everything or much of it is still there, it is still just as majestic and impressive, and everything is larger than we thought. Everything is more authentic and the experience is unique.

We are also looking at the details that are carved into the rock, those that are still there, those stones that hide so much history. While we take more steps down, step after step, to explore the main archeological esplanade now on other sides.

On one of those sides we suddenly find a kind of market, typical souvenir stalls that we also find here, they are always everywhere, we walk around thinking about everything we have seen, thinking about the bus and the return trip, and on that last great trip that we have left that will take us to another part of this fascinating country that is Mexico.

Teotihuacan, Mexico 🇲🇽❤️ America

More about Mexico:

The text is totally mine and the photos too, by ©Duvinca


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That place is definitely on my list of places to visit in the future, I love it. 🤩🤩🤩

Yeah very recommended visit for sure! A great destination 👌
Hope you can go someday soon!

These pyramids remind me of transformer movies haha looks really cool.

Jaja well that is Aztec style, they are cool!

One of the places I have yet to visit when I go to Mexico. Thanks for bringing us a little piece of them.

Thanks! It's a worth visit, impressive but sometimes when we travel we don't have enough time to see everything but this place was amazing!

Wow such great overview of the place you took. It really brings us there with you. Splendid place you visited. I often wonder why they built such high climbing stairs. I guess it's less shaping when being built and good exercise for centuries of people that walk up them Maybe there Gods had long legs as well. !LOLZ It also gives a better detail when seen from distance. I knew they had pyramids just didn't realize this many at one place. Take care and look forward to your last edition. !LUV !HUG

Yes true, it's like they knew something or techniques to do all this in that age with their own resources, don't know... one of the ancient mysteries.
The stairs were high and demanding probably they were more athletic people jajaja now we use elevator!
Thank you one more time amigo 🤗 and happy week!

All pyramids are a mystery how they were built. It makes you wonder if they were tipped by someone out of this world. Ancient people meet ancient aliens?!?! Another theory there are several, jaja. Happy week to you as well.

Yeah many theories! The ancient aliens is one of them and how it's possible there are pyramids in different parts of the world if they didn't travel... 🤔 it's good to think about all of them! 😉

Yes and placement is another. Almost all correspond with something like the stars or sun placement. Very fascinating stuff and building something that big and being accurate with it is amazing considering the technology they might have been lacking. I wonder if they goofed on some and had to start over, haha.

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Such a beautiful place to visit. The pictures look unreal!

When you go there you feel all is a but unreal or a fantastic scenario, but it's real and impressive!
A great visit for sure. Thanks!

Very wonderful.
Reviewed and approved for an ecency boost. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks a lot! I'm very happy that you like it!

Most welcome dear.

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Wow thanks a lot @lizanomadsoul very happy and honored!!! What a surprise!

Ma che meraviglia!

Grazieee! Veramente

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What an incredible post!! I enjoyed a lot your pictures! There is so much history there. The pyramids look amazing and people there seems to be super tiny compared with all the area. Very beautiful

Thanks a lot!!! Yes the pyramids are bigger than expected, when you see them you feel really amazed!
Happy you like the photos! 🤗

this place is amazing, I've seen it in the movies..

Thanks! Indeed scenario of some movies for sure, or at least a reproduction, and the feeling is to be in a movie or in the past history!

I like to see it, is the place very large like in Egypt?

The place is large but I've not been in Egypt I can't compare, but sure both fascinating. Hope you can go someday, who knows...

I hope so because I really want to see it in person, but I'm too far away to get there.😁

Yeah I understand, I thought the same, but some weird situation made me to get there... life sometimes surprises us!

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you are very lucky😁🤗

I love your tour of Mexico, and the great thing is to see at the bottom of the post there are all the related posts.
You have lived a wonderful experience, and quite complete, because you were even able to visit a factory. How wonderful!

Thanks a lot ❤ 🙏
Well I had a lot of photos, too many things to say about that great trip so I divided all in chapters jaja I did it in the past in some other trip and Mexico deserves many posts! Still one more left!

Dear @zulfrontado, you just got hugged.
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I remember virtually exploring this place during my gameplay in Forza Horizon 5, lol! Must be such an incredible experience to be able to visit them in real life!

Yes indeed, very impressive, all look bigger or better than expected. A great experience.
Thank you!

Whoa! This is one place I would have loved to experience in person. I've seen it only on videos and now on photos. LOL! What an amazing adventure trip you had! :D I think pyramids are fascinating. So much history we have yet to uncover. Thank you for sharing your stories and photos. Happy Chooseday -- choose happy every day :)

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Thanks a lot! That place is really incredible, you feel weird like traveling to the past or the scenario of a movie or something like this. All there was impressive, and this place was the great visit for sure.
Happy you like it!


Very impressive photos and narration, @duvinca! I've seen three of your Mexico posts so far! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Thanks a lot really! Glad you like it or like them, I really appreciate your interest and nice words!

Most certainly, you're very welcome @duvinca, of course! Indeed, I do!I'm grateful for that! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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I think publishing all your various photos in several posts was a very good idea indeed! You've done very well for yourself, I see! Big congratulations! Amazing journey you had! Looking at those pyramids and thee flat-topped platforms, I can't help thinking that, they were not built with conventional technology, and that they look like landing pads. Anyway, amazing post, @duvinca! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Thanks really really 🙏 and I agree those pyramids hide many mysteries not just history... it was an amazing place and amazing trip that's sure.


You're so very welcome, @duvinca, certainly! Indeed they do! Of that I have no doubt! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙


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I think publishing all your various photos in several posts was a very good idea indeed! You've done very well for yourself, I see! Big congratulations! Amazing journey you had! Looking at those pyramids and the flat-topped platforms, I can't help thinking that, they were not built with conventional technology, and that they look like landing pads. Anyway, amazing post, @duvinca! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Yay! 🤗 Thanks!

Wow, these photographs are top notch. This place looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing a little of your journey with us 😊

Thanks happy you like the photos! My pleasure!

Hermoso lugar para visitar, me encanta!

Sí es impresionante 😲 una visita única. ¡Gracias!

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