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RE: The Historic Village of Kayserberg France

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Yeah I agree dude, Alsace is dope, that pic with the river, it's such a picturesque area. The people are also very friendly, the only minus, would be the cold haha, but I think it's totally worth it! You got some cool shots, cheers!


Yeah it's definitely a nice region all around.

It probably would be cold for you southerners ;)


It probably would be cold for you southerners ;)

Oh damn he went there hahaha

Watch out I am about to involve Canada in the conversation 😃, I just notice that you really seem in your element in that cold.

Haha I actually hate the cold. I'd choose to live in the south where it's warm any day. Snow is awesome for 3 days a year during Christmas, other than that - no thank you.