Padley Gorge and the Magic Money Tree!!

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There's no better place to visit in autumn other than Padley Gorge. Step over the wooden bridge into the land where fairies, sprites, elves and hobbits live!

The gorge is a gem of a place with an ambundance of colours. Yellows, oranges and reds and some green hanging in there.

It is understandable that it's a popular place for walkers and also other photographers. It's a wonderful place for children to explore as well. You can keep coming back time after time and still see something different.

After the bridge, we turned left and walked by the river before going through a gate to visit the money tree.

If you insert a coin in the magic money tree, it is supposed to bring you good luck.

All I can say, is that there must have been quite a few people walking through the wood with hammers!

We entered the spot of the gnarley looking trees. I can imagine it is as creepy as hell in the night, when all of them come alive!!

Depending on when you visit, it can get quite muddy, so it's best to have some good walking boots on. It was a perfect walking day today though.

It would be lovely walking through the gorge with a light sprinkling of snow on the ground. The only issue would be, worrying about getting stuck there! We don't do very well in the UK. A bit of snow and everything comes to a standstill!


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Wow! An enchanting forest! Quite scary at night though. The autumn colours are coming out, very beautiful.

Definitely, not going back at night!

What an amazing journey! Thank you so much for bringing us to this beautiful location and sharing it with us. I am adding this to my list of places I want to visit someday for sure.

Thank you @iwannabeme. I hope you make it.

What a beautiful forest. Thanks for the walk! Next time I'm in the UK, I'm going to see if I can make it to the Peak District and visit.

Yes, I really recommend it!

Beautiful forest with imposing trees. I laughed with your comment "There must've been a lot of people walking in the woods with hammers"! kinda spooky if you visualize it! Thanks for sharing:)

Well, I have no idea how they got the money into the tree. It's well and truly stuck! Thank you!

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Thank you so much @choogirl.

I like seeing that undressed tree and autumn leaves.
It was a nice adventure of yours

Thank you. I appreciate that.

It's very beautiful nature!

Holy Mother of Jesus, Julie! @ellenripley I look at this and imagine what a fright night it would be strolling through, looking for that gnarly old one. Yikes!

This is absolutely fabulous! You wander the UK, just looking for such delights, don't you. I love everything about this, the money tree is the best. :) Who doesn't want a piece of that! The moss is soft and lovely, I want to touch it. So much twisting and gnarly stuff going on.

You rule. Always such fun! Thank you!

I tried so hard to get the money out to pay my rent, but it wasn’t happening! It's true, I do go looking for the weird and wonderful. Thank you Denise for calling by. 💖

I really like the natural scenery you shared with us.
If we notice how beautiful this nature is.
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful adventure.

Thank you @furkanmamplam. My pleasure.

Stunning and look so enchanted.🤩 Did you find any fairy?

Sadly not. Maybe next time. 😁😉

What a brilliant journey! Thank you for sharing these awesome photos with us- from the very beginning with the bridge, you know this will be a magic place! Lots of interesting trees about, besides the actual money tree, which was WILD to see! I can absolutely get the conjured image of them all coming to life at night- a chilling yet fun thought. I bet they would be friendly Ents :)

I wouldn’t like to stick around to find out if they were friendly or not. 😁 Thank you for your lovely comments.

This is quite the lovely place! It's beautiful with all the big rocks and unique trees! What a great place to explore, and with the Money Tree, too! Fascinating! 😊

Thank you. Yes, it's a weird and wonderful place!