The Summit, the insane new observatory in NYC.

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The Summit is the brand-new observatory of NYC. It is located in the top floors of the One Vanderbilt building, a 93-story skyscraper completed in September 2020. And it was, maybe, my favorite thing we did in our last trip to NYC.


The building is located, as the name says, at the number 1 of the Vanderbilt avenue. Just next to the Grand Central Terminal. To access the observatory, you need to go into Grand Central Terminal and the entrance is at one of the ends of the main concourse. If you have any doubts, just ask to any police man.


At the entrance you will be asked for your vaccine proof and to wear a mask. Without any of that you can’t go in, even if you have already paid. So keep that in mind.


After all the security lines they let you inside the elevator and the experience begin there. All the inside of the elevator is a mirror and lights. That is a tease for what’s going to happened next.

After a very short ride, the elevator doors open, and you are in a white tunnel with lights. I guess I forgot to take a picture of this tunnel, maybe because I was already taking a peak of the main observatory deck.



The first installation and main observatory deck is called Air, created by Kenzo Digital and it’s a big open space covered with mirrors, the floor, the ceiling the columns, everything is covered with mirrors except the windows. Those mirrors combined with the views create an spectacular effect, just look at the pictures.


You also need to mention the views, this building is located in a prime location and you got incredible views of all the mayor buildings in Manhattan including the Chrysler Building.


The Empire State and can also see the New World Trade Center at the back.


In the west view you can appreciate Hudson Yards, a new development that’s changing the skyline of the city.


To the north you can see the ultra-slender buildings of The Billionaire Row and Central Park


If that was not enough you got a second floor of this installation and from the top you can see the level below from a couple of holes in the floor. The views from here are similar, but somehow different and the effect of the mirrors are better here. It was also less people.




There are also other installations like Affinity, a separate room also with mirrors but there are metallic balloons flying around.


On the third level of this observatory there is an open terrace with a bar and a cafeteria. After the two levels below, you are not as impressed by this one but it is also nice. You got also nice views and you can experience outside.

Finally you got the giftshop and the exit.

We experience this observatory by morning and I really want to get back and experience it at sunset and night.


See you soon! Eduardo from @elteamgordo


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