Tenerife Travel Blog Highlights - Three Months in a 22 Minute Video! Real Impressions

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Planning your Tenerife Vacation? Looking for Tenerife Travel Tips and Information? Don't look any further and watch this video!

We spent 3 month on this Canary Island to experience as much as we could in that time, we published over 91 articles about Tenerife on our Travel Blog.

Giving you a detailed overview what the island has to offer and it's especially valuable if you're curious to explore far away from the touristic hotspots. We went on many hikes, had amazing food, visited towns and cities and of course couldn't ignore the amazing beaches on Tenerife.

Before we arrived we weren't sure if we're going to like our time here but as it turned out, we loved EVERY SINGLE day on Tenerife.

This video was recorded with this camera.

All of our Tenerife videos (get in touch with us if you're interested in licensing any of them).


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it's great to know some amazing and beautiful places 😄 thank you for sharing your wonderful video!

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Dream destination. Good video content. 👌🏽