Let's travel together #171 - Cheile Râmețului (Ramet Gorges)

Everytime we leave the door of our houses a new adventure begins, but the real journey lives within us and it's our mission to go out there and find the most beautiful places nature has to offer, and today it was one of those days when we got to discover the most amazing gorges from Transylvania and Romania that not too many people heard about.


Along with the endless sightseeing attractions you can explore while you are in Transylvania, we finally managed to follow the way to some gorges we've heard lots of cool things before especially that we are talking about a flooded adventure completed with some elements that will make the adrenaline pump harder into your veins.
After our experiences exploring Crivadia Gorges and Bănița Gorges from Hunedoara, we couldn't call ourselves beginners in this kind of watery activity, but we also couldn't stay away from Ramet Gorges since it's a completely different experience roaming the mountains, and we totally fell in love with it.
Anyway, today's post is going to be a little bit more special than the others just because it's composed of two different trips we took to the same place, the 1st one being before the pandemic, and the 2nd one in September when I and my sister celebrated our b-day.
I personally consider that it's not a surprise anymore than we always look forward to our birthday just because is the chance to gather up a lot more people than how we usually travel and make these fall in love with the passion me and my family has, but since the COVID stroke pretty hard Romania we had to limit ourselves to just half of the number of persons we were usually going outdoors on 1st September.

Anyway, this is far from considering it a less successful b-day celebration and every memory will always have its special spot into our hearts.
As outdoors lovers, we were used sleeping in the tents to connect more with the nature, but this thing was also different this time due to personal reasons. Though, I can't complain about it, because if we wouldn't rent a chalet, most likely I'd never be able to wake up with this view directly from my room.


Not only the fresh air of the mountains we were waking up with every morning, but also the place where we spent a few days made us appreciate more the beauty of nature as well as the very few traditional guesthouses you can find nowadays that will help you remember about the realms you belong to but also about some tools our grandparents and ancestors were using a long time ago, tools which are very different from what we are using in 2021.


If you are completely new into the traditions of Romania and Transylvania (The world of Dracula), don't you worry, because it's even better! You will get the chance to learn more about the culture of our country as well as how we used to live a long time ago and all the stages Romania has gone through to form the beautiful country I'm very proud of.

Even though the place where we've celebrated our birthday was mostly populated with Hungarians that are speaking very few to no Romanian language at all, the history that marked this part of Romania didn't turn us into some enemies because we all share the same love to these lands as well as to the country itself and to the beautiful people that represent Romania even further.

However, we couldn't let ourselves get distracted too much by the beauty of nature because our main mission was to go out there and (re)discover Ramet Gorges, so the next morning began pretty early, taking the breakfast and getting ready to hit the road to the place which was going to mark one more page from the book of our lives with another gorgeous destination.
As bad as most of the roads are in that area, as filled with many sightseeing attractions and landscapes that will catch your attention the way to the gorges is.
So let's call it a balanced journey which even if it has a lot of things missing, they are compensated with the beauty of nature.
The time driving the 30 km on the way to the gorges we heard only cool things, passed pretty fast especially that there were lots of breathtaking landscapes making you stare at them from a window to another, but it's really important on what time of the day you hit the road because you'll have to cross one main road which makes the connection between the village we were accommodated to one main city where lots of people are going to work, and no one wants to spend too much in the traffic while the mountains are calling for you.


You'll notice that the more you get closer to the gorges, the more cars you will find on the way, but that's also because right before the last steps you will make reaching the gorges, you will also find Ramet Monastery that is one of the oldest monastic settlements from Transylvania dating since the 13th Century and which gathers lots of people especially during the weekend or the big holidays.

Depending on how ready are you feeling for a journey into the heart of the mountains, you can either leave the car in the parking lot of the monastery or follow the forest road until you reach an iron barrier from where the access is restricted because you are going to enter on a private area that also represents a camping area for those who prefer sleeping in a tent.
Right after you cross the small camping you will enter into the forest from where you will enjoy just a small portion on the ground while soon you will have to either go through the water or catch the cables and hooks which are representing the new path on the way to the most exciting part of the gorges.
First time when we explored the gorges we walked on the hooks and avoided going into the water because if you wet the boots it's a bigger risk to slip on the rocks later on when the water gets deeper and reaches even 1,3 meters depth.
But when we explored the gorges the 2nd time, we also caught a hot day which made the water be pretty warm and nice to walk through and enjoyed doing it when we were returning from the main point of attraction.

However, it really depends on how you feel more comfortable - feeling the adrenaline while you hang on the rocks walking on hooks and catching chains and cables, or if you prefer taking a walk through the water. If you think you can walk without boots in the water and then climb the rocks, keep in mind that the ground of the water is filled with all kind of rocks which are very slippery and sharp and it's impossible to walk by foot, but the thing that matters the most is to enjoy the experience no matter how further you go, and always keep into your heart and the book of memories only the best of it.


Ramet Gorges are part of a protected area with a high national interest which has a mixt classification of fauna, located on the East of Trascau Mountains from Alba county, which is represented by two massifs excavated in Jurassic Mesozoic limestone, a part of gorges and a bunch of karst formations from which we remember caves, rock towers, sinkholes and peaks which are surrounded by forests, glades and valleys.

So never forget to also keep an eye out for what is surrounding you because you will find lots of photogenic landscapes and openings into the stone walls that might represent a new discovery and journey for you.


The whole mountain track is marked and it's easy to be followed because you never step away from the flowing water which accompanies you. However, the journey officially begins at Rametea Monastery and it ends only when you reach Cheia Village, but as I previously said, the main point of interest is represented by the huge natural gate where the water level is the deepest and where you will have to climb the stone walls if you want to continue the trip. It's most likely the area with the maximum adrenaline you can get and where most of the people stop.


Yet, the first time when we visited it, we stopped before the big stone walls climb due to the bad weather conditions, but the 2nd time when we got to explore the gorges, we wanted to push our limits a little bit further and made it up to the other side which proven us why most of the people don't continue the rest of the trip because this is where the exciting part of the gorges comes to an end.

Of course, the trip itself is far from reaching the finish line and nature won't stop surprising you if you keep going but since we wanted to experiment one more time the feeling of climbing the stone walls and walking through the water, we considered that we reached our goal for the day.

The total surface covered by the natural and protected reservation is of 150 ha and not only that you will get to discover a very picturesque landscape which was modified very little by the contribution of people, but there are also various formations which were naturally carved into limestone walls, as well as many rare plants that can be found only on this area.
Therefore, the whole track is pretty spectacular from start to the finish, and the single marker you will need to follow is the blue cross.
Along with our journey, we forgot about the marker and only followed the flowing water which was leading us the best because there is really no risk in getting lost due to the huge stone walls which are surrounding you and show the way better than any marker.
The width of the gorges seems pretty large at first measuring 15-20 meters and the boulders you'll step over are quite little, but the more you go through the gorges, the more these aspects will change and you will wake up in some realms where you become part of nature's embrace which is now ten times less wide than before with not too much space to walk around, and the tiny boulders suddenly grew up, becoming more challenging to step over.

There is no wonder that the forest, water and stones make the best mix when it comes to sightseeing attractions so when you have the chance to also get some extra adrenaline, the whole journey seems like being perfectly completed.

As fun as it seems walking on the stones and hanging on the cables, this is no an easy thing and it requires lots of balance and force into your arms. So if you get to explore the gorges when there are other tourists too, you might have the unpleasant surprise to wait on the queue which is being formed due to the single wall arranged with such accessories for both of the directions of going or returning from the gorges.


Though, let's not forget that we are not in the capital of the country or any big city where everybody seems like being in a rush without paying attention to what is surrounding him, and never hesitate of taking a break and look around to share your gratitude to nature which never steps back from surprising you and rewarding you with fresh air, memorable journeys, and moments filled with adrenaline that make you enjoy the life more than you previously did.


Along with the special locations which add a little sparkle to the journey from the heart of the mountains, there is also a big gate, also known as the Stone Portal which was naturally formed and shows one more time how impressive nature can be.

But as overwhelming the journey seems to be, as gentle the whole track and experience will turn out, and I have no doubt that our visits to Ramet Gorges are far from running out because the beautiful path represents the beginning to some other trails which are a must for any mountain lover:

  • Cabana Râmeţ (Ramet Chalet) – Cheile Râmeţului (Ramet Gores) – Cheia – Brădeşti – Peştera Huda lui Papară (Huda lui Papară Cave) – Valea Morilor – Sălciua; Marker: Blue Cross; Duration: 6-8 hours.
  • Cabana Râmeţ (Ramet Chalet) – Cheile Râmeţului (Ramet Gores) – Cheia – Modoleşti – Cabana Întregalde (Intregalde Gorges); Marker: Red Triangle; Duration: 6 hours.
  • Cabana Râmeţ (Ramet Chalet) – Valea Uzei – Olteni – Râmetea; Marker: Red Line; Duration: 8 hours.

There is no wonder than Ramet Gorges and all they have to offer represent one of the best choices to unwind and stress-free that I will repeat in a heartbeat because you won't have any time to think about the daily (letal) routines and what you left unsolved back at home or at the work station.


So if you plan to visit Ramet Gorges, don't forget your hiking boots, good vibes and the urge for adrenaline, because thank God you will have plenty of these, and also make sure to follow the next route in order to reach to the beautiful destination we enjoyed for two times already:

  • As soon as you reach Teiuș go on the village road DC73 until you reach Ramet Monastery or on the county road DJ107 from Aiud until you reach the following villages Brădești - Râmeț.




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Looks like an amazing place for some epic hikes full of adrenaline :) Glad you all guys made it safely :)

Hehe, it's a place where you will never have time to get bored :D

The views and weather both look great. It’s nice to see a happy family traveling together. You are an inspiration for my inner wanderlust!

It was an amazing weather indeed, the perfect one to visit the gorges!
Thank you so much for the great words, they make me blush! But you are right, I'm blessed with such a nice family who loves travelling and I can't see myself exploring the world without being by my side!

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Wow, what a fantastic place! I would surely like to live there... great views, hardly no people around! A perfect spot for me! 🤭

Thanks for the great article and lovely photos, Gabriela!

Hehe, a perfect place for many outdoors lovers for sure! 💪🏻

Hello dear friend @gabrielatravels

Really, truly, I congratulate you for having the happiness of being able to enjoy these trips to such spectacular and fascinating places.

Contact with pristine nature fuels our creativity and strengthens our health. Our Soul is pleased with such a gracious visit.

Keep it up. It gives me great pleasure and joy to see your posts.

A hug from a distance.

Thanks so much! They do strengthen me as well especially that I haven't traveled in a while. I kind of recharge myself through these memories 🥺

Ramet Gorges looks amazing and fun!
That must be your sister and your parents?
It great to see a family together and enjoying.
How often do you see them?

Yep, that's my twin sister ☺️
Unfortunately I don't see my parents too often because we live in separate cities but we try to meet at least once every month 🥺
Thanks for stopping by, I'm happy you enjoyed our journey! 💪🏻

Thank you, I enjoy it very much!
I appreciated the good read!

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