My back yard - Come over and fall in love

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I grew up in a small country town - It wasn't overly notable but has a strong history dating back to 1839, the oldest country town on the Australian mainland, and was a major rail transport hub servicing the Copper Triangle - The town prospered after the discovery of copper however declined when it ran out and became another sleepy rural country town.

The town and surrounding areas were my playground as a kid, including the world-renowned Barossa Valley region that was only moments away from where I was raised. I'd like to take you there today, share a few photos, and give you an idea what it's all about.

The Barossa Valley


The area gets it's name from the Barossa Range named by Colonel William Light, the chap who laid out Gawler and Adelaide back in the day. It was named after the Battle of Barrosa, fought between the British and French in which Light himself fought. You'll note the different spelling, that's because a clerical error in the registration office spelled it Barossa, which it remains to this day.

It covers an area of about fourteen square kilometres and has a population of some 20,000 people, that's only 20 people per square kilometre so there's loads of room to move. Barossa Valley lies only 60 kilometres from Adelaide and is a tourist hotspot for locals and people around the globe. Me? Well, it was my back yard and I have spent so much time here; It never gets tired though and I love it very much. Always will.

What's there

It's all about wine, food and scenery at the Barossa Valley - Ok, maybe it's firstly about wine and the other things are happy coincidences. The region is one of the worlds famous wine-growing areas and is home to over one hundred and fifty wineries and some eighty or so cellar-doors. If you can't find a wine that you like here you're going to have to give up completely and start drinking Pepsi or Tang. I'm serious, there's choice!

The last one hundred and sixty-plus years have seen several generations of winemakers create some of the best vintages to be found and they continue to innovate to this day drawing attention from around the globe and putting the region squarely on the wine-map. Yes, I believe there is a wine map although I've not seen it.

Just a note here...I'm not a wine person. I'm not even what I'd call an alcohol person to be honest; I drink it sure, but if I were not to have another drop of alcohol until the day I die it would not concern me in the least bit. So, this isn't a post about wine. Anyway, just clarifying for you up front - I'm not going to say "zesty on the back palette with a finishing note of woody raspberry with a floral bouquet of frangipani and smoky tannins and a backbone of acidic full-bodied fruity, earthy, spicyness."

Moving right along...


There's a lot to do at the Barossa Valley but people come here for wine, food and relaxation mostly. Take a hot air balloon ride at dawn, tour by pushbike, motorbike, helicopter, chauffeured car or drive yourself. Stay in some of the best accommodation one could find, visit the areas smaller towns, shop or wine-and-dine your way from place to place at the finest of restaurants or artisan bakeries. Walk along creeks, rolling hills and scrubland, visit museums, farms and food producers and, of course, the vineyards: It's all here and waiting for you, your sense of adventure, and your money.

Some of the biggest names in wine call The Barossa home: Penfolds, Wolf Blass, Henschke Cellars and Jacob's Creek among them. A raft of new artisan and boutique winemakers have moved in though and are pushing the wine industry into the future - Along with them comes funky new food options and gastronomic delights. It's really a rather glorious place for foodies, wine-lovers...And lovers in general.

Château Tanunda

One of the nicest places to begin your journey is Château Tanunda where one can sample wines from twenty or so small producers' in the one place, plus their own offerings. It's a very impressive looking place with great atmosphere, amazing food although I'm not talking from experience as I've not eaten there, and even a game of croquet on offer if you're keen to have a try.


Château Tanunda is a fantastic place to stop, almost a one-stop location - But you'll not want to stop at just one when there's so much to explore in the Barossa Valley!


Here's a couple playing croquet - This couple is representing Australia at the croquet world titles this year...They drank a couple bottles of wine and as you can see are taking it all very seriously. I'd say we're in with a good chance for the win.


I'm a fairly simple type of guy and don't generally go in for fancy places preferring a blanket on the grass next to a stream and a picnic; Although that doesn't mean I don't appreciate fine dining or have the sophistication or manners to enjoy it once in a while. The tone inside the restaurant is one of relaxed-sophistication where diners sit amongst wine barrels whilst enjoying some of the contents of the barrels and tasty local produce.

That's the great thing about the Barossa Valley actually - It's all about local produce, sustainable production methods and the best possible quality. That tends to go for the most expensive restaurants right down to the bakeries, cafés, butchers and smallgoods producers and ice cream parlours who use locally-sourced product as well. You'll not find bad food here, they pride themselves on it.


No matter where you go in The Barossa you'll see wine barrels, vineyards and the other associated infrastructure that goes with winemaking. It's the main industry although there are crop farms throughout the region also - It's a very rural location, but tourism is at its heart these days - People flock here from overseas and locally and depending on when you're here you'll get to experience and enjoy it differently each time. You'll have to come back more than once to experience it all so give me a holler every time and I'll join.



Moving away from the wineries now I'd like to take you into Tanunda, one of the larger towns in the area. It's a tourist hot-spot and the main street is often lined with people browsing the shops, eating at the funky cafes, wine-bars, pubs and restaurants dotted up and down the main street and generally just relaxing and regaining their strength for more wine-tasting in the area.


Driving into Tanunda you'll see this archway...Just letting you know where you are and reminding you that Jacob's Creek is back a few kilometres.


Bring your credit card when you come to the Barossa Valley as you'll need it! There's plenty to buy, not just wine, and the choice is varied.


After all that shopping and wining and dining you'll need some more sustenance and I'd like to suggest an ice cream - It doesn't even matter if it's winter because our winters are mild so every day is an ice cream day! There's no need to hold back.

There's a little ice cream shop in the main street of Tanunda and that's where you need to be. Tell them G-dog sent you and you'll probably get an extra big scoop. I suggest the whiskey and cinnamon and the rum and raison combination although there's no bad choices here. I've tried them all and can vouch for their legitness.


The pieces of my life

As a young fellow I spent a lot of time at The Barossa; Especially so after I got my first car at sixteen - Paid for with my own money of course. I'd head up here and drive around taking back roads and just enjoying the feel of it, the simplicity of the countryside. I'm a country lad, was and am, not one to like crowds, noise and the complications of society - That has stayed with me to this day too.

I could often be found, or more correctly not found, in these rolling hills listening to music or reading and all these years later I do the same. Every time I go back and hit a dirt road or a familiar bakery it takes me back to years past, good memories and the chance to create more.

I come to The Barossa about once a month usually, sometimes more often. It's a nice place to visit and different times of years are suited to different activities - And of course it all looks different too. It's a place one needs to come often, and I do.

I have done it all...Balloon rides as the sun comes up, stayed at the most expensive hotels, and quaint B&B's, helicopter flights, raced my motorbikes on sweeping vineyard-lined roads throwing caution to the wind and cruised slowly in my cars enjoying the open roads and easy-going country feel.

I've sipped the finest of wines, ate the best of foods in the finest establishments and under a tree by a creek with only the sounds of nature around me. I have attended functions, hosted functions and had private moments...All here at the Barossa Valley. Each moment I've spent here is a piece of my life.

To me it feels like home, comfortable and a place I can relax

I love The Barossa's different faces. Now dry and brown at the end of summer and the lush rich green it becomes from April until November. The Barossa Valley comes with everything I could ask for and has provided some of the most enjoyable moments of my life...None of which revolve around wine all of which have revolved around the feeling of belonging, of being in a place that seems to cradle me, comfort me and bring a deep-seated peace.

It's home.

That's Gomersal Road above and over that crest it sweeps down and left, then right, over another crest, down a sweeping 'S' curve and then...You're in the Barossa Valley. I'm not sure if my images have enticed you to come here, but you're welcome to. I'm here, and would love to take you into to my back yard, show you around and help you fall in love...

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209


If I wasn't already here, I'd be on the next flight in. It's a beautiful part of the State, and you've really done it justice with these shots.

Thanks mate...We're pretty lucky to have it on our doorstep and, of course, let's not forget McLaren Vale down your way...We're really pretty fortunate are we not?

This homebrew red I made with Woolies grape juice is certainly a reminder to leave it to the experts :)
Maybe if I age it longer than 3 weeks.

Lol...I tried it with Ribena. Didn't work...Drank it anyway..

Ribena has preservatives, kills the yeast. I was just using bakers yeast but Amanda grabbed me some cider yeast, and it's definitely nicer. I'm going to put this one in the cupboard another few weeks to see if it comes good. Good fun though. The apple, pear and raspberry juice, left a month; then topped up with a bit of lemonade and ice, really nice.

You'll never need the bottlo again!

Living the dream.

Wine, food , ice cream looks superb. Enjoyed this one Galen. Could feel how much you love the place in the way you write about it. Might take my canal boat a very long time to get there 😂

Thanks mate, I know you've travelled extensively and maybe one day you'll get yourself here? If you manage to do it in your canal boat they should do a documentary on it! And yep, I really love this place.

You can tell. I could really feel it in the writing. Nice post bro. We are about to head north to Leicester. Will be very strange entering my home town by boat as i used to olay, hang out, get drunk and all sorts on the canals near my house as a youth and young adult. Hoping 4 to 5 days and we will be there

It's good to see things are going well...I'm still bloody jealous old son, but it's cool what you're doing!

I reckon you should hoist a beverage when you pull into town in honour of your past drinking shenanigans!

Of this you can be certain 😂

Never doubted it. Lol.

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WOW! @galenkp that looks like such an awesome place, I have been to Australia and loved it, we went to Melbourne, Barossa Valley reminds me of the Cape in South Africa. We have quite a few Winelands here. Love to visit there next time I visit Australia. My daughter lives in Brisbane. Thank you for sharing.

Hey there, thanks for your comment, taking the time to read my post!

Yes, there are strong similarities between my part of Australia and South Africa...I've been all over my own land and will do the same in South Africa one day. That's the plan anyway. You Saffers and us Aussies are quite alike, despite our sporting rivalries, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to experiencing your neck of the woods personally.

Great to hear you've been to Australia...Melbourne is ok too...But there's so much more to it. Have you been to Queensland to see your daughter?

It's a pleasure @galenkp , no haven't been to Queensland yet, hope to go soon though, I love Australia and hope to go on a little tour next time we go there. I enjoyed reading your post, very interesting. go well and stay safe.

I hope you make it soon, I think you'll find a lot to like.

Wow! I'm amaze to your writing! When I read it all, I feel that I am in your place. I can imagine everything even without images. I have no big upvote for you but I am willing to reshare... 😍

Hey Kenny, thanks for reading my post and commenting, the nice words are greatly appreciated.

Please never apologise for the lack of a big vote, it's about the engagement and interaction and so I'm pleased you took the time to do so. All the best, I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Thank you so much! I'm one of your fans here! I love your writings! I just saw your post yesterday and I was intrigued by the title of your blog ^_^

Thanks for following and I'm glad you enjoy my posts. 😊

Looks like an amazing place. A cool area with a blend of modernity and lots of history. I just checked out my handy "light pollution map" app on my Droid (hey, what can I say, I talk the game now?? j/k) and you look very close to some serious dark sky areas. I"m envious!

Out of curiosity, growing up near that old Copper Triangle, did you ever hear stories of spook-type stuff? Noises in the ground, noises in caves, lights hopping here and there? I've never experienced any of that, but I find the stories fascinating. I've read some European and Irish folklore books on it too. It's alleged that old mining areas are notorious for "high strangeness." Just curious - I hope to be able to visit one day, with or without tommyknockers running around!

Hey mate, the stars out here...Well, let's just say one can see them clearly...It's dark! It would be a great place to set up the telescope and do some stargazing and whilst I don't have a telescope I have eyes and I've spent many nights out here laying on a blanket look upwards.

The Copper Triangle is quite a ways off from here, the rail route to Adelaide came through my hometown though. As it turns out my ancestry is Cornish and many came here as copper miners in the 1800's so yes, I'm very familiar with the Triangle that is the three main copper towns having spent many moments there. Stories abound of course, as you say, although I've never experienced any of that first-hand. Not in the Copper Triangle anyway. Other places...Yes.

I find that stuff a little confronting though, uncomfortable, maybe because I've experienced it I guess...Maybe something for another post? I have actually written one before though, a fiction based on fact.

Anyway, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

I can understand that; uncomfortable is the perfect word for that type of experience. I would definitely be interested in reading a future post on whatever you were comfortable sharing. I have had some friends with some stories of the years that make you question what exactly is going on, you know?

I had some ideas for future posts too to share; future weekend adventures with Hattie on some curious places around the area. Nothing overly freakish, but interesting, nonetheless.

What fiction piece was that? Was it recent?

well now, that is something; I just got goosebumps reading about the little girl. I've not experienced anything like that, but I have had some insane dreams that I never know what exactly is happening. It feels like you are on the threshold of something else, but never quite able to put a finger on it. Thanks for sharing that; I have no doubt there is something to it.

I've got more stories, I'm just not sure if the blockchain is the right place...And they make me feel uncomfortable as well I guess. It can be confronting, as can dreams.

It's a weird phenomenon; my experiences are limited with it, but I have heard some wild stories from coworkers and friends. I've stayed in some supposed "active" hotels and homes, but have never experienced anything aside from freaking myself out.

I read an interesting perspective on it: those who can experience "whatever that is" are like a record player needle. They fit the groove of the record, and the experience is like the sound it makes...most of us don't have the needle, and when placed on a record, nothing happens.

Wish I could take credit for it, but I can not! It has always stuck with me, however.

I like the record player needle analogy and think that fits well. Some are attuned to it and some not I guess. The whole thing makes me feel quite uncomfortable and yet for others it's quite normal, part of every day life. Interesting though right?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Such a wonderful maxim to live by.

Gorgeous photos! Excellent layout!

Question: how did you make that photo layout? I can do pull right and pull left, but I love your use of different sized photos and three columns. Where can I learn that?! It's very beautiful.

Another question: over here in the USA we are being told that Australia is heavily locked down, and that excessive lockdown is why the infection rate in Australia is so low. Yet here, you make it seem as if life is very much the same as it was before 2020. I know our news is false, but what do you think is the truth? Have you resumed life as it was pre-covid?

Brand knows what time it is. Thank you for providing that video.

I make those collages on Google Images then just centre them in my posts. That's about as technical as it gets. Thanks for your compliment though, much appreciated.

<centre>your image here</center>

over here in the USA we are being told that Australia is heavily locked down

Lol...Not the case. We haven't had a community transmission in my State for months and we were only locked up for a very short period and that was a very loose lockdown, nothing like other countries. Sure, there are restrictions here and there in other States but here almost none now and even when there was it was quite easy-going. Melbourne suffered the worst with a fairly strict lockdown though.

I worked from home from March to October 2020 but could still move freely about and I've got through the entire thing without having to wear a mask once. Don't believe what you read or hear in the media, they write it to get a reaction, sell newspapers and advertising space.

Tell them G-dog sent you and you'll probably get an extra big scoop.

Everyone is fan of G-dog seems. Truly a great place to live in.

It's a great spot and I feel privileged to have grown up there. Thanks for commenting. :)

Visiting places is much more interesting when you are lucky enough to learn all those things tourist guides do not tell you, especially when the explanations come from the personal memories of a local. Thank you for sharing.

I agree, there's nothing like raw data to work from as I often find in my travels that the tourist-guides are biased towards those operators who pay the most and so one could miss out on a great experience. Thanks for commenting. I hope you're well.

Oh wow you have a wonderful back yard! I think I'll get drunk every day there. 🤓😁🍻

Haha, you might...Just make sure you're not driving and you'll be fine.

Haha I might drive in a wine barrel 😁

You and so many others!

Oh great 🤓🐶😋🍽🍻

You see, I am not following you, but it doesn't stop me from stopping by 😄, especially with a quality post like this one, with good info, personal memories, and the centred pics were dope. I am gonna steal the tip you gave in the comment...

If one day, I do a big heist, and it's the last scene of the movie when we discover I was the brain of the operations all along with one phone call, I want the last shot to be me on the patio of the Chateau Tanunda, with a drone shot to seal the scene.(Funky music starts, black screen)

It's a nice spot, all of the Barossa is, and there's loads of amazing places to visit...The perfect place for your heist movie to end. Probably September would be a good time for filming as the place is wondrous at that time of year.

Steal the tip mate,that's what it's for. If we're all posting better quality it'll set a good example for newcomers.

Thanks for stopping by. ✅

My pleasure buddy ^^

Looks and sounds a lot like Sonoma County in California, a wine area also with a tone of skinny back roads.

There's a lot of similarities I guess, climate for one, making it good vineyard country. I've heard of Sonoma County and yep, I'd say very similar.

Wow great content as usual. What country is “Barrosa” in?

You serious?

I forgot cause. The location was at the very beginning.

It is in South Australia, Australia.

Oh it's in Australia. Wow it's such a nice place. I would love to actually be visit it when I come to Australia sometime next year. Where exactly in Australia is it @galenkp

Ok thanks. I love your pictures. Very nice.

Wow, those are nice view over there, i actually enjoyed reading your post @galenkp ... Well done for sharing this

Thanks, I appreciate the nice comments.

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What a gorgeous place! The idea of an ice cream and some shopping sounds so very alien after being locked down for so long, but I could really use some of that right now!

Must suck...We never had it really, a few days of total lockdown is all...We've been free to move about. You'll have to stick it out...Won't last forever.


Funny how most of these wine estates have a similar feel Galen.

You have one great backyard here mate and it looks fantastic.

I also don't touch alcohol for a very long time now, but nothing wrong with having a coffee at one of their restaurants, or to walk around camera in hand with a coca cola.

So when you you visit here, I will take you to two, or maybe 6 of our most famous wine estates.

You're right about how wine-estates have a similar look and feel...I've visited them all over the world and always feel at home there, I guess they remind me of the Barossa Valley and I feel so comfortable there so it makes sense I'd feel the same elsewhere.

Not being much of a drinker doesn't impede my enjoyment of wineries at all. I'm happy to talk about them, have a taste and even have been known to fork over some money for a bottle or three. It's not something that I have to do though, you know? I drink for enjoyment, to be social, not the need to do so. It's a special occasion thing...Sometimes that special occasion is a beer with a mate and sometimes something more formal.

You know, me being there is a thing right? I travel and I have the need to get my Australian ass over there so...Wineries it is! I had a look at those two links...Amazing looking places. Now you've gone and done it, I have to go now

Well in my book no alcohol means no alcohol and I will even pour my friends a drink of whatever they bring with them when they visit, as they know that I don't mind.
Just a thing with me, as my wild young years are a closed chapter in my book.
Not of my own doing, as the want for a drink has simply disappeared.

Looking forward to see you here as soon as the 6th wave of Covid is over 🤣

Lol 6th wave. It's like that right? I'll make it.

Oh yeah, I don't think that we will get rid of this Covid thing easily my friend. It is certainly a money spinner for some.
As usual we are far behind with the vaccinations and the worry is the old people.

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I'll have to try harder.

You're a natural!!

Just a knucklead trying to scrape together something interesting to present. It works sometimes.

Thanks for what you provide for the community.

Awww this is so pretty😍😍 I would try a hot air balloon trip and then taste some floral frangipani wine lol and then some rum and raisin icecream. It looks like such a cosy place and I love how much there is to visit when it comes to wines. As my smell is not top notch, I couldn't tell the subtle notes of mandarin from a wine lol, but I would definetely entertain seeing the variety

Lol...I don't know of frangipani wine exists, but if it does I would say that it'd be pretty nice.

The Barossa Valley is good year round, sure dry in summer, but still enjoyable. Winter is when I love it though...Open fires, good food, coffee, great views...Doesn't get much better.

Oh in the winter❄️😍😍 Sounds like an oasis of tranquility. I would take that anytime
You know, I always thought that visiting a wine cellar with many assortments is so posh lol. But as time passes by I can understand why people want to go in such places. It is more refined, elegant, quiet, sofisticated. A nice touch of something different.

I love those kind of places, I'd be going there a lot of I lived over there! Love those open plan eateries/ breweries - really nice feel.

You've inspired me to plant some vines on the land, just need to figure out irrigation first!

Hey mate, thanks for commenting. I reckon some vines would be a great thing to do...You could make a wine each year you're there! I'd say the climate is probably suited? Much like the Barossa I think. Fairly mild (short?) winter and nice most of the year? 8 - 35C over the year?

It would be August that would be the challenge - 40 degrees apparently. Would need irrigation to keep the vines alive!

Yeah, it's possible though. We do it here and we get 47+. Still, the irrigation set-ups are pretty sophisticated these days.

We have Australia oin our wish list but for me its a 24 hours flight and very expensive , need that credit card after all, I would also visit @nurseanne84 and i would try to see if the blue in your pictures is that blue and even more beautiful than our skies here

Any sky observed and appreciated is beautiful so ours won't be more beautiful than yours, just different. I hope you make it here one day, it's a beautiful and diverse and massive country and there's a lot to like. Let me know if you do, I'll arrange a hive-meet-up and take you to the Barossa Valley.

that would be great Britt!I cannot wait to travel

Oh and i have a fun fact , hubby had his birthday 4 weeks ago and he got
An old 2017 red sedan, from Barbarossa

This is a image from but its the same one, was a good one


Red Heads is in Angaston - Only 10 kilometres from Tanunda where my post was based. It's a sleepy little place but enjoyable. Isn't it interesting that a wine from a tiny place in South Australia is bought and consumed so far away in the Netherlands. Small world really.

There isnt a single cloud in any of those pics. Amazeballs!! The pics too not just the no cloud.

I think I want to live in Tanunda, it is funny, when I think Barossa (as I said its my favourite wine) I always think of some big valley with grapes being grown in it. I never imagine this big vibrant area with a town like that with funky stuff to buy see and do. You my friend have painted a picture of a place I will never forget especially when I am sipping a fine Barossa shiraz!

Oh and...

zesty on the back palette with a finishing note of woody raspberry with a floral bouquet of frangipani and smoky tannins and a backbone of acidic full-bodied fruity, earthy, spicyness."

How did you know my favourite! ;O)

I told the clouds to bugger off to Scotland mate. They complied.

When you get down here we'll spend some time in the Barossa mate, I'll drive though because...Well, wine you know. (And don't bring too many of those clouds back).

I knew you'd relate to my wine description...I mean, it's so intelligent and sophisticated.

HEhe, very intelligent and sophisticated!

It is a place I would give a leg to visit man! I will do you a favour and keep the clouds here :OD

Looks beautiful down there! Always wanted to visit Australia but never had the chance yet. Hopefully one day! Also my kid's learning about Australia right now in school so it's all she talks about at home LOL

It's a great place. Australia is huge so is very diverse in terrain, climate and it's people...But it's all good! I hope you make it here someday.

Thanks man! Which part would you recommend to go there in terms of hunting/fishing/outdoors? Just so I know where I can plan to go in the future :)

  • Fishing: Anywhere there is water. Our fishing is insane here, you'll be in your element.
  • Outdoors: Literally anywhere that's not a major city. I have a recreation park literally across the road from me, kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras, snakes of course...But I could hike there for many many hours and never hit the same trail. 15 minutes in the car and I'm in the State's capital city. It's that sort of place.
  • Hunting: Depends what you want and a discussion far too long for this comment. I might do a post. No shortage of it though, and no stupid hi-viz vests here...Camouflage.

Sounds like it’s exactly how I imagined itd be lol that sounds great!

Today, just this day, I was looking for a place in Texas that's in the path of totality for the next total eclipse of the sun in this part of the world. It's 3 years from yesterday. Anyway, one of the obvious places that I am moderately familiar with is 'wine country' and these photos remind me of it. Pretty laid back and country but Lyndon Johnson and his wife Lady Bird were both from this part of the world so there's some 'big places' and new money from the wine industry.

Who in the hell would name their kid Lady Bird? Just askin.

I do understand the place you are comfortable. I have one of those, too. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

Wine country around the world tends to look similar I think...Tuscany though...Now that's something else! I could live there. :)

I think that's what I was trying to say. Wine country is very similar where ever. My obvious favorite is Eastern Washington's wine country, but I'm pretty spoiled...

I hope I get to see some of the US wine regions in my lifetime...Or even after I'm a ghost. I'm not fussy.


Wow your hometown looks so great! The other thing is the pictures, wow! How you put them in the post. What did you use? I am very interested to know backend to get so many different options

Hi Sara, I hope you're well. I make those collages on google photos. They are ok, but there's no way to order them which annoys me...Still, it works.