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RE: Cheongwadae - The Korean President's Blue House

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What epic photography through the gardens, details about the buildings, yes keeping with detail even down to the fish in the pond.

Seeped with splendor, detail, balanced life with privacy utilizing nature most definitely a wonderful visit, thanks for taking us along @abitcoinskeptic

@tipu curate


Thanks a lot.🤗

It was a nice tour. I'd like something a little more indepth, but getting invited inside is difficult.

Whenever I see a pond I always have a close look.

Gardens and buildings very unique to the region, seeing balance in design you were lucky to go in many places just don't allow visitors.

The climate is really great here, but then again I'm from Canada, so don't take my word for it.

Even though it's not natural, I think gardens are really important because plants need their places to grow, too. Like a plant zoo.