Lokrum- a Croatian island where even Game of Thrones was filmed and the French built

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Hey guys,

today I want to take you on a day trip that my friends and I did a few months ago in Dubrovnik. And it goes to the island of Lokrum- it is not far from the mainland Dubrovnik in Croatia and is an attractive tourist destination, which I could well understand after seeing the view. The approx. 700m you can reach well with a boat that shuttles about every hour between the mainland and the island.
Lokrum has an area of about 80 hectares, so it is perfect for hiking and there are some attractions like the peacocks or the ruins and some secluded swimming spots.
On the highest point is the fortress Fort Royal, which was once built by the French. Lokrum is a nature reserve and many birds live here, which you can hear loudly when you visit. The name of the island probably comes from the word acrumen, which means "sour", as many orange trees used to grow here.


When we arrived there with the boat full of tourists, the first moment I thought: Oh, hopefully it won't be a bit too crowded on the hiking trails. But it got lost very well and when I later went back to the boat alone, I was even for minutes the only one far and wide, except for nature I heard no one, which was a really nice feeling.
The trip to the island takes no more than 25 minutes and costs about 20 euros (at the time I was there, the prices may have changed now, of course).

Game of Thrones filming location and great views


Game of Thrones fans may recognize one or the other location, because parts were filmed here. Since I never watched it, everything was new to me. There are also probably cafes and two restaurants on the island, which we have not tried, however, because we have previously made us sandwiches to go. On this day it was again very hot, but the island provides so much shade with its trees and bushes that it is quite pleasant to walk even in hot temperatures.


Cypresses have been seen there in Croatia enough, they looked especially beautiful right on the slope a few pictures later I took from the ship.


The gate to the Old Port from the Old Town


The entrance gate to the old port in Dubrovnik, from where the ferry sails to the small port near Lokrum. I found the sun-shadow contrast particularly beautiful, which is why I took the photo. Behind you can already see the ferry and the many people standing in front of it, I was alleridings too hot in the sun to wait that I still rested in the shade before one was allowed on the boat.





We were greeted by the island with this blue water and lots of greenery- it looked beautiful! Would have loved to jump into the water immediately;)
Directly at the rocks also some people bathed, but first we wanted to hike a bit before then the refreshment should come.



During our little hike we inevitably came along beautiful viewpoints of the island, because the trees became thinner every now and then - perfect for taking pictures - as if they had wanted it that way.



A particularly beautiful viewpoint that will remain in my memory. Especially beautiful how in the background the sea and the sky seem to blur together. When I got here, a couple was sitting there, I immediately left, but by then they were already standing up. I hope I had not disturbed them too much.

The ruins of the French Fort Royal


The ruins of Fort Royal. There is a signposted hiking trail leading to it, in general the signposting on Lokrum is great, you can't get lost there, so to speak. You can even go up a few steps and enjoy the beautiful view there.





I have to admit that the heat and especially the sun got to me more than I had thought before, and so I started the way back alone. My friends, however, wanted to try another hiking trail, which is why I returned alone to the boat and got it just before it departed. Later, you could still take great photos from the ship of the city wall of Dubrovnik, which I had reported in my last two posts and from the mainland with the Bettina Cave, also an attraction in Dubrovnik. To this cave, however, you can only get by boat.



Here you can see the many cypresses, which I would not have expected in Dubrovnik. They always reminded me a bit of photos of Tuscany haha:D Later I found out that even olives and agaves grew here. Cacti had also seen many.



The view of the city walls.



With the ferry back to the old town, I first bought myself a refreshing drink, which I had earned after the long hike.







From the ruins you had a beautiful view over almost the entire island.


How did you like my post about Lokrum? Would you visit the island when you are in Dubrovnik? I can definitely recommend it to anyone who goes there for a few days, it is definitely worth it. You can also plan the trip super with an old town trip, because you come anyway through the old town when you go to the old port in Dubrovnik to the ferry. Especially for people who like swimming, the island offers a lot - but it is rather rocky and there is no long sandy beach, you should be prepared if you want to swim there. I will especially remember the blue sea in contrast to the green on the island and the many small swimming spots, which were perfect for swimming.
I hope to be a bit more active here again now, if I find free minutes between studying I will definitely use them.
I hope you are all well and wish you another beautiful week!


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Stunning, we need to get to Croatia ASAP :)

I can definitely recommend the place:)
Many greetings!

Wow. .amazing.. A very amazing view.. But I also love watching the Game of Thrones movie.. Very inspiring.. Have a nice trip..😘😍😘

I'm glad you liked the post. I think I have to look up the series also times;)
Many greetings!<3

Welcome back! Nice, I see you had a great summer 🌞

Thank you very much! Yes definitely, even if it was of course something new to travel with so many friends but it was really nice:)

A great spot and awesome to visit a place for filming. You were lucky to have it to yourself! The fauna in Croatia looks amazingly inviting, like a dessert with greenery.

That's right, I really had, which I would not have thought at the beginning with the full boat. The green was really great, the plants could handle the heat well.

Nature is incredible in taking care of itself

Woh.. So this was the place.. Nice to see it too 😊

I am happy you like it. Croatia is beautiful:)

So beautiful place !

Yes it really is:)

A nice place! You made me dream of the island and start thinking about the new travel destinations next summer ❤️

It's definitely worth stopping by there when you go to Dubrovnik:) A really great location to relax:)

We were there a couple of years ago, it's really wonderful. But, I am surprised by the prices in Dubrovnik, it was very expensive before, but now oh wow 🤦‍♀️
They also have an escape room Game of thrones. Worth to try it 😂

How cool that you were there too! Yes haha, the prices are incredibly high there, probably they are now also increased again with inflation.... Oh I did not know that there is an Escape Room there, but it is just with many people especially much fun!:)

Yeah, I’m from Slovenia, so Croatia is our summer camp 😂

Oh haha ​​then you know all about it :D

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Thank you very much!:)

Hermosas fotos y hermosa isla, algún día quiero ir a Croacia y no reconozco nada porque tampoco he visto Game of Thrones, pero se ve espectacular ese lugar. Gracias por compartir!

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Thank you very much!:)

Woowww!!!🤩🤩🤩 so beautiful..lust and green...Yes I recognized the place for I'm a fan of Game of Thrones..

Oh that's great, so a film set isn't bad either :) Greetings!

Great report and great pictures. When you see the refreshing blue water you get directly longing for summer and swimming in the sea.
Thank you for showing us this beautiful island!

Thank you very much, your comment made me very happy. The nicest thing about writing is that you might be able to show other great places to travel. Many greetings!<3

I have seen this landscape.



Woah what a view!! I think even when there's no long sandy beach, it's still definitely worth the swim!
Looking at the city walls, I remembered Assassin’s Creed. LOL

I thought so too, above all it has the advantage that you don't have sand sticking in your shoes at the end haha:D Thanks for the nice comment :)

you don't have sand sticking in your shoes

I haven't thought of that! 😂 But you are right

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