The city port of Dubrovnik with a view of the old town from the city wall and its cannons

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The old city port and its history

Hey guys,
today I want to tell you the second part of the city wall tour from our vacation in Dubronik in Croatia. The old town, which is surrounded by the city wall, is located on the southern Dalmatian coast and combines architectural monuments from different periods such as the Middle Ages, Baroque and the Renaissance. The ring of walls is still super contained and has five fortresses and sixteen towers. The city walls are open to visitors all year round, which is great.
As you can see in the following photo, from the city wall you have a great view of the port of Dubrovnik, and it is actually mandatory to pass it.
The port dates back to the 15th century and is less than 100m from the city walls. After the somewhat longer walk we had earned this view but also;)
In addition to the city port, there are also the commercial port and the marina in Dubrovnik, but we did not pass them during our walk on the city wall.


I really have to say that it is one of the most beautiful ports I have seen so far. Probably it is also because of the orange roofs and the deep blue sea.



The view of the sea along the city wall. It was so hot that a few visitors even had towels with them to dry off with, because you were really dripping. There is a large fountain in the old town, where everyone can refill his water bottle, that I can only recommend if you are there in the summer.
Personally, however, it was not the heat that got to me, but especially the intense rays of the sun. It sounds strange, but I was grateful for every tower on the city wall, in which I could sneak to get some shade.


Narrow and busy streets of Dubrovnik



This was a favorite photo spot of tourists, am always saw visitors shooting pictures here.



The old town had a lot of small streets that gave you a lot of shade and I was very happy about that. At lunchtime, they filled up quickly and we heard a lot of English, at this time there were a lot of vacationers in the small Dubrovnik.
The cafes and restaurants in the alleys looked really cute, but the prices were unfortunately not haha:D But if you look a little longer, you can find something affordable, so it was in our case anyway.






A small quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle


In the photo I think you can see some kind of plant sale. We sat down briefly for a breather while we waited for the second part of our tour group. I thought it was kind of cute between these old alleys; it fit the picture great.


What a fun football field, right?! I have never seen in Germany and I can not imagine, there would be far too much red tape in the way haha;) Would you like to play a game there once?




We passed this cafe, next door a friend of mine bought a postcard and a self-painted picture of the old town. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the small store, but it looked really cute, it was tiny but beautiful. Only not too many people could go in at once.


The view of the island of Lokrum. There we made a day trip a few days later, and explored the island on foot. But later more of it;)


Here you can see the small white tower from my last post again from further away. Somehow the color choice reminded me a little bit of Santorini, if only you had the tower with the sea in view without the characteristic roofs of this city.


Finally, of course, a picture of the cannons that adorned the city walls from time to time should not be missing. In the past, of course, they were intended for the defense of the city and its inhabitants, nowadays they are a nice photo motif.
Except that it was very hot, we were really lucky with the weather these days, as far as I can remember it thundered only once this week but not even rain came down. Although you can not say that of course from the vegetable and fruit growers, for them this summer was not good.
I hope you liked the part 2 of the city wall and I'm curious what you will say to my next post. I don't know when this will be, but I hope that I will find time again soon. Currently I am switching between Germany and Finland, my first semester abroad. And my English is also starting to improve haha:)
I hope you all have a great weekend!


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I thought Croatia is not that expensive.

I don't think most other places in Croatia are that expensive either, but Dubrovnik is probably very popular at the moment - we wanted to go to an ice cream parlor for ice cream and the scoop cost 2.50 euros.

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