Enjoying the sun in Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

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Kalanggaman Island is known worldwide for its long sand bars and turquoise water. The island's name is derived from the Visayan word "Langgam" which means bird due to its bird-shaped form when viewed from above. It is considered the "Crown Jewel of Leyte" not only because of its natural beauty but also as a sanctuary for important marine species.

It's worth it to soak in the sun when your view is as beautiful as the Kalanggaman beachscape. When I went there, I was the only one roaming around the island so I really indulged in the experience all for myself. You can also do water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving.

The island is open for tourists already (fully operational) and this is your sign to book a flight and witness its beauty with your own eyes. Comment/message me if you have any inquiries. :)

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Dara nagsugod na! Ipagawas na na imong mga pictures diha Keej! 😍

Let's be consistent this August miss hahaha aw

Trueee, sayang kaayu imong talent dzae di ma expose. 💪😔

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Really cool shots, you're using a drone I assume. Also, you said book a flight but it looks like it's only accessible by boat.

Thanks! The only photo shot by a drone is the first one and the rest is from my phone. Yes, I mean you have to travel first (by plane or bus) going to Leyte (the gateway to Kalanggaman Island) before taking a 45-min boat ride going there. :)

Heckuva day you've explained. We've been to a few islands that are only accessible by boat, always exciting.

Can you stay overnight there, camp or whatever, or is that not an option?

Yes. You can stay overnight and camp :) Where are you from btw?

Los Anegeles originally but my wife and I have been traveliving (I made that word up) since mid-2016. I'm writing this from England. We'll be here about seven more weeks.

Wow! Traveling around the world with the love of your life is the ultimate dream <3 I know you are both happy with your #traveliving

We haven't met yet have we? Hello, I'm The Luckiest Guy I Know. :knuckles:

Rather than sound too ridiculous in your comment section, my recent post explains what we're currently experiencing. Things just took a weird turn. I won't link it cuz it's rude to do that on someone's page. Don't vote it or anything, should you stop by, I haven't constructed any new content for a couple weeks now.

Am I still talking about myself? = }

This is the most I've written in days actually so thanks for that! You and Kalanggaman.

I'm looking forward to seeing your #traveliving posts. I'm hoping to meet you in flesh soon when you visit the Philippines:)

OMG look at that ear water 🤩🤩 it's beautiful I feel like the sea is inviting me to dive in 🤩

Super clear! You will fall in love with its water.

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Thank youuu!

The water is so clear 😍😍😍 Sana makapunta sa ganitong beach again soon 🥰❤

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This place is amazing. I went to this place last 2018. Maayo untag Makabalik.

That was 4 years ago hehe timing open na sya balik

I've been here before but there was no kayak at that time. That was many years ago though. Having the island all to yourself is so nice! You won't be bothered by other people.

You just have to ask the caretakers to rent a kayak or board there. You can visit the island again and experience kayaking :)

Oh I sure hope so! Kayak would have been so fun!

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The water is calling my toes to dip in it!!

Oh! This is your sign to go to the beach already.

I live just a few walks from the beach ,kapatid :) Maybe later this sunset, I will. Nice to meet you. Your photos are incredible!

Sana ol! Nice meeting you too. Thank youuu


Oh! This is your sign to go to the beach already.