Haymarket Area and Darling Square , Sydney , Australia.

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About just over two weeks ago i was in Sydney on some business matters and today i am back again in the city of Sydney for some business matters again and to say hello to my lovely mum who lives in Sydney , so last time i was showing you some of Darling Harbor but that was only a fraction of what i presented to you last time they also have Darling Square which is connected to Darling Harbor and today i like to take you for another tour around our beautiful Darling Harbor and Haymarket Area.



Let me tell you a little history of Haymarket known as Paddy's market which today Paddy's market is a icon of Australia , these markets have been around more then 150 years some argue that it dates back to year 1834. Haymarket started of by cattlemen selling there cattle , hay and grain then by 1842 it became a sellers market for farmers with fruits and vegetables , second hand dealers and many varieties of vendors.



I remember going to the Haymarket as a kid with my Dad early in the mornings like 3 am morning when the market opened for shop owners my Dad had a big Fruit and Veggie shop for years and i use to go in and help him load up the truck before going to school that's going back about 40 years i was only 10 years old at that time.



Today it still operates as Paddy's Haymarket but there is only one original building still standing that is open to the public on Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday selling fruits , veggies , clothing , pets , souvenirs and what ever else you can think of they have it all and China-Town which was is Haymarket from the beginning still remains here only it's all been modernized like everything else in this area.







Most of the area that use to be Haymarkets for trading and buying has today been converted to modern condominiums , hotels , restaurants , entertainment areas and green areas. Some of the condominiums have really gone in a different way as far as looks and designs go like this one called The Exchange designed by a Japanese architecture firm, Kengo Kuma & Associates.




The Exchange is described as the building with ribbons of wood wrap around it fascinating way of describing this building houses one of the biggest libraries and food courts within Darling Harbor and many nice bars and restaurants within the building also has a nice green area out front of this building to sit relax and enjoy the views.




Darling Harbor and Darling Square have become Sydney's most visited area by tourist from all around the world it's not only a place for shopping and eating but it has become a area where people will just wander around looking at all the spectacular views of the harbor and city and by night it just looks like a huge fun fair going on it turns into a very vibrant entertaining area with loads of drinking bars and night clubs to enjoy.







You will also see some of the most expensive and exclusive boats along the harbor but this old wooden sail boat caught my eye in the way it has been maintained and a nice wooden grain design around this wooden boat.





For me now when i come to the city of Sydney where i use to live before moving to Byron Bay five years ago it's actually a joy for that short period of stay just to caught up on all the new style of architectural building that are going up even my bank the Commonwealth Bank decided to change there style of looks they must be earning good interest of my money 😅






I still love my vibrant city of Sydney but not to live here anymore i much prefer my Byron Beach scenery , waking up in the mornings going for my jog along the beach with out any city pollution.




#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay






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Thank you @indiaunited very kind of you 👍

What a wonderful walk thanks for sharing us both the current look of the area but some of the history as well

I think I walked through there about 20 odd years ago so it brought back memories

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay the city of Sydney has really changed and is still changing day by day for the better you probably would be lost there now after been away for 20 years 😁

Ohh yeah I am sure, its the same everywhere I know if I ever made it back to NZ and my home city I would be lost with allt he changes

Very true been living in Byron Bay for last 5 years and every time i go back to Sydney to visit my mum i get lost all over again.

Ohh yeah I used to go to my home town every couple of years and always noticed big changes

It's expected the world doesn't stand still for us technology moves to fast these days.

Ohh yeah technologies advance will never slow down

Very true and we try our best to keep up which is not easy 🤔

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Awesome photos, and pretty amazing architecture. It's amazing to see the blend of old and new, from the rustic brick walls of the old market building, to that pretty funky modernist condominium. It's also pretty fascinating to see the evolution from what was once a pretty dirty and packed market for selling your agro goods, to this glass-paned district. Cheers! 😄

Thank you @zacknorman97 it is amazing two things time and technology doesn't stand still but it's nice that they left one building of the market just to remind you of the good old days 🙂

We should always have that, to keep a remnant of the past. It's like a time capsule, just to show how things were, and a reminder of how we've come.

Totally agree and i was lucky to be working there at a young age i saw a lot of the real old in them buildings that are now gone 🤔

It's the passage of time, I guess. Walking around Kuala Lumpur, I do see remnants of the time back when my dad was walking around, working on the capital as it was slowly being modernised. Such different times.

Those old school architectural building do look so much more solid with class 👍

That building is the central train station here in Kuala Lumpur, and it's one of the most recognisable highlights of the city. It's also still being used quite heavily today, and I remembered admiring the colonial architecture back when I was working downtown, hopping between trains :-D

I really do enjoy looking at old style building they just have more character and style these days it's all glass it tends to get boring and it's the lazy way out. Thanks for the info on that train station i knew for some reason it had to be a icon building of Kuala Lumpur 👍