Fussen Germany and Lech Falls

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Fussen is a midsized town in the Bavaria region of Germany. It is located at the begining (or end, depending on which way you are traveling) of the sightseeing tour of the country known as the Romantic Road. We weren't traveling along the Romantic Road ourselves but for us, Fussen was the begining of a week long trip that we took in August to Bavaria.



The town is situated on the border of the Alpine mountain range at a pretty high elevation. Its over 800 meters above sea level which actually makes it the highest town in the region. It's also very close to the country of Austria (only 1km away), making it an excellent location if you want to visit more than one country in a single afternoon.


We arrived to the city quite early in the morning, around 8:30am. The town was pretty empty by that point but was starting to prepare to welcome tourists to the area.


Though it was mostly empty when we first got there, later in the day after our hike up to the Neuschwanstein Castle the city was filled with tourists and was really quite busy.


Fussen is a fairly old town of around 700 years, and it maintains a lot of its old world charm in its downtown center.


It is also idylically situated along the Lech river and very close to several attractions in the area, which makes it a great spot for site seeing during the day.


For instance, it's only a short walk away from Lechfalls, which is a man made waterfall and just an hour and a half hike from Neuschwanstein, a fairytale castle that sits on the mountain and which is completely surrounded by forest.



The Altstatd (or old town) of Fussen has plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes that are set within a blend of brightly colored buildings. I personally really love the traditional Bavarian style architecture.


There is quite a bit to do and see in town as well, including visiting the 9th century Benedictine monestary of St. Mang.


It was built in a Baroque style architecture and today holds a large collection of Baroque style artwork.



The building is quite massive and hard to see in its entirety from the streets within town.


But it was built near the bank of the river and you can get a pretty good view of it by crossing the bridge and viewing it from the other side of the Lech.


Another thing to admire in town is the Hohes Schloss (or High Castle) of Fussen. It was built in 1505 as the summer residence of the Lord Bishop's of Augsburg. It features a large clock tower that can be seen from the center of the Altstadt, as well as many of my photographs.


Another interesting building is the church of the Holy Spirit, a bright red colored building with an elaborately painted facade.



The Lechfalls is a man made waterfall located on the Lech river only a short 10 minute walk from the Fussen town center.


It's not the most impressive waterfall in existence but the surrounding scenery is beautiful and the falls are surprisingly powerful given it's short height of only 3 meters.


I'd say that it's worth taking a gander if you happen to be visiting the town.


The structure of the falls was originally built in the 18th century as a means of flood control and consists of a series of five steps that allow the water to build up behind and spill over the edge of the steps.


From there the water travels down river through the Lech gorge, which is a natural limestone and dolomite rock formation that was created by the moving water.



Near the falls is a free parking lot with a viewpoint and and close to that is a large bridge that spans the water.


The bridge is an especially nice spot to view the falls.

We spent a bit of time there watching the water before continuing our hike into the forest up to Neuschwanstein Castle.


But that will be a post for another day.

Well, that's it for now. The next stop on our trip to Germany was Neuschwanstein Castle. Until then, thanks for stopping by.


You sure know how to disconnect an adventure. That black rooftop I saw near the waterfall, is that some sort of generation station? It's not someone personal home is it, right there with that beautiful sound of water in the window.

I don't know exactly what that building is but I don't think it's a home, though that would be amazing. There is a generation station located somewhere on the river near the falls so that could definitely be it. Probably something along those lines anyway.

Worst typo of the week!

You sure know how to disconnect an adventure.

I'm sorry dude, that should've said document.

Haha no worries. I totally get it. My phone, and my fingers, are the worst for typos. lol

Oh dude! You caught me off guard with the cover! I am cooking, but I'll be right back!!

There's no rush man. Cook your food and enjoy your meal! But also, when you're done, what did you cook?

Despite the Lechfalls' structure being manmade, it sure is beautiful. Hiking along Lech gorge sounds fun!

Yeah it's quite simple but still very cool. I think because it's in such a beautiful location.

This place is so beautiful 😻

I agree!!!

Ok, I am going to pack my suitcase and go there immediately :) How nice place 🤩 These colorful houses are superb!

Yes, I love it when the homes and buildings are painted in bright colors. Iys adds a lot of fun to the town, and gives it a sort of fairytale like vibe. Your recent walk had colorful buildings as well.

It really looks really amazing. I love it

Thanks I'm glad that you liked it.

You're Welcome 🤝😊

That village looks beautiful and the water in those falls look so blue!

Yes I love it when the water is that color. It only ever seems to be blue like that when it's glacier water. Most rivers that I come across that are not in the mountains in and around Switzerland and Germany, always seem to be brown and muddy looking. Not the type of rivers that make you want to go for a swim. This one does though.

Wow, how gorgeous is that place!

It looks like a fairy tales village and I'm half expecting the handsome prince to wander around town in his bright and regal outfits!

I wonder if you can swim in the rover cause with that colour, it looks so inviting and refreshing too!

Yes I agree that its definitely very fairytale like. You probably could swim in the water. It looks calm enough. It's probably quite cold though because I believe that it's glacier runoff.

Oh I'd love to go there and one day I will, so thank you for sharing this with me cause now I know that such a gloriously beautiful (and colourful) place exists and it is now on my list of destinations to travel to!

I think I'll stick a toe in the water first to test out the temperature...lol..😅

Yes definitely test the water before diving in lol 😆

Oh yes definitely, otherwise I'll end up like this 😱


oh i dream of getting here... the photos are just awesomely beautiful plus the falls!! you i look forward to reading the Neuschwanstein castle!

I'm glad that you liked the photos and I hope you make it there one day 😀

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