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RE: Exploring the lake of St. Moritz

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As if the 320-sunny days is not enough then there's the healing mineral spring. What an ideal place to be. Have you been to any of those activities held at the lake?

As always, wonderful, wonderful shots!

Hi, how have you been? :D


I'm not really a water person, so I try to stay away from any water activities except of a bit of swimming :) For me it's enough to look at the crystal clear water to feel happy :)

Long time, no speak! Thank you, I've been ok. There's been a lot going on in my life right now but I'm sure all will be good.

How are you?

It seems like travel is one of them that keeps you busy, no? Whatever is happening in your life right now, I hope all will be okay sooner.

A lot has happened to me since then, lots of losses actually but we are getting by. Cheers!

We always find some time to travel as it gives us both energy :) We have some issues in the family as well as at work, so there is a lot going on.

I'm sorry to hear that! My dad passed away almost two years ago and they say that time will heal us but I know that it's hard even after a long time. I wish you strength!

I wish I could do the same. I'll just travel through your blogs :D With that much going on, you definitely need to travel - away from the negativity.

Two years is too soon. We just lost our grandpa last year and there are still days that makes me cry remembering him. He is the last grandparent we had. At that time, our dad had an accident and was hospitalized. Two years ago, we lost our house in a fire. We are still in the process of rebuilding our family house and ourselves. Thank you for your kind wishes. I wish you all the same and more!