Strandzha mountain, one forgotten place? (10 photos visual story)

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Strandzha is a beautiful mountain at the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria. I visited a very small village located few clicks away from the national border with Turkey. At the time there were plenty of fugitives passing the border illegally so according the handful of people living in the village it is very dangerous as they had encounters with some, as they say "there are some very bad people".

The village had about 30-40 houses but only a few of them were inhabited. This lady was happy to see us and talk to us.


Most of the houses have only obituaries on their doors:

The old methods of construction of house coverage could be seen:

It was good to see the church was open:

I saw few amazing houses there, too bad they are abandoned.

One typical thing for some country houses is they lack their coating.

Even the poultry here cast you suspicious looks :)

It was beautiful in its past time...

A flock with no shepherd.

Most of the houses looked like this... Nature prevailing...

If it wasn't for my friends that day, I would've felt so sad... I think my photos pass that. Thank you!

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Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P



Imagine the area having a revamp, breathing life into those grand old homesteads. They look like they deserve another chance, one sometimes wonders why people leave.

Excellent photography @lightcaptured, human footprint being erased by nature, yet the sheep and angry bird are still patrolling the region.

@tipu curate

Excelente post, me gusto la historia y las fotos, lo comparto en mi cuenta.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Awesome photos!
Love the story behind them. It takes me to the place where my grandmother lives.
Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure, thanks so much for your kind words. Where is this place? :)

Thanks as well for the curation ;) Have a great week!

This place is in Slovenia where I live as well. But she lives in a small village...

You are welcome and wish you a great week as well!

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Though I feel sadness resonate from your heartfelt photographs, I like to think that Strandzha is in a long, deep sleep and will "awaken" again one day. It's not finished resting at the moment. Hopefully others will see the charm and bring it back to the life it once had. I enjoyed your collection of images!

Thank you :) I hope you're right about that as it is a divine place indeed!