The Plitvice Lakes experience, in one day and 40 pictures :) Croatia <3

Greetings, travelers!

How's your day going on? Part of my job includes browsing at some of my photo albums from my several photographical travels and today my eyes were attracted by the colors of the Plitvice lakes in Croatia. We spent here a full day as this was a planned trip, a part of our almost a week long and bigger photo travel to Croatia and Slovenia. By "we" I mean a happy group of about forty people, all passionate about photography and traveling! I just recalled I promised to @crazy-andy this travel story some time ago and as we, men, say:

"Once I promise something, I will do it. No need to remind me every six months!"

LOLOL. How true! Today, however, I felt it was the right time to make this colorful story public :)

So, on it! Once our bus parked and we paid the tickets and entered inside, the first views took my breath away.


Now zoomed-in a bit so you get a feel of the scale:



Even from that narrow angled elevated view I could tell there are so many waterfalls there. Later on that day I stopped counting them as they are probably hundreds, if not thousands. We were visiting that lovely national natural reserve park in the middle of April and I am grateful to the people who organized this trip as in my humble opinion, purely from a photographical standpoint, this was probably one of the best times to visit it. Two reasons, mainly:

  • plenty of water, probably from the melting snow from the winter.
  • there was not that much foliage and the trees were not blocking the perspectives.

Well, I could dream of how this place would look in the winter, with the yellow, golden and red colors of the trees and I guess there would also be some fogs that will mystify the landscape! I guess I've put another item on my travel-photo list, LMAO.

Most of the pathways here are built right in the water lake thus preserving the nature in a good way. They were narrow so I've got to pay attention when another tourist is passing by me in the opposite direction. The next few photos may not give that idea but stick with me and I'll show you crowds later :)




I really loved the feel of walking on that wooden path, however, one huge disadvantage as a photographer. Tripods do not work here. Or at least during the day when other people walk by and the planks vibrate. So, no proper motion blurred long-exposure photos:


By the way, this friend above got almost pushed in the water, not intentionally, of course :)


Waterfalls from the hill, amazing!



It was such a pleasure to spend time there, enjoying not only the water and the walk, but also the wildlife. There were plenty of birds and fish.

Do you see the couple in flight here?


The ducks were quite friendly and fearless :)




It may not look that dangerous on the photo, but hanging above this waterfall gave me the creeps :) Do you see the small permanent rainbow? :) There was a crowd behind my back at that time.







I reached one of the lake ports where we had to use the boat service to get us to the other side of the lake. Some good planning was necessary here as at the time we visited the place, the last boat serves was in the afternoon, 5 or 6 PM, I don't recall exactly. A boat fits max 100 persons and I had to take a sit at the outer row so I am able to take photos, of course :)



Awesome views along the sail...




The afternoon was just magical. The large crowds were virtually gone after 4 PM and as the light of the days becomes even better, I was so glad to be free to have all the landscape to myself, sort of speak :)



Here happened one of the most magical things to me. Do you wonder what this is?


When I passed by a small pond hidden among some trees I heard that a male duck is taking a noisy bath! I squatted down and took out my tele-lens and gratefully waited and observed all the action through my camera :)



More breathtaking moments for me!

Phew... Check out how amazing the details are:


After that scenery bath I walked around until it was time to get back to the port:






Probably one of the visual moments that I like the most is with this girl taking a selfie, in black and white here:


While I waited for the boat sail back with a friend of mine, another amazing thing happened to us. A duck approached us and begged for some food!!! A piece of advice here: bring some bread with you or probably stickles if you don't want your fingers bitten, LOL :)

I've got to tell you, this was quite pleasant to watch :) Such an entertainment from Nature :)



One thing I remember is that the ticket kiosks close after 5 PM. So if you are there for a short walk or to meet the sunset, or for night photography, it seems you won't need to buy a ticket. However, not everything could be seen, as the boats don't sail then.

Here is one last landscape that just underlines the beauty of this natural park. Such an awesome day!!!


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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Ehhhh man, that is so cool that I am part of the reasons for this travel story here today!
We would have been shortened for so much if you wouldn't share that epic experience and all these lovely photos.

Awesome job mate!

@tipu curate 5

Thanks a lot, buddy :) Who knows for how long I would have procrastinated writing this story, good that I remembered my promise :)
Have a great weekend! :D

Absolutely amazing waterfalls they are my favorite things to see and photography can't wait to we can travel again there are a couple of amazing waterfall place within Australia that, I would love to visit, this is jus at awesome show of waterfalls beautifully captured. 👍

Cheers, mate :)
I didn't have the time at the lakes and those wooden paths were shaky so I didn't made long exposures. I was having my tripod and ND filters but they didn't get in use that day :D

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, @ackhoo and @qurator for the priceless support! :)

You're very welcome! :)
That's an awesome place... I can't believe the many waterfalls there! And love that there's so much green too! Thank you for sharing these photos!!

My pleasure! My eyes are still full with its beauty, so much time after being there :) Have a great weekend!

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oh man, it's really a very beautiful waterfall. really want to go there to see live.

I wish you see this amazing park! :)

I wish you see :)

The scenary is amazing

Definitely, one of the most beautiful and authentic places in the Balkans :) I see you enjoyed it and the photos are more than great!😊 Have a nice weekend!

Thank you for stopping by, you too! :)

i wanted to visit (and photograph) this for a while now. not sure would i be able to do it in one day :D

I know what you mean... My to-travel-and-photograph list is getting longer and longer and I don't feel the world is working in the direction of freedom. Let's hope for the best! Have a great weekend and thank you :)

Wow,its so beautiful. The views are amazing and nature is a good thing to explore. The waterfall view is perfect. I crave to visit soon. Thanks for the info.

Thanks and welcome :)

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Much appreciated! Have a lovely weekend! :)

Oh wow that's just stunning! Can I ask what lense you used?

Thank you :)
Sure, ask me anything. I used few different lenses so please be specific about which photo do you mean :)

Wow, that's amazing, what a beautiful photo. very beautiful waterfall. like a fairy tale

Thanks! Which photo do you mean?

I've been there. It really is breathtaking place, and your photography is stunning. You inspired me to make post about Plitvice. 😍😍 Heaven on earth.

Ah, great :) I am pleased to hear that! I would love to see your story once you publish it, especially if it is from a different season! Please mention me when you publish it here :)

What a beautiful experience, Croatia is stunning! Thanks for sharing :)

My pleasure and thanks!

Croatia is really beautiful, hope to visit there someday

You won't regret it, indeed a beautiful contry!

wow ........owsam pics and good job.

Great photography...

Appreciated :)

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Thanks a lot and cheers :)

I love those pictures look so beautiful and amazing and special in the water how beautiful day it is and so clean I cannot believe my eyes I would say that is the perfect place to take pictures but of course it’s your skill that you have captured that place so beautifully that anyone can see the beauty of that place

Most of it I like the wooden bridge that is so amazing I know I will be very scared to walk on that but still that looks so nice to me

Thank you :) Amazing place to spend some time indeed :)

Oh so you did the whole 7 hour tour?
Theres quite a lot of walking involved for the whole tour. Amazing photos

We were there for more than 7 hours, definitely. Got in as early as possible and we left somewhere around sunset. Yes, a lot of walking :)) Thank you!