Copenhagen boat ride from Black Diamond to Refshaleøen

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The funny thing about being a tourist is that you tend to do things you wouldn't do at home. Back in London, we have the Thames River boat, a public transport that takes you along the River Thames. They're a lot cheaper than the tourist cruise ships but a little more expensive than taking the tube or bus. Plus they are not included in the public transport travel tickets, so I've never thought of going on them before.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, they have a similar service called the harbour bus, and the price is the same as taking the bus or metro. Perfect!! Doing the touristy thing in the economical way is right up my street!

I took the northbound service getting on outside The Black Diamond, the Royal Danish Library (a post about this will follow, it's an incredible building) going to Refshaleøen, a hip area on a former shipyard that has lots of street food stalls, start ups and an ultra expensive 2 star Michelin restaurant that cost over US$540 per head. The boat ride takes half an hour, makes 5 stops and only cost a little over USD3. It's a great value to see part of Copenhagen by water.

The boat is very spacious inside with lots of seats but most people opted to stand outside, afterall the whole point of doing this is sight seeing.


So I boarded outside the Black Diamond and sailed past the building as we headed north. I had just spent some time inside the building, and to be honest the exterior isn't half as stunning as the inside. Patience please, I will show you later.


We passed by some amazing architecture along the harbour, but I haven't managed to find out the building names. Everything seems so stylish here, I wouldn't be surprised if they're just random normal buildings.






This area I do know, it's the famous Nyhavn, the iconic colourful houses by the waterfront that always appear on postcards. You can't see the houses very clearly from this image as we were a little away from the harbour.


After a lovely half an hour boat ride along the beautiful Copenhagen harbour we arrived at Refshaleøen.

They have an awesome street food market here called Reffen, and I can imagine the vibe would be really great at night time. Here's a day time taster for everyone. Gonna grab some food now. See Ya!!

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You went from Hivefest to Copenhagen? :D

Yup! Hold on!! You're in Copenhagen?

Yes, I live here :p

Ah!! Very nice city, will be leaving tomorrow

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you are very lucky to be able to walk by boat while enjoying the beauty around it

It's a great alternative way to see a city, makes a nice change from walking on the street

The building you were talking about near black diamond is known as Det Kgl. Bibliotek (Det Kongelige Bibliotek), royal libraby of Copenhagen...

The inside of the boat is great, seems luxurious. Enjoy your time in Denmark...Love the architecture of Copenhagen...

The library was amazing!! I went there before the boat trip, had a great day out

Really nice building...

It looks like you had some great weather. Did you have to re-mortgage your house to buy a coffee yet?

I pretty much had to on the previous day, went on a day trip to another city, the train cost an arm and a leg!!

Looks like it was a beautiful adventure for you! The photos are amazing! I don't think I have ever been to a place with any michelin stars. $540 a pop is pretty nuts though. I bet the portions are so tiny too. Give me my corner bar where I can get more fries than any sane person can eat for $10!

And that place is fully booked months ahead as well, the price doesn't seem to put them off!!

It was a very nice break after Hivefest, sort of needed to wind down after a few full on days

I can only imagine!

The funny thing about being a tourist is that you tend to do things you wouldn't do at home

Could not have put it better myself, weird how we think foreign climes are more interesting than our own towns to our fellow Hivians, but probably they would be just as interesting to them!!

It's like we saw a windmill outside one of the Hivefest venues in Amsterdam, and we were all taking photos, but the locals didn't bat an eyelid

lol @livinguktaiwan , we are strange creatures!!!

I used to spend many a weekend in Copenhagen. Absolutely one of my favourite cities for the amazing modern architecture that compliments the old. There used to be an incredible museum of design ....just can't remember exactly where but it was full of inspiration and cool ideas, especially a room dedicated to small houses, long before they became a thing which for me was like being in heaven having being a minimalist and lover of organised tiny spaces for years and having a connection to a SE Asian homeless charity.

The connection for me was Hans Christian Andersen who I'd played in a musical so I enjoyed following the blue plaques and there is no better place in the world to eat and drink than Nyhavn on a Saturday night.

Did you go to Tivoli gardens or have I just trashed the surprise of your next post? lol

Thanks for invoking the memories, they need a little nudge these days ;-)

Didn't go to Tivoli even though I know it's very famous, dunno why I'm not attracted to it. I think it may be the Design Museum you're referring to? I looked it up and was interested to go but didn't have enough time.

I did go to Hans Christian Andersen birth place, that was a nice day out. Will be posting of course ☺️

Overall Copenhagen is a nice city, even managed a last minute meet up with a local Hiver!!

Looks like a create cruise trip - such lovely buildings around the harbour !

It was a great way to get around and very affordable!!!


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That is wonderful idea to visit Copenhagen, it seems we travel too little around Europe, there are so many wonderful places and it is really close. The waterfront with traditional houses in different colours and boats are wonderful landmark of Danemark. Lovely trip with a boat.

I'm looking forward to do more traveling around Europe now, can get to so many places within a couple hours flight.

Nice pictures, enjoy your trip

Great sky~ look at that. I can see your chillin out pretty hip with those neat converse sneakers. ;)
Hope you have a safe trip heading back to UK as well. Have fun!!

Thanks! Three days went by so quick in Copenhagen!

You are there now? Not bad at all actually! Ive never really been there but it looks like something worth visiting and you are in luck with the weather big time

I went over on Monday, just left today ( Friday). The weather has been great during my few days in Copenhagen

Such a beautiful place. But I love that last photo hehe

It was so relaxing there, they had deck chairs and filled the area with sand, plus it was by the river, great place to chill out

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Beautiful photos!

Agree with you, when you are a tourist you always do something that you could actually do in your country but did not for some reason ) It's like - I'm on vacation, free of any restrictions )

Love your bottle, by the way 😉

Say Hi to Snowpea from us ❤️

You should have got the same water bottle?

Snowpea says Hi to Sonia and her new friend, I forgot her name.... 😅

You should have got the same water bottle?

I was kidding, probably should add more smiles 😊😄😂

I still hesitate about the name for Sonia's new girlfriend. Martina suggested "Jolanta", and my daughter proposed "Una", it's short and really lovely. Which one do you like more?

By the way, I saved Sonia's HiveFest card made by you. Now we both are "official attendees" 😊

Oh wow!! This is the first time that I see this city with sun, it’s so beautiful!! You are totally right! When you travel as a tourist you use to do things that there is no way you’ll do at home, lol. Lucky you that found that boat at the same price that a bus! I would choose the same option!

I'm not sure whether it's always this nice or if I was lucky, either way, it was so nice during all three days here, especially going on the boat ride

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