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RE: Freezing at 543 meters above sea level

Hi there Harmen, welcome to Hive, particularly another traveller. It's crazy to see freezing snowy mountains at so low altitude, it must have been freezing there. But it's so beautiful there, like you're the only person in the whole world.

I'm part of the haveyoubeenhere and pinmapple team on Hive and we're the largest and most active travel community on Hive so it's really nice that you choose to make your first post with us, and I guess/hope we'll be seeing a lot of you around.

In order to make your Hive journey a lot smoother, here's some tips that would be useful for newbies

  1. Do a self introduction post so people can get to know you better. You've jumped right onto Hive and pinned your post onto Pinmapple which is not the easiest thing to do for a newbie, so I guess you know people on Hive already. Mention them in your self introduction post as it adds creditability especially if they're credible themselves 😉

2 sadly we get a lot of impersonators on Hive who monetise other people's content. In order to protect yourself and your content, we advice people to add the Hive link in their social media profile so the Hive community know they're supporting the correct person

3 and finally, in order to maximize your rewards on Hive, you can post directly from our community using the main front ends such as, or as they will give you access to all the rest of thee Hive ecosystem enabling you to build your network beyond travel. Furthermore, using these front ends means you get to keep all your post rewards as they don't take any beneficiary cuts from you.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask, and hope to see you around!



Thank you so much for the nice compliments and really helpful advice!

It was crazy to be there on the top of that mountain. I had been there multiple times before but never experienced such harsh conditions. I had been there with a lot of snow on every other occasion too, but this particular time was really cold and hard. It was epic though! It makes you feel so alive. The reason that there is so much snow at such low altitude is because it is well within the Arctic circle.

I will make an introduction post! That is a really good idea!

Greetings Harmen