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RE: Visiting Ålesund, the city that burned

I went there 9 years ago as one of those millions of annoying cruise ship tourist that land in Alesund every year 😀. I guess you didn't have to put up with that during your visit.

I remember Alesund was our first port of call and the first time I set foot on Norway soil. Sadly I only spent a day there (actually not even a full day) which is the thing I hate about cruises, hopefully can return some time.


No cruise ship tourists this year. Just Norwegian tourists that would normally travel abroad instead. The town where I live, Bergen, has like 500k cruiseship tourists visiting each year. Such a wild amount for a city that has just below 300k citizens.

I can imagine going through the fjords with the cruiseship was great. You probably went to Geiranger as well?

Yes we did, and we went to Bergen as well!! You are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world!