A Day To Remember: Our Journey to Bukidnon Province

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Inspired by one of the best bloggers here on HIVE @ybanezkim26 I am now trying to start my own post featuring places I visited perhaps both in the Philippines and abroad.

And to start with I will feature my birthplace BUKIDNON, a province in the Northern Mindanao, Philippines.

I’ve been away from this place I call my home for more than 20 years but every time I have a chance I make it sure that I could visit Bukidnon and thank God for the chance. Before this pandemic started I used to go to Bukidnon during special occasions like All Soul’s Day, Fiesta Celebration, and sometimes during birthdays of my relatives. Now it’s been more than 6 months since I last visited my hometown.

I was born in Bukidnon, Kibawe in particular. I finished both my elementary and high school in the same place until such time that I need to leave the place to enter College.

When I finished college I was fortunate enough to be hired by one of the largest drug chain of stores in the Philippines and was assigned in Zamboanga City, that made me live away from Bukidnon until such time that I was able to raise a family of my own and reside in Cagayan de Oro City until now.

Last year I got the chance to visit my hometown together with my family. I was with my wife and 4 kids since my eldest was in Davao at that time.

Our first stop was in Malaybalay, the capital city of Bukidnon. Malaybalay is tagged as the little Baguio because of its cold weather especially at night. I remember staying in this place for 5 straight months and truly, taking a bath in the morning was for me is a continuous agony LOL.

Since it was around lunchtime, we decided to stop in the Capitol area, here you can find big trees and beautiful flowers. Before we took our lunch we had a picture taking, as a remembrance for such a chance to be there is quite rare considering our busy life both being students and workers.

So this area is adjacent to Kaamulan Park, a perfect place to stay if you want peace and serenity or simply want to be with nature or you can also have a dry picnic with the family, indeed great place to play and enjoy with a lot of trees scattered around.

If we had a lot of time we should have stayed a little longer for we really love the ambiance, it's too far from the big city. In that place even if it was lunchtime we still wore our jackets because it's really cold.

My kids enjoyed taking pictures, they already accumulated a lot of photos during our first stop, after a while, we took our lunch and heed on to our next stopover.





Is one of the top destination in Malaybalay City during Holy Week. It took us only about 10 minutes from the highway to the chapel. Not too much has changed since I last visited this pyramid chapel, perhaps after 10 years’ time, I still find it extraordinary, not a usual chapel, its serenity really makes it special.


I used to have a one day recollection in this place when I was still in college. It is truly an ideal place for recollection and retreat, indeed a perfect place for reflection. If you want peace of mind and calmness of soul and spirit, spend an hour or two here in the Transfiguration Monastery specifically located in San Jose, Malaybalay City.



Special masses are also celebrated here, and I think they also allow exceptional wedding ceremony although I know it’s a bit expensive.

You can also buy something in their souvenir shop, by doing so you are helping the local farmers in the area.



It was my kid’s first time to visit this magnificent place and they really treasured the moment. I'm sure they won't hesitate to go back there if given the chance.

So after spending a few moments and after offering prayers, we went back to our journey and in about 3 hours we arrived in Kibawe, Bukidnon, the place where I was born and raised. Maybe I will write about it in the future. For the meantime....

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That's all ladies and gentlemen, thank you for reading and till next!


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Ganahan kay ko daara sa Bukidnon ai kay bugnaw. Dili uso ang panington.

Bugnaw gyod sa Bukidnon car labi na diha sa Malaybalay.

Kaanha ko dara sir. Naa man koy mga relatives dara side sako Mama. Mao magtravel ko kay magdeluxe lang kay lami kaayu ang hangin.

Bitaw bugnaw gyod ang hangin

Aso aso na bro. That's good. Sundoga ang mga tag na gigamit ni Kim para mas daghan ang makakita sa imu post. Good work and good post. I look at your kids and they are really happy. Your decision to relocate back to the country has really paid off.

Naningkamot kog sundog sa iya presentation sa pics di pa gyod nako makuha tanan pero makabalo rako pohon hehe, tnx sir im happy also na for almost 2 years uban na gyod mi sa ako family.

Kato diay sa mga iring wala ka nagpost? Kada Sabado to bro. Kung naa kay mga pics sa mga iring i-post nimu sa caturday community. Kung wala, kuha lang ka sa internet unya himoan nimu og istorya. Naa ni siyay following. Sulaya daw bro.

yes sir salamat ako na gilista ang saturday mga iring, ang friday katong marketfriday, wedenesday dayon wednesday walk, hopefully mapareha na sa imo ako earnings per blog dagko na kaayo hehe, unsaon diay tuod pagpa upvote ni bobbylee? murag naa siya pirmi sa imo mga posts

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Hi bro, I'm from Quezon City, my province is Nueva Ecija, I've been planning to visit Bukidnon. Keep them coming.