Magic Places - Natural History Museum - London

Standing in the main hall of the Natural History Museum in London must feel a bit like standing in Hogwarts, if it were real. All the intricate details and the winding staircases along the hall are just fascinating.

If you ever have the chance to visit London, make sure to also pay a visit to this beautiful museum once traveling and such visits are possible again. There's a lot to explore and learn during a day in the museum and there isn't even an entry fee.

If you are a photographer, you will want to bring your wide angle lens and take your time in the main hall. There are no tripods allowed, but if you place your camera on one of the balustrades you can still take long exposures.

This is what I did for the photo below. I took several long exposures, ranging from 10 to 20 seconds, to later be able to remove nearly all the people from the frame. What's left are just ghosts. It's also worth returning several times to this hall throughout the time of your visit, because the changing light from the outside creates quite different atmospheres.


Natural History Museum? More like Hogwarts!
Love the shot though, the lighting is beautiful.

Hehe, as I write - looks like you'd imagine Hogwarts ;-)

What a great long exposure! Definitely looks like Hogwarts might have been influenced by it. I lived in the UK for a year and must admit I never visited there, I'm quite sad I didn't go, it really does look like a magical place. 🌱🌸

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