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A few weeks ago I went on my first little trip into the German Alps since nearly one year. I visited one of my favorite areas around Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

While the first day was dedicated to do hiking in the mountains, I spent the second day at lake Walchensee.


The Walchensee is one of the deepest alpine lakes in Germany with a depth of nearly 200 meters. It's deep blue waters and the surrounding mountains can give you a bit of Canada feeling.

Below I show you two of the photos I took from one of my favorite places around the lake. This rocky shore at the eastern side of the lake is the perfect place to photograph sunset.

The rocks in the foreground, the little island in the middle of the Walchensee and the Simetsberg mountain in the background with the Wetterstein mountains peeking out behind it provide all the subject matter necessary for an enjoyable evening of photography.

The only thing I needed was some special light. As the clouds drifted across the sky and the sun slowly set behind the mountains in the west the sky slowly began to glow. 20 minutes after the sun had vanished behind the horizon, the sky was on fire and I was in photographer's heaven.

Kayakers at lake Walchensee in the German Alps
Kayakers at lake Walchensee in the German Alps

Colorful Sunset over lake Walchensee
Colorful Sunset over lake Walchensee

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