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In my last article I already hinted at that after leaving Australia we continued our travels around the world in New Zealand. Since I already shared three articles about our four weeks on New Zealand's North Island here about two years ago, I will not repeat myself now and instead show you the three highlight photos from that trip together with the links to those articles.


We started our tour exploring Northland and our first stop was Piha, which is where I took the following photo during a very colorful sunset.

Here's the corresponding article about our time in the North of New Zealand.


Another highlight of the tour was the visit to Tongariro National Park. It was already my second attempt to photograph the volcanoes of the park and this time the weather was perfect.

You can read more about our days in Tongariro National Park and the travels leading up to it here.

Rotorua and Coromandel

We spent New Year's Eve in Rotorua. The highlight there for me where not the geysers or hotpools but rather the Redwoods with their thick vegetation, which you see in the photo below.

Here's the article about the last leg of our tour through the North Island.

After our time in New Zealand came to an end, we still had four more countries to visit before finishing our travels. So next up will be Hongkong.

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Splendid photos. Would love to Visit New Zealand .

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I never was in Tongariro National Park, but i think after reading this post i have to! :)

It's a spectacular place. If you visit, make sure to avoid the Tongariro Crossing hike in Summer. It's too crowded. There are many other hikes which are much less frequented, e.g. the Tama Lakes. If you want to do the Tongariro Crossing, make sure to start early at dawn.

Oh i didnt know that, thank you for the tip!:)

Wow beautiful photos. Makes me want to read the articles and find out more.

Yes, you really should :-)