Planina Razor, where majestic peaks meet serene meadows

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Planina Razor (Alpine pasture Razor) is a popular hiking destination in the Julian Alps in the north-western part of Slovenia. Maybe because it is a nice walk ideal also for families, maybe because it offers great views of the surroundings mountains, maybe because you can buy some excellent cheese or just because you find great cottage cheese rolled dumplings at the alpine hut. For sure it is known for its stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

As I have mentioned many times in my posts, I prefer to buy local food, from local farmers and other producers. One of my favourite ones is a dairy farm where we often buy cheese, cottage cheese and other products. We are very lucky since occasionally they organise delivery to my hometown. Yesterday they brought me excellent cheese and it reminded me of last September when we went to Planina Razor (Mountain Razor) where they have their summer pastures.

The mountains surrounding Tolmin (smaller town in the Soča valley) have many Alpine pastures. Some of them are unfortunately abandoned, but some of them are still very lively in the summer months. We had a nice walk that included three of them and one alpine hut. It was a walk from Planina Stador, to Planina Podkuk and Planina Razor.

We took the road from Tolmin, then quickly changed to a smaller and narrow asphalted road that gradually ascends and becomes a macadam road. It is not a large one, but well mentioned, and you can easily get to the first alpine pasture – Stador. While approaching the pastures you will notice an iron fence/gate. That is not that you are not welcome, but is to retain the cows from the pastures.

The alpine pasture of Stador was very calm. The Sheppard’s had already finished with their morning work at the hut and they had already sent the cows to the pastures.

We’ve parked the car and started our walk. It was a nice walking, on the macadam road, mainly protected by the shadows of the surrounding trees, which took us about two hours. It is a perfect place for a nice and easy family walk, that gives you many opportunities to admire the nature around you.

On our way, we also admired the beautiful wild flora that were growing there at the time of our visit, from nice alpine flowers to forest fruits (like the blackberries and rosehip).

Since it is the area of summer alpine pastures, you were always hearing the cow bells. Some were closer some were more distant. But we met cows all along the way. In upper Soča valley, there is a traditional breed of cattle called the Tolminska cika.

We also spotted a hidden cow 😀

We reached the second alpine pasture, Planina Podkuk. A small pasture, but as I remember very famous stop to buy some local dairy products. Years ago, my mother-in-law spent a few days on the pasture helping the shepherds at their work. Her friend is one of the shepherds on this pasture and se was invited to join them. As I remember, as a mountain and nature lover, she was very happy for the experience, but she admitted that the wark is demanding and there is no much “free time”…it was her first and last time.😊

Here we take a quick look at their dairy farm, but just from a small window. The smell of cheese was incredible and the taste was even better. Fresh and still warm cottage cheese is top.

I become hungry and I think that my step became faster…I was already thinking of the sweet treat that I will have at the top, but still I was slowing down from time to time to take some nice pictures of the souring area.

Before reaching the Planina razor (at 1315 meters) we met some more cows and voila, the destination of the day was in front of us.

We said hello to “our shepherds” that regularly supply us with excellent cheese and stepped into the alpine hut.

Embraced by mountains, we found a place in the shadow of a might tree and ordered two small glasses of blueberry schnapps. We had a plate of sauerkraut stew and for desert delicious cottage cheese rolled dumplings.

Perfect lunch that gave us the energy for our hike back, especially because our backpacks were quite heavy, full of cheese and cottage cheese - some for us, and some for our parents.

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The photos of this hiking destination look stunning! Cheese, where you know where it comes from, tastes again quite different than the packaged cheese from the freezer I find... there you have shown us really once again a great place ... <3

Thanks @katrin-lux 😉 You know what's most interesting about this cheese? This cheese is cheaper than the one you buy in the shop, which is really incomprehensible! And we took the cottage cheese home still warm :) Believe me, they are both so full of flavour and aroma that the whole house smelled of them. See you around!

It's really amazing that this cheese is even cheaper despite being so much fresher! In that case you'll have twice as much luck :)
And what could be nicer than that fresh smell..

A fresh taste in my mouth 😋

Looks wonderful and štruklji are the best

Hi @wnfdiary! With ingredients like these, štruklji can only be delicious 👍 Thanks for stopping by!

Your photos are amazing as always💗

Thanks, I'm glad you like my photos!

Very beautiful scenery! Wonderful walk!

Hi @tatdt, it was really idyllic and we had a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

This is my kind of landscape 🙂 I love it! It's so idyllic and the weather was also great when you were there.

Thank you for sharing!

I also love such locations, away from the hustle and bustle of the city in beautiful nature. The weather was great at first, but on the way back it started to rain, no big deal, we picked up the pace a bit and survived 😉 See you around!

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Hvala 💚

I love this post..