The iconic picture of Lake Bled (Slovenia)📷

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The panoramic photo of Lake Bled, together with its island and the Bled Castle perched on the high cliff above the lake, is one of the most famous pictures of this beautiful glacial lake. We’ve been in Bled many times but never managed to do the hike to the hill Ojstrica and admire the view.

It’s been a while that I haven’t written a post, and I could find several excuses (overload at work, summer heat, family issues, etc.), but the truth is that we were planning our next trip, and this also takes a lot of researching and planning. But here we go. I’m ready to share with you some of the nice day trips that we did last month in our beloved Slovenia.

Last weekend in June, my wife had a business meeting in Bled, and we decided to make it a family trip to Bled. We knew that she would be working for a few hours, so my son and I decided to go for a walk along Lake Bled and for a hike to Ojstrica Hil to check if the view is really that nice. The weather was not ideal for photography, with a couple of clouds. This, of course, didn't deter us from taking our iconic panoramic photo of Lake Bled 📷.

My son and I started our hike on the western part of the lake, where the point of view was located on the opposite side. The first part of our walk was along the lake shore. This is a pleasant and nice walk that I warmly recommend whenever you visit Lake Bled. The weather was very warm, and there were many swimmers in the lake. Personally, I prefer warmer waters, and the lake was not ready for me yet (or I was not ready for the lake yet 😊).

So, we continued our walk and arrived at the foot of the 611 metre-high hill. On the left side of Zaka Campsite, there is a forest trail that brings you to the top of the hill.

The name Ojstrica, in Slovene, means a sharp peak, and it got its name after its pointed shape. It is written that the climb to Ojstrica takes only 20 minutes, but the hike is very steep. I’m happy that my wife skimped this hike, since the last
part of the hike is with the help of steel cable/rope and I’m sure my wife would freeze there.

The view from the top is gorgeous. Beside the Lake Bled, the castle, and the island, you also see the centre of the town and the view of the mountain ranges of Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

On the top, there is a wooden bench that creates the perfect frame for a souvenir photo. The location was not crowded, but still, I was surprised that there were still many visitors, even if the walk is not that easy.

We took some nice photos, relaxed a bit on the bench, and cooled down with some fresh water that we had in our backpacks. It was time to descend and return to the lake shore. I assumed that my wife was about to finish her meeting, and just when we arrived back at the lake shore, she called us.

We ended our walk in a nice café along the lakeshore, not only to refresh ourselves with a nice lemonade but also to recharge our energy with the famous Bled cream cake. This cake is a tradition of Bled cuisine, and it is made in Bled from 1953.

From Bled, we take a short drive to another beautiful glacier lake, the Bohinj Lake, and spend there a wonderful Sunday before returning home.

PS: If you like Bled, you can find out more about it in two of my previous posts (Link 1 and link 2)

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You're so welcome @miljo76 Keep up the great work :)

What a beautiful place in Slovenia. For sure you had a wonderful walk with your son seeing this wondrous place. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks @selflessgem, our walk was really amazing. Bled is one of the three most visited tourist destinations in Slovenia and it was really nice to see it from the top for the first time 😀 See you around!

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Many thanks @glecerioberto and @worldmappin team for your support, I really much appreciate it!

You're welcome, @miljo76! Pleased we could support you. :)

Postcard-perfect!! What a spot to build one's castle... 🏰

Thanks! The inhabitants of the castle at that time had a truly breathtaking view...but they must have worked hard to build the castle, when there was no construction machinery 😅

Awesome! 👍

Thank you!

What a breathtaking view! How cold is the lake water? I saw children bathing and enjoying it.
They have some very beautiful landscapes in your country. I liked all your photos.

Thanks, this view of Lake Bled is really beautiful! These days the water temperature is around 23C, which is quite suitable for a refreshing jump in the water, but I just wouldn't soak in the water for long, I prefer higher temperatures 😚

Ah, I keep saying that I should see this one day, especially that is so close to Romania!!

You are more than welcome! One good hour of flight and you're here,...come, you won't regret it

Amazing views @miljo76 friend!

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

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The view of the lake is very beautiful.

I totally agree with you, Lake Bled is really stunning place. Thanks for stopping by!


This was a great adventure! Thanks for sharing with us :)

It's my pleasure, thanks for dropping by!

Its magnificent. Honestly, it can be made as a desktop wallpaper haha. How cold is the water? A lot of kids seem to enjoy swimming.

Yes, I agree 😀 It was about 23C at the time, but it must have gone up even more because we are currently experiencing a heatwave. Our sea is at 29 C degrees at the moment 😅

Honestly speaking this is beautiful I'm using them for wallpaper already

Great! Thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful 😍❤️

Nature is just so beautiful that most times one cannot resist the urge to take pictures once stumbled on its arena.

You are absolutely right. Sometimes you need to pick up a camera and capture the moment. Thanks for dropping by!