Let's Travel to Avignon Today

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This Sunday afternoon we are going to travel. Back in time, of course, and also to another place. To France. A beautiful country, a lot to offer, history, cities, countryside, sea, mountains, food, wine and music. Some nice musicians are here from that place, that bring great music, as for example @edprivat. When I read something or write a post, which is not a music-related one, I like to listen to music, with the headphones on as I can not concentrate another way. So, usually, I listen to his music, but as well, to some new finds. Right now I am listening to this track, while writing, as what suits better a post about a French city that we visited this summer than music from the same country.



This summer, as some of you already know, we travelled a bit around Europe. Not so much as other years, but still we drove through Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and back. It was a trip to visit family and friends. Along the way, we stopped at places where we found it interesting, and also where hours of driving led to fatigue. Usually, we plan ahead where will we stay and reserve the places in advance where we want to sleep. But coming back to Spain, we took a different route and without a lot of planning.





We had it clear, that we want to change the usual one because on many roads works through Italy, as I already mentioned in one post, so we took the road on the northern part of Italy, slept in Monza then the next day drove to France. We haven't reserved a hotel for the second day, and well, there was almost nothing to choose from. Everything was +300 eu per night in Montpellier where we wanted to rest. The only one, with an acceptable price, was in Avignon. So that was one of the reasons why we ended up there for one day! And it was so great!




We accommodated in the hotel and went to the city centre. Luckily, we went on foot, as there was dense traffic all around the old part of the city. We walked first along the river Rhone and enjoyed the view of this famous Bridge from the XII century. It is Pont d'Avignon, and also there is a song called "Sur le Pont d'Avignon", with a dance that was performed under the bridge, dating back to the fifteenth century.





One of the biggest and most important buildings you can see in the city centre of Avignon is The Palace of the Popes. You can not miss it, it is huge. So many people were around, some of them looking for the shadow on the hot summer day. This Palace of the Popes is one of the most important Gothic medieval buildings in Europe. It was both a fortress and palace, also the papal residence during the 14th century. As I love to observe the cathedrals and Gothic buildings in France, this was a joy for me to see. A nice square where we spent some time, resting from the walk.






There was a street musician, he played nicely.


Later, we walked around the walls of Avignon. The wall actually served as defence, in the 14th century. It is in very good shape. This is due to the constant repairs that have taken place during all these centuries. In some spots, it was damaged, but in general, it is in good condition.





What I also liked are the typical narrow streets, offering shadow and refreshment for the tourists. Yes, there were a lot of them, me and my boys included. In one of the following photos, my son is captured. He usually doesn't like to be in the photos, I understand, me neither. But, it happened that he walked and looked at something exactly where I was taking one photo. So, who wants to play and guess at which photo is he and who is he? I will number the photos, and if you want to play write in the comment section the number of the photo where you think my son can be found. I will find the way to support the one who will guess the first :)














I like your travel posts so much! Every time I see them, they make me want to go somewhere. :-)

Avignon looks pretty neat. Never been, only heard about the bridge and the papal residence. Hahaha, and yes, that French song!

So let me venture an attempt at your guessing game: I'd say he's the kid in picture 6, only because the whole setup looks so inadvertent to me. Like he was actually looking at something, while you were trying to get a shot of the square, possibly the buildings and the big tree, without noticing that he was in the picture. Did I get it right?

That is good, grab your backpack and go for a trip :)

It was our first stay there too, although some previous years we just passed by it. I really loved this day! Yes, the song was inevitable for me to mention hahaha :D

Oooooow, your guess is spot on!!! First person to attempt and it is correct. Your explication is also correct, I said he was looking at something, and yes, the only one who stared somewhere was he :D Though I tried to put photos of random people passing by, to mislead :)))

A small tip is coming your way!! 👏👏👏
Thank you for taking part in this small guessing game 🙌

NICE!!! Thanks for the challenge. Okay, now you may feel like you made it too easy, but to tell you the truth, I felt like taking a shot in the dark. There were other pics with boys in it that may have been true just as well.

And you know what? I have a post prepared to publish tomorrow, for which you came to mind while I was writing it. It's in my Monday Music series, and this time it is (partially) about a classical composer. So I hope you'll enjoy it. 😀

You are welcome, and thank you for reading carefully and being brave to guess :)
I might put in my next posts again some kind play hahaha, it is more fun 😇

And you know what? I have a post prepared to publish tomorrow, for which you came to mind while I was writing it. It's in my Monday Music series, and this time it is (partially) about a classical composer. So I hope you'll enjoy it. 😀

COOL!!! Let me know somehow, although I work tomorrow until late, so will be less active during the day but for sure I will read and listen to your post in the evening when I arrive home!!! Can wait for it, you made me now think which composer it could be haha. No, I will just leave it to be a surprise, don't tell me anything!!

Well, to give you a bit of a teaser: It's about one of the less famous composers of the classical period (1760's to early 1800's should fall into this era), who has the same name as a very famous musician of American counterculture in the 1960's. Okay, any more details would give him away. Still I hope you'll like it, and that you actually know the composer. 😉

At the moment I have no clue 🤣

But I am looking forward to seeing it in your Monday Music post 😇🎶🎶🎶

You're so lucky still to be able to go to so many places this summer,not a bad time as there are less people around.

Although there were some better years for travelling, I agree, we were pretty lucky this year. When we were coming back to Spain, there were already more restrictions in some countries, but we managed to enjoy until the last day :)

It's been only the UK who can't, so odd. 🤷🏼 Greek fest in TN yesterday:



Hahahaha, @rozku , I had to listen very carefully, picked up some words, and the most I understood was : na moście Awinion , or something like that :))

How funny version, I would never imagine the existence of Sur le pont song in Polish!!! You are great in finding interesting music 🙌

I am sure you could sing the song "Sur le pont d'avignon" 😆

One thing for sure, hive is making us get off our couches and explore! Great pics, I am sure I would enjoy Avignon!

Haha, I could sing it, but maybe not publish it :D

Yes, indeed, it makes us explore around! You would enjoy the visit to Avignon, yes, but then, your garden and field would wait you back. It is a real gem you have right now!

really cool that you were relatively spontaneous on your trip and also stopped at places that are not planned :) i think spontaneous stops are often the best when traveling. beautiful photos you have from france!

Thank you @katrin-lux , yes, definitely the most interesting activities are the spontaneous ones, however, mostly we like to plan ahead and be prepared. To be sure what is waiting for us, but always, yes, always there some surprises we have to face, so it is never boring hahahaha. Thanks for stopping by, your diving video in Maldives is cool 👌

thank you :) yes my vacations are mostly a mix of both :)

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Que lugar tan hermoso!! Parece de ensueño e ideal para hacer películas. Me parece que lograste capturar muy bien la esencia del lugar, creo que ya te lo dije una vez pero tienes talento como fotógrafa.