Shipwrecks in Sile river

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Imagine being situated only twenty minutes away from Venice, Italy. You have one day to spend touring and you can fulfil a lifelong dream of crossing small bridges in the city, sitting in a gondola and sailing the canals of Venice while the gondolier sings you some beautiful Italian song. Do you like the plan? Well, I have already visited Venice, my husband is not a big fan of tourist places, so for us, it would not be the perfect plan. Though, it doesn't mean it will not happen in a month or two, as maybe we will spend a bit more time there and not just one day. And then, maybe I can use the advice one hive friend suggested:

if there are many tourists, call out for bomb attacks the day before you plan the visit {LOL}

That could work well, but this time we opted for nature. In the company of some nice people - and dogs :D . A mini hive meet-up happened, a nice walk that @amico.sports, @ph1102, @bdog, @holydog and @mipiano took together in a place called Cimitero dei burci , close to a small village Silea (Treviso, Italy)


Having spent that so nice day out there, I was interested more in the place and which river it is, why the name of the place, what are those old wrecks are in the water etc. Amico sent me in Italian some information, so here comes my understanding and a very short summary of it.


The Burci Cemetery is an archaeological site in the province of Treviso, in a bend of the Sile river (between the new cut of the river and the branch of the dead river). It is situated in the protected natural area of ​​the Sile River Regional Natural Park and its extension is about 15,000 square meters.


From the archaeological research carried out recently, it was discovered that between the years 1974-75 many traditional transport boats were abandoned at the site. Research is continuing to determine more information on the wrecks and on the history of the place which takes its name from the burci, a class of flat-bottomed river transport boats, typical of the Po Valley.



Historical sources show the presence of large transport boats on the Sile and various Venetian canals and rivers. The use of burci and other transport boats continues to be regularly documented in Veneto until the 1970s, but then road transport completely suppressed it. This area was the last of the Italian regions that abandoned river transport.



Currently, the area is used for other purposes. There are countless
small bridges where you can cross the river and take really long walks. If you would like, you could go by bike or on foot to Munich in Germany from this place. Cool, isn't it?






We just walked and talked, and our guide was @holydog, a free spirit. He always goes first, he is checking is it safe for us to walk there, are there some squirrels, ducks or swans. He found plenty of all of them.






He found not only ducks, but also otters. We watched two otters swimming and washing their faces with their paws. They were cute.



The other dog, Bella aka @bdog was always with us. We even don't have to ask where is Bella, we know, she is always around our legs. Our shadow :)




In the same place, on the other side of the river, we came across an interesting building. It is now abandoned, but it used to be a corn oil factory. It gives a nice reflection in the water.



The day was warm, one of the warmest so far this summer season, at least that's what the locals said. But the walk through that greenery was pleasant and we didn't feel that heat as if we were walking in the city. The water certainly contributed to our feeling of freshness, but also the hunger came after that walk. There is a great pizzeria nearby, believe me, we ate the best pizza ever.





The evening came and we had to go to take a rest and continue with our trip the next morning. I said goodbye to this beauty and headed back to civilisation.




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Oh, what a great place for a mini meetup! The opening with the bridge is gorgeous and really makes me want to get going. Oh, lucky dogs get to go too!

Fun, freedom, and beauty. It was a perfect day!

Yes, the dogs were happy to freely run in the bridges and paths. Actually, they are spending there more time with amico :) It was the first time for me being there and I enjoyed it a lot :)

It was a perfect day, indeed 🦄✨✨✨

Oh, we could also organize a big-HIVE-meetup: given the restrictions imposed by the covid situation to meet in closed places, could it be a good solution to organize the next meetup in wide spaces surrounded by nature?

!PIZZA !BEER and a huge hug! 🤗

Nice idea :)

Although, a mini one will happen soon again 😇



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Ohhh this is so my kind of place! Quiet, with lots of trees, narrow pathways..
And the water is so still...

Hey hey @ewkaw , thank you for the support 🤩✨
The place was cool, the company too, the bridges and trees, paths, swans, ducks, squirrels... Everything was 👌✨✨ Better than being in Venice city centre 😁

🛶 :))
This was Venice in nature. Canals, bridges, boats (though wrecks) all that we can find in the city :) but this was nicer 🙃

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@rozku , thaaaaaanks 🤗✨✨✨✨

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What a beautiful place @mipiano ^_^ it makes me wanna visit there one day...

It was very nice indeed 😊

Way to set the bar documenting these things. And then close out with the dogs?! No fair.

The third one down with the swan, I think it's a swan, would make a good painting on a shiny bowling ball.

Yes, it's a swan 🦢 there were so many of them...for many shiny bowling balls :)

The dogs were the main actors that day, they had to take the last part of the post too 😇.
But I am wondering how some landscapes from Italy attracted your attention 😁

Touché. It was Mipiano that got me.

Still looks like a gorgeous bowling ball mural.


Another shot, probably the same swan, but who knows now. Photo taken by my son, same place, same day. The camera and the photo was not with me so it is a bit delayed response 😅

You were talking about bowling ball mural ;D

Love it photography


Great photos and an interesting post!

Thanks 😊

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Hiya :D
That is great, thanks @ybanezkim26 and @pinmapple team 🙌 😇

Your choice looks so much better than an overcrowded village on the water! Heard in Covod times Venice was kinda empty but didn't see photo's so can't judge. Once I was in Venice in October which was pretty good, tourist wise. I was almost the only one on Piazza San Marco. Must have been two decades ago, so kinda ancient times {LOL}.

I said goodbye to this beauty and headed back to civilisation.

{LOL} ... your friends are not living in civilisation? {LOL}

{LOL} ... your friends are not living in civilisation? {LOL}

😅 who is not living in civilisation now is me... or it was supposed to be like that :D

But now you must be in civilisation! or?

You see... mission failed to live outside it!

Looks very peaceful and spotless as far as litter is concerned, nice!

It was very calm and clean, I enjoyed a lot the time spent there :)

Loved the green lush scenery. A far cry from the crowded Venice.

All that green was great ☺️

Very true. Hope you can drop by my blog too where I also write about my travels.

Wow! Looks like an awesome place to do a run! I also did a run just outside Venezia when on vacation. Not as nice location as this, but still 😃
Nothing like relaxing and enjoying life after a run in beautiful Italy with a !PIZZA and a !BEER 😍

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Hey there, thank you for stopping by. :)

Yes, the place was so nice and brought us so great time. We walked there with a friend who is bare foot runner actually :) But this time we just sad a slow walk and great time.

Perfetto! 😃