Those stunning views - video footage!

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Tomorrow is promising to be a great day. We have a plan to spend the whole day in the mountains, a place where we really like to go. I could organize this as finally tomorrow I don't have any lessons or other commitments, so why not spend the day in nature? I still have some work to finish, although I wanted to go to sleep at some "normal" time. Something like before 1 or 2 a.m. I highly doubt it will happen!

So, the mountains that we will visit tomorrow are not those that are coming in this post. The photos from here are made in one place that we visited with our friends in April. I posted about the village Chulilla and the ruins of the castle, up on the hill.


I was impressed with the views from that place. The feeling was so great, that I wanted to stay there for a whole day or more, but nothing really else can be done there. There are just ruins that are left from the castle, but the landscape... impressive. It is still fresh in my memory, and even more colourful when I watched the videos I shot there. Those few short videos are made now into one.

I didn't want to forget the place. But I can't just store those videos on my phone forever. I will have to erase them (if not today, but one day) so the better option is to put them together and save them in this format on the external hard disk. The photos too.


What made that place so different are those rock formations. The huge vertical walls of the mountain are amazing. For me, just to observe, but when we were there we saw a few people climbing those vertical rocks. Of course, one has to be professional in the field to do that. For us, just ordinary people who like to hike on less dangerous paths, the views are also enough!


The fortress (more precisely what is left of it) is placed on the top of a small hill that can be climbed from the village itself. It has three main spots from where you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape. From the ruin of the tower, we can see the fields and the fertile land, surrounded by the mountains. From the middle of the fortress wall, the village shows itself. The structure of it is a medieval Spanish village, in different levels. Looking towards the north, we see the canyon that surrounds the river Turia.


But all this can be seen better in the video footage that is coming now. I hope you would like to see also those stunning mountains, and maybe also listen to some music?

Well, I played the piano for this occasion, of course at my home. There is a composer, Philip Glass whose music is used as a soundtrack in some documentaries. I especially liked to watch a trilogy, The Qatsi Trilogy (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqats). For some time, I used to put the movie and later just the tracks, as background music in our home.

Though I play here another composition, Opening, and I play it on the piano, it reminds me of that trilogy. And my video footage is not a real documentary, for sure, but it is just a small glimpse of a place I really enjoyed.


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Great video with beautiful music!
Already breathtaking!

Thanks @ludmila.kyriakou

It was indeed breathtaking!
Maybe I will want to visit that place again :)

You're going to the mountain! Awesome 👌 The mountains are my favorite. I wish I lived by mountains so I could hike every weekend. Have fun!

Great views from the castle ruins. Looks incredible

Thanks, I didn't hike a lot today, but it was indeed a day full of funny happenings ;)

WOW what nice views indeed! Nice piano playing, in sync and all with the video, the end shows that the most. Had to look up this place, close to Valencia :) But but but where is the fortress itself? No footage?
The external harddrive = HIVE? or a proper external hard drive and as well HIVE?

The fortress is gone... no footage. There are just some ruins, not really a lot to see from the old castle and tower. But, the walls of the fortress and the entrance can be seen. Yes, close to Valencia, and in case you have time and want to check that is small village where we ended by a chance, and also a route that was not planned as I wanted another one with some hanging bridges. So that was the story when the coin decided several times where we would go 😂

Yes, a proper external hard drive, 4TB. But hive is here too, when I am lazy to save the things on my own :)) In fact, I am lazy. Many times :D

That little village looks very nice and cozy.
Fortress: Darn shame nothing is there anymore.
Lazy: Lazy squared suites you?

Lazy squared is perfection 👌

Those cliff walls are amazing! The view down the valley of all the roads and roofs tops is fabulous.

Yes, the views towards that valley are great :)) Loved them, indeed!

Good evening @mipiano 👋🏻
Hope you finish soon and can go to bed 😉
Sounds like an awesome day mañana 😎 enjoy it 😁 have fun!

Yes, I remember the other posts. How wonderful to see the video. Beautiful area you had visited with friends not that long ago. Stunning place.
Thanks for sharing the video 😁
Good night 😴😴😴

Good morning @littlebee4 :))

I am glad you liked the video footage too! A cool place, indeedy ☺️

Good day to you @mipiano 👋🏻☀️

A cool place Indeedy 😉 hahaha 🤣
Enjoy your trip!

Everything about this screams peace but at the same time, I am scared of heights so my heart skipped a bit.

I was also scared a bit, I went to the edge and when I saw how high it is and steep...I had to sit down 😂

😆 I wouldn't even go to the edge, my mind is too active.

hahaha, you would already imagine there flying above the valley 😂

Flying you say, I'll imagine falling 😆

I know, I just tried to bring a bit o dreaming hehehe 😇

Hehehe, I should be more like you


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Thank you so much, @choogirl 🌟🌟🌟

I come from a place where there are no mountains and the land is plain. But I was opportuned to visit the east Africa where there are many mountains and beautiful views.
Since then I fell in love with mountains and seeing your video just reminded me of the beautiful experiences I had there!
Thanks for sharing @mipiano

So cool you could see and enjoy the mountains too. I also come from a place where the land is plain, so seeing the mountains is even more interesting :))

that is beautiful ..... did you hike all the way up there, or is there a vehicle cunningly hidden behind a rock?

Hahah, no hidden vehicle around. We climbed to the fortress from the village on foot, and to the village from the river, and until there from the place where we parked the car (by the road, somewhere not so close to the village itself.) There was no parking plot nearby, so it was all a walking experience (something you walked these days without a bus and train and with luggage 😉 )

Read your response and got so tired I am going to lay down .... 🤗

hahaah, it was an exhausting comment 😂😂😂

So cool, wish i was there.

😇 thanks :)
at least, you went there through the vid 😀

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