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RE: Cheongwadae - The Korean President's Blue House

Beautiful, neat and tidy as befits a president's domain my friend!
Glad that the weather was your friend on the day and sad that they wouldn't even allow you guys into the the state room.
But security being what it is all over the world, one cannot blame them.
Besides Covid could also present a danger, but be it as it may, at least you guys enjoyed the trip!


I was a little disappointed we couldn't go in, but you are right about security and now disease concerns.
There is a museum down the street with a lot of photos and a replica of his desk area. One time he did one of his speeches from there and no one noticed the difference.

Ah! If only you could have gotten a photo of that desk area lol.
Maybe you can get a special clearance afte4r this Covid thing to go in there, but I don't think that it is likely.
Did you visit that museum for some shots?

Actually there are a few replicas of his desk around various museums. That museum is unique because you can see his house from the roof. I have a picture of myself at one of them but it's located much further from Seoul. I didn't feel like posting it on Hive since I have no desire to become president of Korea. I think I will have to buy a better camera lens if I want to take indoor photos. My phone is better for this.

So? You have no desire to become the president of Korea?
Do you mean that if you post the picture that people might start to think that you are the president?
It could be a good idea to give you some political clout when you go shopping hahaha.

I see lately that phones take great indoor photos and you are right to stick with it. I borrowed a friends phone to take a photo of a beautiful old ox wagon and it turned out that I took a selfie and not the wagon lol.
Too many small buttons and cameras on those phones, as how can one have a camera that is at the front and another one that is at the back? Who takes photos behind their backs?