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RE: Exploring the lake of St. Moritz

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I know a friend from high school who just moved to Switzerland with his family. After seeing your posts for so long, I am green with envy! Looks like they are enjoying their time already. I'll have to look and see where they are staying, but I think it is close to Zurich.

This place looks amazing. I think I'd much rather be doing the hiking versus the shopping, too. ;)


It must be a big change for them. Switzerland is very different to any other country so it takes a bit time to get used to it. But indeed, the mountains and lakes kind of compensate for this :) We also live close to Zurich, so might be in the same area :)

They just moved from Hong Kong, so I'm sure it's a lot different than there! Looks like they are in Wädenswil, right next to a little winery. So pretty. Though there's nothing you've ever shared that I haven't wanted to see in person!