Picking Coffee in the Gayo Highlands

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Hello Hivers !!!

Gayo Highlands certainly has a lot to offer, not only in terms of its people and surroundings but also in terms of the exquisite coffee grown there. Almost everyone knows how great Gayo coffee is at this point. On the menu of any coffee shop in the world, coffee is virtually always available. This "arabika" coffee, which has taken over the world, is typically used to develop this Gayo highland coffee. The Gayo Highlands, in particular the Takengon Region, are regarded as the best regions for growing coffee. The two most popular types of coffee in this area are arabica and robusta. How does it feel to pick coffee right out of the coffee garden. I want to bring you closer so you can see some images of coffee plucking scenes.

If you get the chance to choose your coffee, it's actually quite a pleasant experience. Coffee plants often thrive in soil that is fertile, loose, and chilly. I would like to educate others about coffee plants. More information about picking coffee, caring for coffee trees, and coffee beans is provided in this essay. Care for coffee trees is similar to that of other plants in many ways. In order for the fertilizer to easily absorb into the soil where the roots are, it must be given to the coffee tree. If the coffee tree is already piled up with dry coffee leaves, it must be cleaned by hoeing with a scratching hoe. Older or already fruiting coffee trees require special care for their shoots, or what is known as "ceding," which is simply growing at the top.

If this is not done, the coffee tree will grow towering upwards, making it difficult to harvest coffee cherries. Because pickers only select coffee cherries that are uniformly red, the process of picking coffee cherries is not particularly challenging. The position of coffee flowers and small coffee cherries is frequently adjacent to large and ripe/red coffee, therefore pickers must exercise extra caution when collecting coffee cherries during flowering season. It is feared that the tiny coffee and coffee flowers would also fall out if you are not attentive. The following harvest should be able to include the young coffee and coffee flowers. Pickers must use caution when working with coffee berries since they can grow on tree branches or twigs.

After picking, producers may continue processing the coffee by grinding and drying it. For coffee buyers, it can also be sold raw or as "selling logs." There, crimson coffee is preferred by the majority of farmers, and cans or bamboo are used to tally sales. Ten bamboos are in a can. At most, a can will cost you between IDR 30,000 and IDR 150,000. If it is sold after being converted into coffee beans, it is once again different because the cost is higher. I highly recommend you try exploring the Gayo Highlands in Takengon, Aceh. I really enjoyed this moment.

That concludes my post, which I hope was informative. I appreciate your support and reading of my post. Success to us all.



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Thank you very much !!!

Thank you very much !!! I appreciated

Well done @ponpase . I also have a small farm of coffee trees and be ready for collecting the red beans on December. This one is arabica bean, right? It gives the so so good smell and tastes. I love it a lot. The farm is so beautiful and clean. I wish I could visit this highland to join the collecting time xD.

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