The Adventure of Tracing the Jungle to the "Peteri Pintu" Waterfall

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Hello Hivers !!!

Activities like camping and travel are inextricably linked to scout education. The air was still cold and the morning was bright. We hurried to clean the tents and the surrounding area of the camp. Our next visit will be one of the popular waterfall tourist spots. Our first move is from this camping area into the city. We'll travel back to Bener Meriah from Takengon's central business district.

We are traveling north from Takengon City's city center in order to reach our desired location. The motorbike ride to the waterfall spot barely takes an hour. We only traveled on a path that was about 5 meters wide. We were treated to a stunning natural panorama along the way. The village and coffee plantations were passed by. That morning, we relished the beauty and cool water.

The teams taking part in this excursion are all very pleased. The Takengon and Bener Meriah areas of the Gayo Mountains, in particular, are well known for their stunning natural scenery, vibrant culture, and traditional istidat practices. Numerous tourist attractions in this area are stunning and calming to the eye. The broad natural scenery is unpleasant to the eye. Plus, coffee is produced in this area. This region is well known for its coffee, which is also exported elsewhere.

Tanah Gayo coffee is very wonderful and unique in taste and satisfaction. because it keeps the values of ancient wisdom and is handled in a traditional manner. So, don't be shocked if there are many tourists in this location. We were fortunate that morning to be able to visit and take in Bener Meriah natural beauty. We went to a waterfall tourist attraction that was close to the city center. This waterfall can be found on the main Jalan KKA-Takengon road on the left as you travel towards Takengon.

The waterfall at this tourist destination is known as "Peteri Pintu". a forest location with a waterfall as its main attraction. A gate with the words "Peteri Pintu Waterfall" Tour is located near the waterfall's entrance. The public is aware of this as one of the recently discovered tourism locations. We must travel through a gravel road to reach the waterfall's location. There are expansive community plantations on both the left and right side of the road.

When we are on an inclination, it becomes difficult. Carrying your train up a clay and rock-filled incline requires extreme caution. Our motorbike tires constantly need to wear out and even leave the road. At least it will take us 20 minutes to get to the parking lot. a place next to the waterfall. From this point on, one might start to hear water droplets and birds chirping.

We had to walk back to tiredness from the parking lot. About 500 meters separate the parking area from the waterfall location. We should start moving into the wilderness right away. This place still has its natural charm and trees. We came across several monkeys on the way. Their distinct voice appeared to begin roaring.

By lunchtime, the woods had become raucous. We crossed the bridge slowly, which the locals had constructed. The universal voice's echo started to fade as I got closer to the trees. The height of this waterfall is around 100 meters. In the cracks in the rocks, water flows. There was a really natural noise and a rather heavy flow.

We learned a lot on that day's journey. This is how we learn to live with and appreciate the world that God created. There are several natural wonders and mysteries in the universe and everything inside it. Continue to cherish the environment and identify with those who have a great deal of environmental concern. because the natural world is what sustains and ensures the survival of mankind. Be a decent person, and let's bring goodness and beauty to this world.

I appreciate your support and reading my post.
best wishes

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